Prime Early Access Sale Survey Finds “Needs” Popular For Event

Fat Kid Deals provides the best deals on the internet to over 625,000 consumers daily. To gauge interest for a possible Prime Early Access Sale deal event, we polled our followers to find the most desired categories and products.

Prime Early Access Sale Survey Key Findings

  • Survey Dates: August 26th – September 1st, 2022
  • Awareness: 63% of consumers weren’t aware there was a rumored second Prime Day coming this Fall
  • Most Popular Categories: 80% of consumers wanted Electronic deals and 75% wanted Home Goods deals
  • Least Popular Categories: Only 28% of consumers will be seeking deals in the Pets category, the only major category below 30% of consumer interest

Prime Early Access Sale Awareness (Or Lack Thereof)

Before consumers can get excited about deals, they need to know when an event is happening. When we polled our deal-hungry shoppers, we found that 63% of people didn’t know there were rumors of a second Prime Day this year.

Amazon has confirmed that the Prime Early Access Sale event is slotted for October 11th and 12th, which doesn’t give shoppers much time to prepare, assuming the majority of people don’t currently know it’s coming.

Prime Fall Predictions

It’s hard to believe that Amazon would go through the chaos of putting on a second Prime Day-type event so close to Black Friday unless the target deals and products were different.

Prime Fall Essentials

In addition, we see consumers electing to make more practical purchases in the early Fall months of September and October. In a survey of over 50,000 purchases last October, we saw that roughly 60% were focused on “practical” categories such as home improvement, hygiene, and groceries.

Products On Consumer’s Minds

In our survey, we also asked which specific products customers were most interested in our team tracking down deals. The results may surprise you as traditional “deal event” items weren’t the first thing to roll off the tongue.

  • Roughly 40% of consumers named an item related to home improvement, hygiene, or groceries.
  • Only 26% of shoppers were looking for something in electronics.

Popular Practical Items

Perhaps it’s the time of year or the state of the economy, but essentials were a top focus of consumers responding to our survey. Various cleaning and household supplies were popular amongst consumers. Furthermore, specific responses demanded a desire for clothes, furniture, and kitchen items.

Reliable Electronics Interest

Prime Fall Survey Shows Electronics

As with any deal event, there’s always a group of deal-hungry shoppers looking to spruce up their sources of entertainment. Among the most requested were TVs, wearables, and video game consoles.

Top Deal Requests

Prime Fall Clothing Deals

As for our top requests, we saw a lot of consolidation. The most common response for specific products was “clothing”. Popular runner-up asks were “TVs”, “Funko Pops”, and “LEGOs”.

Why We Think Practical Deals Are Becoming More Popular

There are many reasons that we believe “needs” are beating out “wants” deals ahead of Prime Fall. We did our best to summarize these into three categories.


Given that we’re still near the “back to school” season, there’s always a focus on household supplies like snacks and organization tools. Most folks aren’t thinking about that last-minute holiday shopping that sets in around November yet.


With layoffs happening at many household name companies, it’s no surprise people would like to tighten their belt buckle. When you don’t know if you’re on the chopping block, you likely aren’t planning a vacation or re-doing your sports cave with fancy electronics.

Black Friday

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal events are infamous for unbelievable electronic sales. Therefore, shoppers might put off a big, awesome, selfish purchase like a 75 inch TV until they’re closer to a holiday bonus or end of year.

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