YAMASORO Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

Is The YAMASORO Ergonomic Executive Office Chair A Good Hybrid Design?

It is easy to look at the product name, description and photos of this YAMASORO Ergonomic Executive Office Chair and wonder precisely what sort of chair this is. There are elements to the look and padding that suggest that this an executive chair.

There are functional aspects to the base and arms that suggest that this actually a more practical office chair.

Finally, there are little details in the design and mechanisms that mean that this could also act as a suitable gaming chair.

So which is it? Is this a great hybrid of all three, or a product that struggles to understand its purpose?

The Pros and Cons of this YAMASORO Ergonomic Executive Office Chair. 


  •  The look and feel of the leather cushioning
  •  The tilt in the backrest
  •  The range of movement in the arms
  •  The weight capacity in the base
  •  The overall look of the chair in a home office


  •  The lack of seat height
  •  The smell of the leather after assembly
  •  The lack of longevity in the build and materials

There are some nice details across the specification of this YAMASORO Ergonomic Executive Office Chair. 

YAMASORO Ergonomic High-Back Executive Office Chair Big and Tall Computer Chair with Wheels Comfortable PU Leather for Heavy People, Swivel Rolling Home Office Desk Chairs with Adjustable Arms,Brown

Let’s start with the idea of a comfortable executive chair. This ergonomic chair is covered in soft leather with a style to the fabric and cushioning that looks like many other “normal” executive office chair.

That faux leather also has the benefit of being soft, water-repellent and easy to clean. Then there are the functional aspects of more standard, practical office chairs.

There is a strong five-star base, a lift for the seat height and a reclining function between 90 and 135 degrees.

These features combine to make this chair more mobile and adjustable for different tasks around an office. The addition of the padded, flip up arms means freedom of movement in different positions.

This freedom of movement is helpful for all those looking to use this as an office chair, but also for those that want to get the perfect position for gaming.

Additional features like the 300lb weight capacity and the footrests on the base help here too. This means more support for larger users during long sessions at the console or the keyboard.

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There are plus points to the different functions of this YAMASORO Ergonomic PU Leather Chair, but also a number of drawbacks. 

This product does try and fit the criteria of a few different chairs to appeal to a wider audience. The problem with this approach is that there are always omissions and compromises in order to achieve this.

YAMASORO Ergonomic Executive Office Chair Black,High Back Leather Computer Chair Flip up Arm Rests,Office Desk Chairs with Wheels for Heavy People

For example, there is some nice padding on the seat for long-term comfort. But, there is no structure in the backrest and no attempt at any lumbar support.

The base is strong enough for larger users, but some find that the caster wheels aren’t that smooth compared to other office chairs. Then there is the fact that the lift on the seat isn’t as high as some had hoped.

Another problem with this YAMASORO ergonomic chair is the sense of quality and longevity. Some see this in the build of the base and frame, which can develop wobbles after a while. Others have had problems with the quality of the faux leather. This can tear with too much force and carries quite a strong smell for a while.

How do all of these negative comments affect a final verdict for this YAMASORO Executive/Office/Gaming Chair? 

YAMASORO Ergonomic Executive Office Chair Black,High Back Leather Computer Chair Flip up Arm Rests,Office Desk Chairs with Wheels for Heavy People

For the most part, users are pretty happy with what they receive with this desk chair. The comfort of the padding is fine and there are enough adjustments for most users. But, there are plenty of users that say that it doesn’t go far enough to meet their personal needs.

The reason for this can range from the lack of support and height to the durability of the build and materials. This ergonomic chair is far from perfect. In fact, the issues raised and the basic benefits support this idea of a hybridised chair trying to please too many people.

This model has something for everyone – both in the good and bad points. That said, there will be users that appreciate the different features, the look and the comfort of this YAMASORO chair as a multi-purpose option.

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