X Chair X4 Leather Executive Chair

Is The X Chair X4 Leather Executive Chair Too Unusual To Be Beneficial?

The X Chair X4 Leather Executive Chair is definitely one to grab the attention of anyone browsing for interesting, stylish office chairs.

There are two ways that most office owners can go with their chair. They can opt for the large, heavily padded executive option with the leather and the old-fashioned charm.

Alternatively, there is the more contemporary approach with the ergonomic shapes and streamlined look. This ergonomic chair seems to want to do both.

The leather is the first thing that stands out here, but the four upholstered elements are quite stark and minimal. Does this work as an amalgamation of both forms?

What benefits have users highlighted in their reviews for this X Chair Leather Executive Chair?

X Chair X4 Leather Executive Chair, Cognac Leather with Headrest

The leather on the seat, two part back rest and head rest really does steal the show in the sales pictures, especially in the lighter tones of cognac. There is also a deep black and rich brown. The leather is smooth and fine, more like a mesh that the hot, sticky upholstery of other office chairs.

The seat also has a variable lumbar support to add to the comfort. There is the sense of class of the more high-end leather executive chairs, but a greater focus on the ergonomics and adjustable elements for a more comfortable long-term experience.

Then there are the adjustable features on the height and depth of the seat, as well as the tilt of the backrest and the angle of the headrest. This is pretty basic compared to the SciFloat Infinite incline, which adapts with the angle and weight of the body for a more fluid experience.

This sense of fluidity continues with the 4 dimensional arm rests, which give even greater freedom of movement. This is perhaps too much for some, who find the arms to be a little out of control at times.

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What issues have buyers noted with this X Chair X4 Leather Office Chair ?

X Chair X4 Leather Executive Chair, Cognac Leather with Headrest

There are elements to the movement and mechanisms of this chair that will cause a few issues for buyers that are used to a more simplistic, rigid approach. Some struggle with the lever for the seat height at first, and say it is a little too fiddly.

Others feel that the arm rests may be a little too flimsy, especially for something at this price point that commands so much use.

The price tag is an interesting side issue here. Some will see this as a competitively priced option compared to the big names, while others wish it was a little cheaper. The worth comes down to the experience with that SciFloat system. Those that don’t like it won’t really appreciate the chair to its full potential.


Summary: how does this all affect the final verdict for this X Chair Ergonomic Executive Chair ?

This chair really is a great option for all those that want something that doesn’t quite fit the mould within their office space. The look is undoubtedly unique with the leather mesh, adaptable sections and adjustable elements.

This weird mix may take some getting used too, and there will always be some doubt over the price, but most are pretty happy with the comfort options and design with this X Chair office chair.

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