WorkPro Commercial Mesh Executive Chair

Is The WorkPro Commercial Mesh Executive Chair More Comfortable Than It Looks?

WorkPro Commercial Mesh Executive ChairSome office chairs stand out more than others and the WorkPro Commercial Mesh Executive Chair can definitely be classed as an eye-catching product. There is nothing especially flashy in its functions or any impressive adjustments, but it has an interesting style that makes buyers want to try it out.

The creators of this ergonomic chair say that it can be used for more than 8 hours a day, which should be ideal for workers in office environments, and they invite users to “invest in your own professional performance”. How do these promises translate into a strong user experience?

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How beneficial has this odd looking WorkPro Executive Mesh Chair been for new users?

For an “executive” chair, this WorkPro model doesn’t look like it should be all that comfortable. There is something almost clinical about the shape of the sculpted arms and the panels on the back and there doesn’t appear to be much in the way of padding. Despite this “upscale modern” look, there are actually plenty of positive comments about the comfort and support provided.

The design is all about ergonomics and buyers feel supported and secure. This is aided by the use of the lumbar support and breathable mesh in the back. There are even users that say that they have decreased back pain from switching to this chair.

WorkPro Mesh Executive Chair
The product description also talks a lot about durability and “high-grade” materials that have been used to ensure this long-term use. The metal base is tough and there is the definite sense that the chair will hold up to heavy usage for a while – even with the odd anomalous reports of it breaking after a year.

There are also positive comments about the assembly, as most buyers had it together and secure in a short space of time, but there is one aspect of the chair that could work against this.

What downsides have buyers experienced with this WorkPro Grey Executive Chair?

This chair is not without its flaws, however, and there are some negative comments to bare in mind. A common criticism regards the plastic arm rests as they seem like an after-thought compared to the seat and backrest.

The material does not seem to be of the same high quality as the rest of the chair and some say that they are a bit wobbly. There are also buyers that mention the weight of the chair. This is to be expected with all that metal, but it can make moving it around and assembling it slightly more difficult for less-able users.

Summary: does this positive feedback mean that this commercial office chair is highly recommendable?

There are some aspects of this chair that could be improved in future models. The weight is something that buyers will have to put up with to retain the strength, but better armrests would go a long way. As it is, the WorkPro ergonomic chair is a great option for many offices because not only can it surpass expectations about its comfort and support, it has the potential to help users over long shifts for a long time to come.

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