WorkPro 1000 Series Task Chair

Does The WorkPro 1000 Series Mid-Back Mesh Task Chair Offer Enough Comfort And Support?

This WorkPro 1000 Series Mid-Back Mesh Task Chair is one of those ergonomic chairs where the adjustments are the priority over the design. There is nothing that interesting to the minimal shape of this all-back chair.

There is a mesh backrest, 5-point star base, typical seat and some armrests. Can this adjustable office chair beat user expectations with plenty of comfort and support?

The Pros and Cons of this WorkPro 1000 Series Task Chair:


  • a good amount of support in the back rest
  • some nice adjustments
  • pretty easy to put together


  • the arms don’t lock into place
  • there is some sagging on the thin seat

This minimal WorkPro Ergonomic Chair might do a little more than some buyers initial expect.

WORKPRO 1000 Series Mid-Back Mesh Task Chair, Black

Comfort and support are the most important factors with this WorkPro office chair. In fact, it comes recommended for what the brand call “intensive use” of up to 8 hours per day. This means that it should go beyond a typical task chair to a more reliable office chair.

The support is provided by the adaptable mesh back and firm seat. There is no lumbar support, but users do like the flexibility and breathability of the materials. There is also a weight capacity of 250lb and a width of just under 27’’. This means it should be suitable for larger users.

Buyers are also impressed with the adjustable nature of the chair and ease of assembly. There are many different controls here for the height, tilt and angle of the different components.

This is helpful for those that want to use this for its original purpose as a task chair. Despite all these parts and mechanisms, many users have this up and ready in no time at all. This add to that idea that this is still a minimalist chair at heart.

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The problem is that there is still a way to go to turn this WorkPro 1000 Series Task Chair into a perfect chair.

Unfortunately, once some buyers settle into this WorkPro chair and get started on their work or crafts, they start to notice some issues. The first is apparent straight away. The arm rest have their benefits. They are designed with adjustments on the height and pivot for the best position to rest the arms in comfort.

WORKPRO Mid-Back Mesh Task Chair, Black

The problem is that they don’t lock into place once users find that sweet spot. This is a bit annoying. With time, some then notice that the seat starts to sag. Some don’t like the seat anyway as there isn’t that much padding in the first place.

Is this WorkPro 1000 Series model still recommendable with these issues in mind?

Any issue with comfort and the thickness of the seat will come down to user preferences. Yet, the issue of the arms is one that the manufacturers really need to address. Still, there are plenty of positive aspect to this office chair that mean that most users are happy over the course of the day.

The adaptable seat and backrest provide more support than many assume and this WorkPro chair can exceed some buyer expectations.

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