White Corner Desk Ideas and Top Picks

Are you shopping for a corner desk to improve your office? In this review, we’ll show you the top desks available on the market. We will focus on table size, design, and durability. Our experience in the craft of high-quality desks will ensure you will find the right desk.

We will select various modern designs and styles to complement your office’s decor. In addition, this guide will take you through the different price points to find the best deal for your budget. Finally, you’ll learn which features and materials every desk should include. This will assist in your search for the perfect desk for your workspace.

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Top Factors When Choosing a White Corner Desk


The user should choose a desk size that meets their practical needs. For example, the desk must be large enough to accommodate a computer and keyboard. Also, the desktop depth should allow the individual to sit without being too close to the computer. In addition, if there are multiple monitors, then an extended table would be ideal.

The desk height must align with the user seating position, as this will improve their posture. Also, smaller desks may be uncomfortable because there isn’t much legroom. On the other hand, more extended corner desks are spacious and comfortable to work on. They also provide more space for storage and extra legroom.


It’s an excellent investment to purchase a corner desk, as they offer efficient working space. There are many different types of L-shaped desks to choose from on any budget. The factors that affect the cost of a desk are its materials, type of storage, and ergonomic features.

A spacious desk will be more expensive if high-quality materials are sourced for manufacturing. For example, hardwoods like pine are at the higher end of the price range. Alternatively, a cheaper material such as laminated wood allows you to purchase a more oversized desk well within your budget.


Storage should be top of the list when choosing a desk as it keeps the desk organized and tidy. Some offices store all their files on the database, which means they may not need extra storage space. Throughout this guide, we will explore the many types of storage to help you decide which one is right for you.

Large corner desks provide more storage space since they have 2 sides. However, the small corner desks usually have a small shelf underneath. Therefore, consider the amount of space you require for your books, files and personal items. This will ensure that things do not get lost around the desk due to the additional storage.


It is essential to purchase a solid and durable desk because it will be higher quality. When moving home, a hard-wearing desk can withstand being disassembled and reconstructed. This should be considered, as cheap materials may crack or break easily. It will save you money in the long term as the desk will last longer. When buying a new desk, look out for the materials used to determine the quality.

In addition, a warranty provided by the manufacturer ensures they are confident that their product is durable and long-lasting. Also, thick hardwood desktops will last longer than thin ones since they are solid and stable.

Extra features

It is essential to look for a desk that includes ergonomic features to improve its functionality. Here we have listed the top features to look out for:

  • Height adjustable: this feature allows the worktop to move upwards or downwards. It is ideal for improving posture, as the office chair may not adjust to match the desk’s height. Also, it allows the user to work standing or while seated.
  • Shelves and draws: extra draws can help utilize the space by keeping the desk organized. Also, desks with shelving on the bottom are a great way to save space and look modern.
  • Tilt-mechanism: some desks have a built-in work surface that tilts forward. This is ideal for drawing as the user does not strain over the desk.
  • Monitor stand riser: the stand can be bought separately or is included with the desk. Its purpose is to lift the monitor higher. This allows the user to sit in a comfortable posture without slouching. Therefore, the user can look straight ahead without tilting their neck downwards to look at the screen.
  • Footpads: are fitted on the bottom of the leg frame and have a rubber material. They ensure the desk is stabilized and wobble-free on uneven floors. Also, it is easier to clean since the legs are elevated from the floor.
  • Cable management: is a great way to keep wires and extension leads tidy and organized. The feature is built into the desk, a cut-out hole on the desk’s top right or left-hand side.

The Best White Corner Desks

Here we have selected the top white corner desks currently available on the market. Each desk has a unique design, materials, and features. As a result, you can find a top of the range desk to complement your office décor.

Armocity Corner Desk for Small Space: Best Cable Management Option

Armocity Corner Desk Small Desk with Outlets Corner Table for Small Space

The Armocity Corner Desk features a white worktop with black leg frames. The triangle-shaped desk will enhance the décor in your office space due to its modern design. Also, the storage board underneath allows room for a mini printer, books and documents.

The desk is equipped with an integrated power strip with 2 outlets and 3 USB ports. Also, the cable length is 4.1FT long. This is ideal for charging your laptop and mobile device within arm’s reach. Therefore, it will keep the desk organized and clutter-free.

The table dimensions are 28.4L*28.4W*29.6H inches. Its size is a great space saver for the bedroom or small office rooms. The packaging includes an instruction manual, numbered parts, and tools for assembling the desk. Expect to take less than 10 minutes to set up the desk, especially if you use an electric screwdriver.


  • It is made from high-quality engineered wood, which is durable
  • The desk fits into smaller corners to save space
  • The built-in charging cables are convenient for using electrical devices
  • The shelf underneath allows for extra storage


  • No draws for storing files and personal items
  • Small desktop, which means the space is limited

UTEX Corner Desk: Best Storage Option

UTEX Corner Desk with Storage and Hutch for Small Space

The UTEX Corner Desk has a chic modern design. It features high-quality engineered wood and a white theme throughout. Also, the sturdy construction of the desk allows for heavier weights on the worktop. This ensures the desk can handle the weight of books, personal items and a large monitor.

The desk features rounded edges for your safety. Also, the water-resistant work surface means it can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. Furthermore, it has a storage station to store supplies, books and items for your convenience.

The overall size of the desk is 38.4* H x 26.5* W x 26.5* D. This is perfect for saving space and ensuring a flexible working environment. The assembly of the desk is straightforward, with tools and instructions provided in the packaging.


  • The storage unit on top of the desk can be placed on the right or left-hand side
  • The smaller than average desk saves space in the office
  • Ample storage, which keeps the desk organized and tidy
  • It has a modern design to enhance the office décor


  • No footpads to keep the desk stabilized on uneven floors
  • The desk has less legroom due to its size

Monarch Specialties Computer Desk: Best L-Shaped Corner Option

Monarch Specialties I Corner with Tempered Glass Computer Desk

The Monarch Specialties Computer Desk features an elegant design finished with white tonewood throughout. The corner desk includes a side table with tempered glass on the worktop. In addition, there are 3 spacious draws for storing books and personal items. This ensures an organized and tidy workstation.

The contemporary desk measures 55.25″D x 60″W x 30″ H. Therefore, a desk of this size will fit into any room and is a great way to maximize space. Also, there is ample legroom to move around and sit comfortably.

A guide and tool set is included in the packaging to assemble the office furniture. It should take approximately 20-30 minutes to set up the desk. Additionally, customer service is available to assist with issues that may arise.


  • The glass desktop looks unique and adds style to the desk
  • The L-shape structure maximizes space in the office
  • 3 draws for storing files and books, which minimize clutter
  • 2 wood finish options to customize the office decor


  • The large desk may not fit into small spaces
  • No shelves for extra storage

ODK Corner Computer Desk: Best Ergonomic Option

ODK Corner Desk

The ODK Corner Computer Desk has a triangle design with a crisp white finish. It features a keyboard tray for your comfort and support. Also, the underneath storage shelf is ideal for books and personal items.

The ergonomic desk is equipped with footpads on uneven floors to keep it in place. In addition, the desktop is supported by a sturdy metal frame that holds up to 220lbs. Therefore, heavy books and files can be placed on the worktop.

A guide and toolset are included in the packaging to assemble the office furniture. It will take approximately 20-25 minutes to build the desk. Additionally, the after-sales team reply to messages within 24 hours to assist with issues that may arise.


  • The pull-out keyboard tray saves space and provides comfort
  • There are 3 stunning designs to choose from
  • The desktop is anti-scratch resistant, which ensures its long-lasting
  • The footpads provide stability on uneven floors


  • Less legroom for taller people
  • No draws for storing files and books

Homieasy L-Shaped Corner Desk: Best Desktop Option

Small L Shaped Computer Desk

The Homieasy Corner Desk has a beautifully designed white beach worktop. You can feel at ease when working on the desk as it brightens up the office space. Also, you can work in a clutter-free environment as the under desk shelves provide space for books and files.

The durable desk is made with a premium metal frame and high-quality MDF board. In addition, the desktop is anti-scratch and waterproof for easy cleaning. This ensures you can keep personal items and drinks on the desk without damaging the work surface.

The desk dimensions are 47.*D x 32.*W x 29.*H inches, which provides sufficient workspace. Furthermore, the large desk ensures ample legroom for ease of movement. Finally, assembly of the desk is hassle-free with a manual, numbered parts and tools included in the box.


  • Fabric storage bag included on the side of the desk for books
  • 4 stunning colors to choose for the office décor
  • Large desktop for 2 computer screens
  • The shelving units provide space for a printer and books


  • No keyboard tray for extra comfort for the hands
  • The desk doesn’t include draws for personal documents

GreenForest L-Shaped Desk: Best Oversized Option

GreenForest L Shaped Desk Reversible with Storage

The GreenForest Computer Desk has a modern and simple corner design. Its distinctive feature allows the model to convert into an extra-long desk. Therefore, it is versatile and can adapt to any workspace. This provides different options for customizing the work area and organization of the desk.

The triangle support under the desk makes it safe and stable to perform daily tasks. Also, the structure supports the shelving unit underneath the desk. The shelves can be removed or used for storing personal items and files.

The dimensions of the desk are 47.2*D x 58.3*W x 29.3*H inches. The large desk provides enough space for 2 people to work simultaneously. Therefore, space is not an issue as it can accommodate 3 screens and extra storage.


  • The shelves can be placed on the right or left-hand side of the desk
  • The desk offers ample legroom for comfort
  • The desk has enough space for 2 people to work on it at once
  • Large workstation for convenience and organization


  • The large desk may not fit in smaller spaces
  • There are no draws to store files

CubiCubi Home Office Desk: Best Design Option

CubiCubi L Shaped Gaming Desk

The CubiCubi Home Office Desk has a cool and modern design with a white finish. It is a large corner table, best suited for unconventional room layouts. Also, it features a monitor stand on the end of the desk to maximize space. This allows space for 3 computer monitors on the desktop or a decorative item.

In addition, the alloy steel frame is sturdy and durable. This ensures extra stability, and the desk can endure heavy items. Also, there are metal hooks attached to the desk for storing headphones to minimize clutter.

Every order comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee if there are any issues. The packaging includes an instruction manual, numbered parts, and tools for assembling the desk. Also, expect to take 20-25 minutes to set up the desk.


  • There is a small draw for storing notepads and accessories
  • The desk comes in a variety of wood finishes to customize the office
  • The monitor stand allows the computer screen to be raised to eye level
  • The modern design looks stylish in any office space


  • No shelves for extra storage
  • There are no additional draws to keep large files

Walker Edison Top Corner Desk: Best Minimalistic Option

Walker Edison Wright Modern X Leg Glass Top Corner Gaming Desk

The Walker Edison Top Corner Desk has a sleek and simple design with a white finish throughout. The desktop features tempered safety glass, which looks modern in any office space. Also, the criss-cross frame structure provides stability to the desk.

The dimensions of the desk are 28.25* H x 51* L x 20* L inches. Despite its compact size, the table provides sufficient space on the desktop for a computer screen and books. The desk can also support up to 50 lbs, ideal for storing personal items.

A manual and toolset are included in the packaging to assemble the office furniture. It will take approximately 20 minutes to set up the desk. Additionally, customer service is available to assist with issues that may arise.


  • The simple design is pleasing to the eye
  • The smaller sizer means it can fit in most corner spaces
  • The desk is available in a variety of sizes and styles
  • Beautiful glass finish brings elegance to the desktop


  • No adjustable footpads to change the desk height
  • No draws for storing personal items

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Should I purchase a corner desk?

Answer: Corner desks are a good investment because they maximize space and are practical for the office environment. Firstly, the L-Shape desks usually have extra storage units that keep the worktop organized and tidy. Secondly, the desk can fit into unused corners, giving you more room for monitors.
Moreover, it can enhance the office décor by filling in the space that would otherwise be bare. You should examine your office space and determine whether a corner desk is appropriate.  Consider whether you need the extra legroom and storage that a corner desk offers. Ideally, corner desks are comfortable but they can take up too much space.

Question: What is the best type of desktop material?

Answer: The desktop surface bares the entire weight of everything kept on the tabletop. Therefore, purchasing a high-quality desk will ensure it lasts for a long time. We have selected some of the top options that you should consider when buying a new desk:
Solid wood desk: is an excellent material as it’s thick, which adds sturdiness and durability to the desktop. Also, it comes in many rustic designs and features to enhance the office décor.
Bamboo desk: has a beach shade and is a lightweight material. It is inexpensive but feels luxurious. The surface is water and scratch-resistant; therefore, it will last for years.
Powder coating MDF: is particleboard subjected to thorough and high pressure, making it light and durable. The laminate layers protect from spillages on the desktop. Also, it can be painted to customize the office décor.
Glass desktop: looks stunning and brings elegance to the office décor. The glass desktop is waterproof and resistant to high temperatures. However, heavy loads can shatter or crack the glass. This will also depend on the quality of the glass and its thickness.
3D laminate desktop: usually has a film wrapped around the MDF planks. It has a smooth texture and is highly durable. Also, it is inexpensive to manufacture, which is ideal for low budgets.

It can be a daunting task when picking a suitable material for your desk. We suggest going for a thick hardwood desktop as it is highly durable and will last much longer than other materials.

Question: What extra features should I look for when buying a corner desk?

Answer: You should consider buying a desk with a keyboard tray. It’s a pull-out shelf underneath the table where the keyboard is stored. It saves desk space and it’s comfortable for the hands while typing. Also, it can improve posture as it prevents the body from straining forward to reach the keyboard.

Height adjustable desks are another popular feature. They enable office workers to alternate between standing and seated positions. Therefore, it prevents back pain and can improve productivity levels.

Another feature is the adjustable desktop, which can be tilted forward. This allows the user to paint or draw on the desk without straining forward. In summary, it will improve posture and prevent lower back pain.


This buying guide has the best white corner desks available on the market today. Corner desks enhance the décor and maximize the space, making them appealing. The various designs and materials on offer provide a variety of options. However, consider the ergonomic features and the size before choosing your new office addition. Overall, we recommend buying the CubiCubi Home Office Desk because it offers a stunning design and a large workstation. Also, the modern desk will fit into most corners of the office, allowing the space to flow better.

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