VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair

Is The VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair Good For Long Gaming Sessions?

The VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair seems to be out to prove that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a lot of features.

The specification of this ergonomic chair seems to go further than most with the different comfort features and moving parts.

Both the functional and aesthetic design are appealing for those that want something for long gaming sessions. So, does this provide the experience that buyers are after?

The Pros and Cons of this VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair


  •  The adjustable cushions are comfortable
  •  There is a USB-powered massage system
  •  The materials and construction are of a good quality


  •  The flat, firm padding isn’t a hit with everyone
  •  The armrests could have a little more freedom of movement

This VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair does do a little more than most to try and offer comfort for long gaming sessions.

VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair - High Back Racing PC Computer Desk Office Chair Swivel Ergonomic Executive Leather Chair with Footrest and Adjustable Armrests, Gray/Black

Gaming chair designers will often go out of their way to improve the long-term comfort for users. Typically, this means some extra cushioning around the lumbar area and headrest and a few more adjustments.

This ergonomic computer chair does offer all that, with the adjustable cushioned, padding across the chair and the adaptable tilt and height on various elements.

However, it also goes beyond that with a retractable footrest and the massage feature. The electronic massage element in the backrest runs on a USB connection.

Users also talk about a sense of quality provided by this product because of the construction and the feel of the materials.

The faux leather material on the seats seems as though it should last for quite a long time, the frame appears to be sturdy enough and the base is strong.

You will have to assemble much of this yourself but this isn’t too difficult if you follow the instructions carefully. Some say it takes around 45 minutes.

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There are still some minor complains about the comfort and function of this VON RACER Electronic Massage Gamer’s Chair.

One of the potential issues here is that there aren’t as many adjustments in the seat and armrest as some would like.

There is meant to be enough freedom of movements for working at a keyboard and other applications. Yet, there isn’t the 3d functionality in the armrests that some expected.

There are also the usual comments from those that would like a little more padding. The additional cushions are great but the padding more generally can feel a little firm and flat. To be fair, this is true of many chairs in this racing style.

VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair - High Back Racing PC Computer Desk Office Chair Swivel Ergonomic Executive Leather Chair with Footrest and Adjustable Armrests, Gray/Black

Is this VON RACER Adaptable Gaming Chair still easily recommended with these pros and cons in mind?

Overall, it is hard not to recommend this for those that are keen gamers, even with that lack of movement in the armrests. Any loss of comfort in the padding is compensated for with the massage function.

The chair is of a good quality with the potential to provide comfort for long gaming sessions for many users. Other chairs at a higher price point may be more adaptive, but this VON RACER ergonomic chair is still able to offer great value for many users.

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