VIVA OFFICE High Back Ergonomic Chair Review

Does The VIVA OFFICE High Back Ergonomic Chair Offer The “Sitting Experience” Desired?

VIVA OFFICE High Back Ergonomic ChairThe VIVA OFFICE High Back Ergonomic Chair is a good looking chair with the use of bonded leather and stitching but it also seems to have a great specification behind the aesthetics. Listed more specifically as a “high back ergonomic bonded leather recliner swivel napping chair”, this seat also includes built-in lumbar support, an incremental footrest, a swivel base and casters.

Apparently, VIVA brings the “best sitting experience to customers all over the world”. This is quite a bold claim so do buyers agree and feel that this chair is the best they have experienced?

Does this VIVA OFFICE Ergonomic Chair offer this great “sitting experience” and what other advantages have been enjoyed?

The wide range of positive reviews and the lack of negative ratings suggest that the experience of using this chair is indeed satisfying and many users attribute the high ratings they have given to the adjustments that can be made.

There are comments about how sturdy and solid the chair is, with many suggesting that it cant be tipped over, and many like the “reclining back angle control” because the lever means that the backrest can be locked into pretty much any position rather than a few increments.

One of the most loved features, however, is the extendable footrest that adds to the convenience and ease of use because it can be tucked up under the seat when not in use and adjusted while sitting in the chair.

VIVA OFFICE High Back ErgonomicGoing back to this idea of it being a napping chair, there is some talk about it being comfortable enough for napping/sleeping in, although not many reviewers have actually tried to do this yet.

Comfort is a major advantage with this chair and users go on to comment on the padding on the seat and headrest and the fact that it comes with a free blanket and pillow of good quality.

Interestingly, the lumbar support in the backrest, although it should be one of the top features for a supportive ergonomic chair, is not mentioned all that often.

What downsides have users noted when testing out this VIVA OFFICE High Back Ergonomic Seat?

Unfortunately, while many buyers have lots of praise for the adjustability and the comfort on offer, there are some minor flaws that lead to a few criticisms. Firstly, users cannot adjust the arms when working at a desk.

Secondly, the seat could be a little high for shorter users, although there are no complaints from taller users at the 6ft mark who were concerned about the height going into this purchase; finally, while some say it easy to put together, many say that it needs two people and could definitely do with some clearer instructions.

Summary: do these flaws limit the appeal of this High Back Ergonomic Napping Chair?

The office chair has the adjustability and support that is required when working in an office but it also has all the comfortable features it needs to make it a joy to relax in.

There are some flaws to the design that mean that the VIVA OFFICE chair struggles to be the ultimate office chair or ultimate recliner – such as the height and lack of adjustability on the arms – but this just means that it fits nicely between the two and ends up being a rather interesting hybrid that many buyers will surely appreciate.

You can find more customer reviews about the VIVA OFFICE High Back Bonded Leather Chair with Footrest on Amazon here.

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