VIVA OFFICE Darth Vader Office Chair

Does The VIVA OFFICE Darth Vader Style Office Chair Live Up To The Darth Vader Name?

This product is no longer available. You can find similar items here.

VIVA OFFICE Darth Vader Style Office ChairThe VIVA OFFICE Fashionable Darth Vader Style High Back Mesh Office Chair immediately stands out to prospective buyers because of one clear marketing trick in the full name. This is their “Darth Vader” style high back ergonomic chair.

Before gamers and geeks get excited that this is going to be a fun Star Wars themed chair modelled on that suit, with impressive casings and Star Wars features, they should note that this is a vague inspiration to the shape of the chair and the design of the mesh panels.

Fans may see the shape of the helmet in that headrest and suggestions of body armour in the panels of the backrest, but that is all. Still, there is a sense of style and structure here. Is this enough and does this Imperial-style chair offer enough comfort and stability?

What benefits have users highlighted in their reviews for this VIVA OFFICE Darth Vader Office Ergonomic Chair?

Starting with the comfort levels, the chair has that shape and look because of the structure of the frame and the mesh panels within. This elasticated mesh offers support and breathability for a more comfortable shift in the office. There is also padding in the seat and arms and the ability to adjust the height and tilt for a better seated position. Most are happy with the promises over the ergonomics and are comfortable for long periods.

VIVA OFFICE Fashionable Office Chair
As for the stability, this VIVA office chair is crafted from a tough frame and chrome base for durability and there is a weight capacity of 250 pounds, which is more than many office chairs of a similar style.

This sturdy feel is likely aided by the fact that it comes in just three parts with minimal assembly, so few loose parts to get wobbly or areas to mis-assemble. There are few concerns here that this may break or tip and could have a reasonably long life.

Are there any downsides to this VIVA OFFICE Fashionable Office Chair that buyers should know about?

There are some people that have had a few issues in getting this ergonomic chair to adjust to the right setting and stay in position. There is a trick to the mechanism that isn’t all that intuitive. This can be an issue for users that are taller.

Other than that, negative comments for this VIVA Darth Vader office chair are minimal. Most talk about the style, features and comfort in positive light although the company are the only ones to use the Vader name.

Summary: how does this feedback affect a final recommendation for this VIVA OFFICE Darth Vader Mesh Chair?

It is clear from the look of this chair, and the comments in the user reviews, that the Darth Vader element of the name really is only there to sell units to keen fans. This is not a big, padding gaming chair for massive geeks.

Yet, there are still enough benefits to the design and construction to ensure that this is appealing to users of all demographics – whether they see the resemblance or not. The VIVA office chair is strong and well-made with enough attention to detail in the mesh and adjustments for long term use.

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