Vestil CPRO-600 Ergonomic Worker Chair

Is The Vestil CPRO-600 Ergonomic Worker Chair Really A Functional, Desirable Product?

Vestil CPRO-600 Ergonomic Worker ChairThe Vestil CPRO-600 Ergonomic Worker Chair is an unusual looking chair that was built to accommodate workers of different heights in an industrial or commercial environment.

It has an adjustable frame that offers a 13’’ to 34’’ height range for the seat, there is a tilt function for better posture and there is a strong base with rubber shocks. The frame is made of steel and there is some padding on the seat. Is this seat functional or more of a health and safety gimmick?

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What benefits have buyers seen when using this Vestil CPRO-600 chair?

The most interesting note from buyer testimonials for this chair is the way it is being used. This was built as a worker’s chair, but it has been repurposed by many as an astronomy chair to set up beside their telescope.

The adjustable seat easily converts to different heights to suit different users and it folds flat when not in use. This means that it can be taken out to different locations and can be used with ease. Some say it is a little fiddly to adjust in the dark, but that is not the designer’s fault.

Vestil CPRO-600 Worker Chair
The main benefit of this chair has to be the strength and stability offered. There are some low-marked reviews where users expressed their disappointment in finding that this was only rated a for 200lb maximum weight, not 400lb as advertised.

The good news is that there are many users above this 200lb limit that have no problem using it at all. Even on the tallest setting, the chair seems to have a strong centre of gravity and wont wobble or tip over.

Are there any clear downsides to choosing this Vestil CPRO-600 Ergonomic Worker’s Chair?

The majority of reviews for this chair are positive; however, there are two small issues with the construction that could prove to be an issue for some. The first is the weight of the chair. This product needs this weight and a sturdy to maintain the stability mentioned above.

The problem is that this weight can have a negative impact on the portability. There are also some comments about the comfort of the seat. Some feel that a little more padding could have been added and there are suggestions that backs can start to ache after long periods of time.

Summary: how does this feedback affect the final recommendation for this Vestil Ergonomic Worker/Astronomy Chair?

There are downsides to this chair in terms of the comfort but it should be remembered that in its original purpose, this chair was not meant to be used for long periods. Users have simply adopted this product for this new purpose of stargazing and it seems to be holding up pretty well.

There are elements that could be better, and there are some that question whether or not the price tag is a little high for what they paid. Having said that, the range of positive reviews on the design, function and strength of the Vestil chair show that it is a great purchase.

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