Vertagear SL2000 Gaming Chair

Is A Vertagear SL2000 Gaming Chair Too Basic Compared To Other Models?

Vertagear SL2000 Gaming Chair

The Vertagear SL2000 Gaming Chair is the first in a line of adjustable gaming chairs. This means that you are getting to most basic option at what should be a fair price.

First impressions suggest that you can still get comfortable here and adjust the chair to your needs. But, does it do enough to keep everyone happy?

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The Pros and Cons of this Vertagear SL2000 Gaming Chair.


  •  The amount of foam and cushioning across the chair for comfort
  •  The adjustable features and tilting backrest
  •  The choice of colors with complementary wheels


  •  Other models have more scope for customization
  •  The armrests don’t have much range of motion


This Vertagear SL2000 Gaming Chair has the potential to keep users comfortable for long periods with the cushioning.

Even though this is a “lesser” model in terms of its specification, there are still plenty of features on-board to provide comfort. The seat is constructed from an “ultra-premium” high-density foam with a faux leather cover.

This should allow for enough padding for longer gaming sessions. There are also the removable pads for lumbar support and a headrest that can add a little more support if you are the right height. Furthermore, you get a 140 degree tilt on the backrest to help you recline with ease.


Then there is the look of this ergonomic gaming chair. There is an all-black model with a simple shape that doesn’t have that much wow factor. However, there are other options to scroll through that have more appeal. The bright colors on the cushions look great against the black.

It is also a nice touch that you can get matching wheels with the color as an accent. Those caster wheels are smooth and practical for a more functional chair.

But, this Vertagear SL2000 model does have some limitations and omissions compared to others in the range.

Of course, the problem with this being a lesser, cheaper model is that it isn’t going to have the same features as its more advanced alternatives.

This is clear straight away in the shape of the cushioning and padding, as there does seem to be quite as much. A bigger difference is that this one has 2D armrests rather than 4D, so you aren’t going to get the same range of motion or adjustments.

Also, other models have stronger bases and compatibility with LED kits. LED lights aren’t important, but they could give your chair some style if you like to stream your gaming sessions.



Is the Vertagear Chair still recommendable with these limitations in mind?

With all that said, there is still enough in this ergonomic chair that it provides value to most buyers. There isn’t the same style or comfort as more expensive versions, but there is enough for the price paid.

Besides, you still get those adjustable cushions for the lumbar head support and a choice of colors. Therefore, this Vertagear chair could still be a worthwhile choice for anyone that needs a comfortable, affordable gaming chair.

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