VECELO Office Chair Review

Is The VECELO Office Chair Ideal For Casual Use?

VECELO Office Computer Desk ChairThe VECELO Office Chair looks like very little thought went into the design.

However, that may be deceiving as there is also the suggestion that this budget model wants to appeal to as many casual users as possible.

The question is, does it succeed with this aim?

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The Pros and Cons of this VECELO Home Office Chair.


  •  The combination of the padding and the mesh for comfort
  •  Some adjustable elements like the reclining seat and armrests
  •  A standard practical chair for different applications


  •  Some comfort issues for larger users
  •  Some assembly issues due to the instructions



The VECELO Office Chair tries to meet people in the middle with a blend of helpful features but nothing fancy.

It is important to note straight away that there are mixed comments about the comfort offered by this ergonomic chair.

There are some people that would have liked more padding and support. But, there are also those that are happy enough with what is provided for the price paid.

What makes this model particularly interesting in regard to those comfort features is that you have the combination of mesh on the backrest for breathability and padded foam on the seat for extra cushioning.

It is nice to see the best of both worlds in what is a standard desk chair.


VECELO Office Chair


When it comes to adjustable features, this is another area where you get just enough for the cost. You can recline the backrest by 20 degrees when it is time for a break.

You can also adjust the height of the armrests to make them more comfortable during certain tasks.

With the addition of the adjustable seat height and other practical features in this ergonomic office chair, it is easy to see why it works in so many office spaces.


There are flaws to this budget VECELO Padded Office Chair that could make it unsuitable for some consumers.

The main issue to be aware of here is that this is not ideal for larger users. Some do say that the padding goes a bit flat over time and the chair isn’t quite wide enough. Others have mentioned some issues with the assembly of the desk chair.

There are some that noticed flaws in the instructions. It is important to double-check each step because one user couldn’t undo their work once they had started. Then there are those that found some squeaking that they couldn’t fix.


Is this VECELO Black Home Task Chair still a recommendable option with these factors in mind?

There is no guarantee that you will have to deal with the same issues as those buyers highlighted here. You might find that the support and shape are more than adequate for a shift behind the desk. You may also have no problem putting it together.

There isn’t much to say about this computer desk chair because it really is as basic as possible to appeal to as wide a market as possible.

The VECELO ergonomic chair does have the potential to help teens with their schoolwork and those working casually at a home computer.

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