Varier Variable Balans Original Kneeling Chair

Is The Varier Variable Balans Original Kneeling Chair Comfortable Enough For Long Term Use?

The product description for the Varier Variable Balans Original Kneeling Chair spends a lot of time talking about the potential health benefits of the stool – or at least this type of stool.

There are claims about the improvement of posture through a more natural position, the ability to release tension in key areas, like the neck, as well as improvement in core strength, concentration, circulation and more. This is all attractive to those dealing with posture, tone and other health issues when sitting at their desk for long period. Still, is this simple kneeling stool able to impress?

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What benefits does this Varier Variable Kneeling Ergonomic Chair offer to all those looking for an alternative approach in the office?

The key feature with this ergonomic chair has to be the shape and the use of padding to ensure that users are comfortable and kept in the right position at all times. There is the padded, upholstered stool to sit on and the matching pads for the knees. It is all about “active sitting” with the chance to change the way that you sit, as you feel is necessary throughout the day.

The knelling posture does help the back and core, for those with problems in this areas, but the makers advise that users switch things up a bit to help with blood flow and general movement.

They even try and make this a little more attractive than some basic stools with the combination of the fabric on the seat and knees and the wooden frame. This frame come in the natural ash or a painted black, and the fabric in black, grey and blue. This helps users match the stool to the office décor.

What issues should users be aware of with this Varier Variable Balans Original Kneeling Stool?

It should be noted that the makers of this kneeling chair do warn against initial aches and pains as users get used to the new positions and “awaken dormant muscles”. Therefore, any complaints about initial discomfort should be disregarded, for a short period at least.

Still there are some that simply cannot get used to the shape and the slants to the seat. It is not so much uncomfortable as it is awkward.

There are also some that question the build quality, as there have been misaligned fixture holes on the seat and wobbles to the frame. Some therefore think that this is a little overpriced for what it truly is.

Summary: what does this all mean for the final verdict on this Varier Variable Balans Original?

There is no doubt that there are plenty of mixed responses to this ergonomic chair. It does appear to be one of those love it or hate it designs that users may struggle with.

Those that want to change their seating arrangements and test out the potential of a kneeling chair may see this as a nice starting point to get used to things, before moving onto a more stylish, well-made option with more features. The Varier kneeling chair is nothing special, but it does provide a great introduction to this idea of “active sitting”.

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