TOPSKY Gaming Office Chair Review

Can The TOPSKY Computer Gaming Office Chair Offer Comfort And Style?

It can sometimes feel as though you have to sacrifice comfort and functionality for style with some office and gaming chairs – but not with the TOPSKY Computer Gaming Office Chair.

A closer look at the sales photos and specification of this product suggests that nothing here is there for the sake of it.

There are lots of adjustable elements in a pretty design. So, does this ergonomic chair do enough to impress gamers?

The Pros and Cons of this TOPSKY Gaming Chair.


  •  The design is more attractive than “traditional” gaming chairs
  •  There are lots of adjustable parts to increase comfort
  •  There is a 175-degree tilt, although some struggle with the process


  •  The seat is too flat for some people
  •  Occasional squeaks in the frame

This stylish TOPSKY Computer Gaming Office Chair has enough adaptable elements to keep most gamers happy.

First of all, this ergonomic chair has a beautiful design that isn’t as overblown as some gaming chairs with their primary-coloured panels and racing stripes. There is a three-colour scheme with black and white and a choice of either a cyan blue, soft red or a grey.

There is a geometric look to the padding on the backrest, the seat and the headrest. Furthermore, that headrest is removable if needed, as is the lumbar cushion. The pattern continues on the pull-out footrest and the padded armrests.

TOPSKY Ergonomic Chair

The majority of users are comfortable in this computer gaming chair and say that it provides a great experience while gaming.

The cushioning isn’t ideal for shorter users but it helps that the pillow is adjustable. Most feel that it is well designed and well made for long time use. The strong base and racing castors help here too.


There are some users that have some small complaints about this TOPSKY Multicolour Padded Office Chair.

There is some confusion over the tilt system. The specification says that you can lock the chair into position anywhere between 90 and 175 degrees. The plus side here is a full recline with the footrest for naps.

But, some struggle to get it to work and say you have to choose between being fully upright or fully horizontal.

There are also some users that say that the chair’s seat is a little too firm and flat for their needs and that the frame can get a little squeaky. However, most of these comments are in the minority.

Does this mean that the TOPSKY Reclining Gaming Chair is still highly recommendable?

There is a lot to like about this chair if you need something that is a little more adaptable than the average gaming chair.

We shouldn’t judge products on looks alone, but it is hard not to here when the design and functional elements merge so well together.

The features, comfort and build show that the company put a lot of thought into the design. You can do more here than in other gaming chairs. That is why the TOPSKY chair is so easy to recommend.

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