20 Top Amazon Products for Spring Cleaning and Organization

Spring has sprung, so throw open the windows and start packing your winter clothes away. While you’re at it, why not do a little spring cleaning? Our homes tend to gather clutter over the winter and spring is the perfect time to set things straight. 

If you’re looking for handy products to help you stay organized, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite products to help you survive spring cleaning and keep your home organized throughout the year.

Bye Germs

Banish Bathroom Odor with this Toilet Spray

Angry Orange View on Amazon

Powered by the fresh scent of orange oil, Angry Orange Toilet Spray destroys odor to keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean. Use it as an air freshener or a deodorizing spray.

Car Wash

Give Your Car a Once-Over with this Portable Vacuum Cleaner

THISWORX View on Amazon

This portable vacuum cleaner is powered by your car’s 12v auxiliary outlet. It comes with three attachments so you can reach into even that tricky spot between the seats.

Pet Dander Be Gone

Stop Shedding Before it Starts with this Slicker Brush

The Pet Portal View on Amazon

This self-cleaning slicker brush removes loose and dead hair from your pet’s undercoat before it can be shed. Available in two sizes, this brush works for both long and short coated animals.

Organize It

Keep Your Shoes Stored Properly with these Underbed Organizers

Woffit View on Amazon

Relocate your shoe collection to the unused space under your bed. Each duo contains one organizer for boots and another for shoes, holding up to 16 pairs of shoes and four pairs of boots.

Kitchen Cleanup Winner

Never Lose Your Sponge Again with this Sponge Holder

Home Acre Designs View on Amazon

This ceramic sponge holder stores your sponge upright so it can drain and dry and not accumulate bacteria. It also saves you the hassle of searching for it in a sink full of soapy water.

Like the Top of the Chrysler Building

Make Your Wheels Shine Like New with this Spin Brush

Brush Hero View on Amazon

This water-powered brush comes with two interchangeable heads. The soft brush is ideal for sensitive surfaces while the tougher bristle brush is just what you need for stubborn stains.

Vroom Vroom

Tackle Backseat Clutter with this Car Trunk Organizer

Drive Auto Products Buy on Amazon

Sold in three colors, this collapsible organizer features three compartments with four mesh side pockets and two front pockets to store things of any size.


Keep Snacks on Display with these Mini Glass Jars

Otis Classic View on Amazon

Perfect party favors, these can also help you keep snacks and small items organized. Each 3.4-ounce jar has a tight-fitting cork lid and you can choose from four different shapes.


Give the Playroom a Makeover with these Toy Organizers

Woffit View on Amazon

With this set of collapsible toy organizers, you can keep your kid’s toys (and the mess they make) confined. These bins are generously sized and made from soft yet sturdy materials.

Home Edit

Save Money Buying in Bulk with these Food Storage Containers

Simply Gourmet Buy on Amazon

With these food storage containers, you can keep bulk goods neatly and visibly stored in the cupboard or pantry. Each set includes three or six containers with universal lids and a stay-fresh seal.

Organization Station

Declutter Your Kitchen Counters with these Canisters

Home Acre Designs View on Amazon

Sold in a set of three for tea, coffee, and sugar these canisters are rust-resistant and feature a timeless design. They’re also sold in sets for flour, pasta and rice as well as potato, onion and garlic.

Catch Your Crumbs

Save Space with these Nesting Cutting Boards

Ironwood Gourmet View on Amazon

This nesting set comes with both a breadboard and a crumb catcher, both made from premium acacia wood. The boards are easy to clean and air dry and they’re very lightweight, only 2.2 pounds.

Lunchtime Favorite

Never Eat Stale Bread Again with this Bread Box

Home Acre Designs View on Amazon

Generously sized for bigger loaves, this bread box has a rustic flair that’s both fashionable and functional. Plus, it’s durable stainless steel to deters dents.

New and Improved You

Keep Your Thoughts Organized with this Planner

Get Stuff Done View on Amazon

With this planner, you can keep track of appointments but it also functions as a daily journal. Compact enough to slip in a bag, this planner has a stylish faux leather cover.

Home Chef

Cook in Comfort with this Stylish Kitchen Mat

Shape28 View on Amazon

Available in numerous styles and colors, this kitchen mat will keep you comfortable doing any kind of standing task. It has a slip-resistant rubber backing and it’s made from durable microfiber materials.

Pantry Upgrade

Keep Cereal Fresh with these Air-Tight Containers

Simple Gourmet View on Amazon

Reduce clutter and increase visibility with these 3.6 quart size containers. Durably constructed from thick plastic with flip top lids, these containers come in a set of three with 16 reusable labels.

Easy Does It

Go Hands-Free with this Diaper Bag Backpack

Ozziko View on Amazon

As a parent, you find yourself toting the necessities everywhere you go. This hands-free diaper bag comes with a comfortable shoulder strap and can also be worn as a backpack or hung on a stroller.

Clean Up Time

Save Your Seats from Messes with this Hanging Garbage Bin

Drive Auto Products View on Amazon

Have you ever been on a road trip with nowhere to dispose of food wrappers and other trash? This leakproof design keeps messes contained and it comes with 20 garbage bags and an adjustable hanging strap.

Sip in Style

Never Drink Stale Coffee Again with this Stainless Steel Canister

Coffee Gator View on Amazon

Stale coffee is a thing of the past with this stainless steel canister for fresh coffee grounds. Featuring a CO2-release valve and a date tracker, you never have to throw out stale coffee grounds again.

An Apple a Day

Eating Fruit Has Never Been More Stylish

Modern Village View on Amazon

With this woven storage basket, fresh fruit will always be ready at hand. Simple but stylish, this basket will be right at home on your kitchen counter. Not into fruit? It’s perfect for storing spices, snacks, and other essentials.

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