Titan Massage Chair Review and Guide [2022]

Has work taken a toll on your health lately? Do you want to blow off some steam?

A relaxing massage therapy session might be a perfect idea. So, the next best step would be to find a reputable spa nearby.

Alternatively, you could buy a Titan Massage chair and get a massage at home!

Titan massage chairs are popular across the world for offering excellent full-body massages. Providing ample support to your spine and back, you’ll receive the relaxation you deserve. With just a button press, you’ll calm your senses and get your mojo back.

If you’re searching for the best Titan massage chairs, here are our top picks and their detailed reviews. Let’s get started on your journey to eternal comfort!

Why Trust Titan?

This is a very valid question, as you need to know a brand before putting your faith in them. You will be glad to know that Titan chairs come from the world-famous brand Osaki. So, Titan is a part of one of the world’s most leading massage chair manufacturers.

Titan is famous for its unique features that most brands don’t provide, offering outstanding comfort and stellar craftsmanship. They’re particularly famous for offering excellent back and spinal support. Plus, these chairs take good care of your feet too.

With a decent collection of products at various prices, this is a brand you just can’t miss. Even if some products seem expensive, you will find something that fits your budget.

Having thousands of positive reviews and accolades, Titan is a brand you can wholeheartedly trust.

Best Titan Massage Chairs: Product Reviews

Ready to buy your very own Titan? No need to rush; you can take it slow. It’s because we have reviewed the best Titan chairs in the market. So, grab a cup of coffee and go through them for making the final decision. Let’s roll!

1. Titan Pro Commander FDA 3D Massage Chair 

We begin our list with Titan Pro Commander, which is synonymous with outstanding comfort. Its unique design comforts all your muscles from the neck to the hamstring. The airbags and advanced rollers cover all the vital areas where the pain originates.

With a plethora of other functionalities and user-friendly controls, this product is worth a shot.


3 Stage Zero Gravity 

This feature allows your body to tilt to the best position for a relaxing massage. So, your thighs can be aligned with your back in the first stage. Then, your legs are raised at your heart’s level to relax your back.

At the last stage, your legs are raised slightly above your head for the ultimate massage.

L-track Design 

This design offers complete support to your spine and back. The specialized rollers start massaging from your neck, spine, lower back and go all the way down to your hamstrings. Your glutes are also massaged.

Covering such a wide area, the rollers address all the pressure points of your body. It helps to reduce pain and tension in these muscles.

Excellent Foot Care 

Want to relax and stretch your legs? It’s possible here, as you get a footrest extendable up to 6.5 inches. There are high-quality foot rollers at the bottom of the footrest equipped with a spinning reflexology feature.

This offers you a comfortable kneading massage, stimulating the acupuncture points in your feet. Besides removing feet pain, it can help in tackling aches in other muscles as well.

Full-body Relaxation 

You get a full body massage as there are multiple airbags embedded for all your muscles. This chair comes with 12 airbags located under your arms, shoulders, feet, calf, and lumbar region. These airbags inflate and deflate, offering you the compression for relieving pain.

This also loosens up your muscles and reduces their tension.


  • 3D massage rollers are flexible and controllable
  • 3 stage Zero Gravity for maximum comfort
  • 4 massage styles – tapping, kneading, tapping & kneading, and shiatsu
  • The remote lets you control massage style, intensity, and speed
  • Comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker for music and calls


  • Airbags on legs are too tight

2. Titan TI-Pro Omega 3D Massage Chair

Having a unique SL-track design, this chair offers all the best features for a relaxing massage. You also get the zero gravity massage feature here, along with 3D rollers and a computer body scan system. This product is ideal for those looking for a more customized massage.

There are a lot of airbags and lower back heating mechanism that enhances the comfort.


SL-track Structure 

This chair offers you maximum comfort for all your muscles, starting from your neck to your hamstring. Thanks to the SL track design, you get the most reliable, smooth, and relaxing massage ever.

This is an ergonomic wonder with high-quality airbags, adjustable rollers, sufficient width, and other features! The synthetic leather material used for the chair also takes things to another level.

3D Massage Technology 

The 3D rollers can be moved in or out from the chair’s backrest, giving you maximum control. You can adjust the roller depth during the massage and choose between manual or auto mode.

That’s not all! You get total control over speed strength and width adjustment, which sets the chair apart from many products.

Body Scanning System 

This outstanding technology will scan your entire body to locate the areas for pain and muscle tension. Also, this feature will determine your height, body type, and weight.

The system allows the chair to provide you the optimum intensity and pressure for an excellent massage. However, the recommended user height for this product is 5′- 10′.

Automatic Programs 

Apart from adjusting speed, strength, intensity, and 3D rollers, there are multiple automatic programs for a more customized massaging experience. The product of 6 manual programs and 8 automatic programs.

So, you can enjoy clapping, tapping, rolling, and shiatsu massages. Modes such as relax, sport, energy, intense, wake up and recover allow you to gain greater control over the experience.


  • 26 airbags for a comfortable compression massaging
  • Special lumbar heating pads for lower back support
  • Calf roller adjustment for an excellent kneading massage
  • Ergonomic SL track design for maximum comfort
  • Adjustable 3D rollers


  • Some users have faced issues with the remote control

3. Osaki Titan Summit Massage Chair

Our next product is called Titan Summit and has a very modern design. Boasting its unique Flex SL track structure and two-stage Zero Gravity design, it can properly address most of your muscles.

With excellent multimedia features such as USB charging and Bluetooth speakers, this product can prove to be an excellent value for money.


Flex SL Track

Unlike the traditional SL track, the flex SL design fixes the base of your chair at a relative angle to the back. It offers you maximum support for any reclining position during the massage.

This outstanding innovation enables you to modify the pitch and angle to make every message memorable. Moreover, your neck till your glutes is taken care of.

Airbag Massage 

This chair consists of 48 airbags creating a complete airbag massage system. The system will cover your arms, shoulders, feet, and calves, massaging them individually.

The airbags will inflate and deflate to create compression for massaging all these vital muscles. In addition, the 52” track accommodates users having a height between 5’0”-6’3” comfortably.

Specialized Heating Pads 

Suffering from lower back and calf pains? That’s why this product has special heating pads positioned on the calf and lumbar areas. These pads produce mild infrared heat waves to support your muscles.

Coupled with the airbag massage, this heat therapy reduces the tension in your calf and lumbar area. It also helps in enhancing blood circulation to reduce the pain in these muscles.

Comfortable Footrest 

This product offers you sufficient room to stretch your legs. With an extendable footrest stretching up to 7-inches, it can accommodate almost all users. You just need to apply pressure with your feet to adjust the footrest.

This comfortable footrest, airbag massage, and foot roller massage provide the ultimate relaxation to the feet.


  • 5 manual and 12 automatic massage programs
  • Compact design for added convenience
  • Specialized heating pads for lumbar support and calf
  • USB charging for recharging your smartphones and tablets
  • Quiet operation just under 50 dB
  • Automatic body scanning technology


  • The price is on the higher side

4. Titan Chair Apex AP Massage Chair

If you are searching for an affordable Titan massage chair, then check this out. With the traditional L track design and other exciting features, its compact design saves you a lot of space.

The automatic massaging modes, easy-to-use remote, and airbag massage offer you a spa-like experience at a reasonable price.


Zero Gravity Technology 

A posture introduced by NASA, this chair position will place your knees slightly above your chest. The backrest will support your spine and back, giving this position for improving the blood flow.

It will slowly remove muscle pains while reducing the tension in these areas. This feature also offers added comfort to your spine and back muscles.

High-quality Foot Rollers 

There are specialized rollers positioned at the bottom of the chair having a spinning reflexology action. So, you get a heavenly foot rub and kneading massage whenever you sit on the chair!

The leg airbags also apply pressure along with the rollers. As a result, the foot massage is elevated to another level. In addition, this might also stimulate your acupuncture points, which supports your overall health.

Lumbar Support 

The majority of the back pains originate in the lumbar area. That’s why this product comes with unique heating pads to support your lower back. These pads emit gentle heat to support the airbag massage and rollers.

So, blood circulation in this area is improved, and stiffened muscles are loosened. You’ll observe a reduction in lower back pain with frequent use.

Multiple Massage Settings

You get outstanding manual massage modes, including tapping, knocking, kneading, knead-knocking, rolling, and shiatsu. These modes allow you to target specific areas on your back and massage them.

The auto massage modes include relax, recover, swing and stretch. Having a brief pause between each mode, your neck, foot, lower back, and calves will be thoroughly massaged and relaxed.


  • Lightweight and compact compared to other products
  • Excellent airbags offer a full-body relaxation
  • Side controller having buttons for easy access
  • Automatic body scanning improves the accuracy of the massage
  • Remote control with manual and automatic massage settings


  • The airbag grip on the legs is too tight

5. Titan 3D Elite Intelligent Voice Control Chair

The final product on a full list of best Titan massage chairs has the most advanced features. Coming with advanced voice control to tackle the features, the chair also has an SL track structure. It can handle a maximum weight of 260 pounds, so even heavier users can enjoy it.

You get a plethora of features such as full airbag massage, automatic massage styles, 3-stage zero gravity, extendable footrest, and lumbar heating. All these backups for their higher price.


Automatic Voice Control 

This chair has an advanced voice recognition system that can operate with the microphone located at the armrest. Using it, you can control the various functions of the chair. You will be surprised to know that it can recognize 15 different phrases!

So, you can adjust the features or change the massage modes effortlessly during your massage.

Auto Body Scan 

This product uses its body scanning technology to determine the key areas of your back and neck and massage them properly. This way, the optimum amount of pressure is applied to your muscles.

The technology also analyses your height, weight, and body type to offer a more customized massage experience. Gradually, you’ll feel muscle tension and aches leaving you.

Hand Acupuncture Mechanism  

Specialized acupuncture material is used in the armrest area. The bottom area of the arm massager has been crafted with tiny rubber bumps. When the airbags compress the top and bottom of your arm, these rubber bumps stimulate your acupuncture points. You feel so relieved!

This system also helps reduce arm pain for people who type all day or perform more manual labor.

Compact Design     

This massage chair comes with a unique design that allows you to place it anywhere comfortably. As no one likes bulky furniture, this product has space-saving technology. It can slide forward to create more room and be at a distance of 2 inches from any wall.

So, you can use it even if you have a small apartment. Just shift some furniture, position this, set on it, and enjoy a heavenly massage!


  • 30 airbags and 8 rollers for utmost comfort
  • The intensity of rollers can be controlled for an enhanced massage
  • 21 automatic and 11 manual massage modes
  • Heating pads in the lumbar area for improving blood circulation
  • Specialized foot and calf massage roller


  • Automatic massage modes aren’t too comfortable

Alternatives to Titan Massage Chairs

Is Titan not cut out for you? It can happen, as these chairs have prices and sizes that might not suit your pocket. Don’t worry; you can still enjoy a relaxing massage at home by choosing some other brands.

Check out these alternatives to Titan we have picked for you.

Real Relax Massage Chair

This is a fantastic budget product for those looking for full-body relaxation. Accommodating all users from 5.2 feet up to a height of 6.1 feet, this chair has an extendable footrest for comforting your feet.

It also comes with 8 necks/back massage rollers, 50 airbags, and specialized foot rollers. To help reduce your back pain and support your lumbar area, the chair has special back heating.

You’ll love this chair as you can easily take the massaging experience to another level using the remote.

iRest SL Track Massage Chair  

Do you want to immerse yourself in eternal peace? How about listening to your favorite tunes during your massage? This chair comes with an inbuilt Bluetooth wireless speaker, which lets you do that effortlessly.

Other features include an SL track design to support your muscles from neck to glutes, 6 massaging modes, lumbar heating, and a calf rest frame. The included airbags offer a full body massage through compression while you adjust the massaging modes.

It also has an armrest that can be adjusted according to the backrest angle. Overall, this is a combination of style and comfort.

Best Choice Linen Recliner Massage Chair

Do you want a massage chair that doesn’t look like one? Then you can check out this product having an ergonomic design and looks like a sofa. It comes with three massaging modes and remote control for maximum convenience.

You can target your lumbar area, thighs, back, and feet while adjusting the intensity.

It has an extendable footrest and an easy-to-use power lift/ recline mechanism. This will be an excellent product for users who have just recovered or are recovering from surgery. Since they might have limited mobility, the buttons have an easy-access design.

How to Buy The Best Titan Massage Chair?

By now, you must have gathered all the basic know-how about a Titan massage chair. But before you make the final call, there are still some points you need to check out. These will help you make sure that you get the most fulfilling and relaxing massage ever!

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Zero Gravity Recline

This is actually a reclining position introduced by NASA, where you raise your legs and align them with your back. The position offers you excellent relaxation during a massage. This way, the excess pressure and pain in your muscles are released.

Most Titan products come with a 3 stage Zero Gravity feature. In the first stage, your back and thighs are aligned. Then, your thighs are raised above your heart to comfort your back. Your legs can be raised slightly above your head level in the last stage.

This feature allows you to stretch your back and strengthen your spine during the massage. Alternatively, you can choose a 2 stage zero gravity product, as per your budget and needs.

Automatic Body Scanner

It’s always good to select products having this feature. The Automatic Body Scanner maps the user’s features such as curvature, height, and body type using sensors. This information is sent to the rollers to offer a customized massaging experience.

This automatic scanning technology helps to detect your body’s painful areas and take care of them. Titan has one of the best scanning technologies, which elevates the entire experience.

Lower Back Heating

If you suffer from back pain, especially lower back issues, you need to pick a chair with lumbar support. Most of the Titan products listed here come with lower back heating pads. These work along with the airbags and rollers to massage your muscles.

This is an excellent feature that helps to reduce pain and tension in your lower back. Specialized heat therapy removes muscle stiffness, soreness and enhances the blood flow in these areas. The oxygen supply is also boosted here.

So, if you sit in a chair for long hours, a chair with lower back support will be ideal.

L-track Design

Most of the Titan share is mentioned here has an L track design. It’s named after the L-shaped design. It supports almost all of your muscles. Starting from your head, neck, shoulders, spine, back and going all the way down to your hamstring, glutes, and thighs.

You can select this type of chair if you have complications in your lower back or need to massage your thighs and buttocks. It will cost a bit more than S-track products, but it’s totally worth it.

Alternatively, you can also check out SL track designs (a combination of S & L track) for all-around comfort.

Massage Modes

Modern massage chairs come with multiple massaging modes for a more personalized experience. You can change the modes using the remote to get complete control over your relaxation. The most common modes include tapping, rolling, shiatsu, compression, and kneading.

Tapping consists of quick repeated strokes that stimulate your muscles. It helps in improving blood circulation, reduce pain and remove stiffness. However, rolling also loosens up and warms your muscles.

Kneading is an effective way to reduce soreness, pain, and muscle tension. Similarly, shiatsu also removes tension, aches, pressure, and stiffness in your muscles.

The compression technique is supplied by airbags where your muscles are squeezed and then let go. This relieves joint pain, built-up pressure, and soreness. It’s great for your lower back and hip area.

So, the choice of massage modes will depend upon your condition.

Additional Features

Want to make your massage more exciting? Then see if the massage chair you fancy is equipped with Bluetooth technology. It will allow you to connect your smartphone with the chair’s in-built Bluetooth speaker and enjoy music during the massage session.

You can also listen to podcasts or audiobooks this way. In addition, some chairs offer a Sync massage feature. It will let you immerse yourself in the tunes of a choice while the massage is synced to its beats! Cool, huh?

Which such high-end technology, the prices will vary and may go beyond your budget. So, keep that in mind.


Question: What Is The Importance Of Heating In A Massage Chair?

Answer: You will find that most Titan massage chairs have a lumbar heating mechanism. Specialized heating pads are included in these chairs to offer lower back support.
The aim behind this is to increase the temperature of a sore muscle. It improves the blood flow and oxygen supply in that region.
Coupled with roller and airbag massage, this technique can address complications such as severe muscle pain, muscle cramps, Bursitis, and inflammation.

Question: Why Do You Need Reflexology In Your Massage Chair?

Answer: Reflexology is a simple technique used by the rulers in a massage chair to support your spine. It’s also useful while massaging your feet. In this technique, specific areas and reduce feet are massaged to provide you eternal comfort!
Since your feet contain many acupuncture points, it can help in relieving pain. In addition, an excellent foot massage will calm your senses.

Question: Are Titan Massage Chairs Effective?

Answer: Yes, they are indeed effective. They mostly consist of an L track design that cradles your muscles, from the neck to the glutes and hamstring. Other functions are easily accessible using a remote, such as airbags, foot rollers, and massage modes.
The three-stage Zero Gravity recline feature in most Titan products allows you to enjoy a relaxing massage and comfort your entire back.

Wrap Up

Titan massage chairs are a one-time investment but will serve you a lifetime. With exceptional features, a decent range of products, and top-class performance, these chairs will rid you of pain and muscle tension.

Plus, you can tune into your favorite playlist during the massage therapy session. Listening to audiobooks and lectures can help you become a better version of yourself. It’s a win-win situation!

However, some users have faced issues with customer service, heating mechanisms, and roller intensity. So, take a closer look at online customer reviews before your purchase.

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