How to Find the Best Turf Toe Brace

A turf toe is one of the most common problems and can be quite painful. Many people suffer from turf toe each year and don’t really know what to do next.

If you are suffering from a turf toe that can be cured with little care, then you must be searching for good braces. Don’t worry because we have made your task a lot easier.

We understand that buying a turf toe brace can be tricky and time-consuming. That is why we have selected some of the best Turf toe braces available on the market, catering to different categories. We have taken various perspectives and factors like the material, reusability, and many other things to list the best of the best products.

We have also prepared a detailed buyer’s guide that will help you in buying wisely. Moreover, we have articulated the honest reviews for the top picks along with their pros and cons. Let’s begin without further ado.

What is a Turf Toe and a Turf Toe Brace?

The turf toe is a result of the careless extension. However, a lot of people contract turf toe because of getting injured from a hard surface. Most commonly, the athletes, ballet dancers, basketball players, and wrestlers are the ones that have a turf toe. It is mainly because these people usually sprint or jump regularly.

It happens when you bend your big toe upwards without paying attention to how far you have stretched. In simple words, it is a sprain that affects the ligament of the great toe.

It is also known as hyperextension for obvious reasons. A turf toe can be really painful and frustrating at the same time. It can cause excruciating pain because the injured area is usually moved a lot while walking.

If you wonder how it got this weird name, you will be surprised to know that it was from American Football. In the 1970s, when the natural grass was replaced with artificial turf, many American football players faced this sprain, leading to the name Turf toe.

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A turf toe can be of different types, and they need a different kind of attention. The healthcare officials have a grading system for the same in place; we have listed all the three grades of turf toes here for your convenience, have a look-

Grade 1

What is a Turf Toe and a Turf Toe Brace

The turf toe injuries that fall under grade 1 are very less painful and serious. Only the soft tissues get stretched a little bit in this case and are not torn. You might experience some pain when you touch your big toe. Moreover, if you are a sportsperson or a ballet dancer, you might have to discontinue your practices.

Grade 2

This condition is more serious than the previous one. In this case, the soft tissues in the big toe region suffer from partial tears. You will experience more pain and notice some amount of swelling. If your turf toe falls under this grade, then you should take proper rest and try not to move it.

Grade 3

It is the most severe grade, and you will experience inexplicably excruciating pain. In this case, the tissues of the big toe region are completely torn, and the MTP joint can also be dislocated. The swelling will also be severe.

As you can see, different grade of turf toe requires a different kind of medical assistance. Grade 3 requires you to visit a doctor, but Grade 1 can also be treated at home. This is where the Turf Toe braces come into the picture,

These braces are worn in order to keep the toe in position and helps in preventing further damage. The braces help in limiting the toe movement, which consequently helps in curing the injured toe.

There are different types and qualities of turf toe braces available on the market, but it is best to buy the one that suits your need. Want to know which brace will suit your need? Keep reading.

Who Needs to Buy a Turf Toe Brace?

As mentioned earlier, turf toe is common among the people you jump or sprint regularly. These people include football players, basketball players, wrestlers, ballet dancers, and even young kids. Yes, you heard that right; kids can also face this issue.

In fact, anyone who bends their big toe far too much (more than 90 degrees) can suffer from a turf toe. Hence, it is best to keep a watch as the turf toe is very painful.

With that being said, if you have Grade 1 turf toe, then you can use the brace to enhance the healing process. You can consult your doctor for medicines as well.

The brace will help you in limiting the toe movement and in protecting the toe from further damage.

However, if you are suffering from Grade 2 or Grade 3 turf toe, it is best to ask your doctor before using the brace. It is because in these two cases, the swelling is quite too much, and wrapping a brace can worsen it.

Turf Toe Brace Vs Taping, Which is Better?

Turf Toe Brace Vs Taping, Which is Better

As you now know, Grade 1 turf toe can be treated at home; you must know both the ways used. Usually, people use either bracing or taping for curing the turf toe. But which one to use? Which one is better? Fret not! We will tell you about these methods in detail.


By keeping the toe from flexing in a way that stresses the ligament and produces pain, the turf toe taping technique supports and protects it. Taping can also help protect the ligament while recovering to full fitness, especially if it has been overstretched and is causing joint laxity.


Bracing is a popular and better alternative to traditional taping techniques. It is done with the help of a removable wrap-like bandage that keeps the toe in position firmly. A brace limits the movement and provides better protection to the injured toe.

Which One is Better?

Taping is the traditional method used for dealing with the turf toe. However, the braces are the new alternatives that are more convenient to use.

Here are few compelling reasons that will help you in choosing between taping and bracing-

  • Taping cannot be used again like a turf toe brace.
  • Taping will become a continuous expense. Bracing, on the other hand, will be a one-time investment.
  • Braces are very easy to use, unlike taping.
  • Taping leaves a sticky residue behind that can be very irritating.
  • Taping does not provide proper support and allows more movement than a brace.
  • You can wear a brace all day long without facing many issues.

Top 5 Turf Toe Braces at a Glance

Top 5 Turf Toe Braces at a Glance

A turf toe can make the bare minimum acts of walking or running extremely painful. Thus, it is imperative to choose the right turf toe brace for yourself. To help you with this decision, we have curated a list of some of the very best turf toe braces that will make your life with a turf toe easier.

Read on to find the one that fits best for you!

  • OrthoSleeve TT3 Turf Toe Brace

It is one of the bests available out there because it is specifically designed to heal a turf toe. It has been proven extremely effective in relieving pain from big toe fractures.

  • Vive Bunion Brace

An effective Big Toe Healer, the Vive Bunion Brace comes in a pair and is conducive to healing a turf toe. It serves as the perfect orthopedic sleeve foot wrap support for people of all genders.

  • OS1st Turf Toe Brace

This brace is best to relieve pain arising from arthritis, turf toe, and big toe fracture. It is unique in design and gives tough competition to others in the market.

  • ZenToes Turf Toe T-Straps

These are revolutionary adhesive toe straighteners. Available in packs of 10 Moleskin Splints, these are super reliable in curing big toe fractures.

  • Copper Compression Bunion Corrector Toe Splints

ZenToes Turf Toe T-Straps is a two-in-one relief brace and toe straightener. This brace works best to heal Big Toe Fractures, Hammer Toes Splint, and related diseases. Available in a universal size, it can be used by both men and women.

Reviews of the Top 5 Turf Toe Braces

When it comes to buying a Turf Toe Brace, the foot of a person is under question. The best thing to do is research about the products available and find out which suits you best.

We have reviewed the best products in the market to ease your search process. All of these comprehensive reviews will help you make a well-informed decision. 

OrthoSleeve TT3 Turf Toe Brace

OrthoSleeve TT3 Turf Toe Brace

It has been carefully designed by experts to treat foot injuries and relieve pain due to arthritis. This brace’s meticulous force distributing strength has to be attributed to its patent-pending design.

It is made with medical-grade compression. This dynamic tension splint is all you need to avoid all harsh treatments.

It works to heal some of the most toe-traumatic diseases. Providing continuous injury relief takes care of toe turf, fractured big toe, hallux limitus, arthritic toes, etc. Its design is super-protective, unique, and comfortable, which makes it the go-to product to heal toe-related injuries.

It is very lightweight by design and provides incessant support to the toes. This feature prevents chances of increased injury on the toe and encourages toe recovery. It uses a three-step targeted approach while putting pressure to encourage circulation, reduces swelling and friction.

The OrthoSleeve Toe Turf has so far had groundbreaking results because it’s made with the highest quality micro-nylon/ Lycra duo. It is further treated with silver ions leading to an increased feeling of freshness and an agent that eliminates any moisture building up.

Overall, this brace can be comfortably worn for longer hours.

Moreover, OS1st products have had the best consumer feedback. Known for delivering the best products, a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee hypes the products.

If used with proper care, this turf toe brace can be easily used and reused for six months.

Vive Bunion Brace

Vive Bunion Brace

Vive Bunion Brace is considered to be exceptional in pain relief. It is known to effectively relieve discomfort and pain caused by diseases as bunions, Hallux Valgus by protecting and realigning the toe.

The good things don’t end just yet; it also reduces friction, pressure, and chances of inflammation, guaranteeing complete pain relief. 

The major function of the brace is to provide protection and support. It uses slow and gentle pressure on the big toe in order to realign and heal it.

To add to the already meticulous designing, the brace is also lightweight and allows breathing space. It is made with user-friendly terry cloth material and is fit to be worn throughout the day.

It is secured by an external strap that keeps it tight and in place. By using this strap properly, the splint will not slip or bunch at any point during use.

It has a flexible size that comfortably fits most people. The adjustable straps make it easily customizable. The size comfort is coupled with the support that it provides overall, which makes this product stand out among all the options available in the market.

Vive is an extremely customer friendly brand, and they strive for customer satisfaction and reassurance. In the same regard, Vive also guarantees a 60-day trial period, so now you can buy the product without having second thoughts.

OS1st Toe Turf Brace

OS1st Toe Turf Brace

Unlike some locally designed Brace options, the OS1st TT3 Toe Turf Brace is designed by experts to treat injuries. It helps in relieving pain due to arthritic feet.

This brace is your one-way solution to avoiding harsh treatments for your foot and adopting caring practices. This turf is made with medical-grade compression that especially aids n relieving the pain by equally distributing the pressure.

This product targets a healing approach towards all major foot-related diseases, including pain relief from a turf toe injury, fractured big toe, hallux limitus, etc. The brace’s unique design sets it apart from other turfs of similar brandings allowing it to make comfortable the new fashionable.

Keeping comfort as their priority, OS1st’s products are bound to keep your feet healthy. It has a lightweight design that provides incomparable support and serves as a comfortably wearable option.

Some other notable benefits are that it helps in regulating blood, reducing inflammation, and thereby reducing pain.

Made from the finest quality materials, this brace rids you of feet odor and ensures maximum freshness.

To reiterate, OS1st’s products are designed to perfection, which means they have a record of providing 100% satisfaction to customers.

Without a doubt, this brace sits on the list of the best turf toe braces.

ZenToes Turf Toes T-Straps

ZenToes Turf Toes T-Straps

ZenToes T-Straps are a brace like no other. They heal and protect big toe injuries with adhesive bandages that stick to the big toe while you carry on with your everyday activities. Dealing with a turf toe can be really tough, but these straps by ZenToes are something that will change your life.

Affordable and accessible, these straps are a game-changer in the Toe Brace market.

This brace encourages and maximizes the scope of movement. It allows you to work on whatever provides you joy in life without worrying about the toe.

It is made from the best protective material available- Moleskin. It is extremely strong and reliable and provides unwavering support to the foot. It helps in realigning the foot and heal from any joint related sprain.

The splints come in a pack of 10 and a standard size which can be worn by both. The strong adhesive ensures that the splint stays in place while you make the most of everything you do.

To relieve you from excruciating pain, the brace will stay put at all times. ZenToes’ products are designed to provide 100% satisfaction. To end the pain, you should order the ZenToes straps today!

Copper Compression Bunion Corrector Toe Splint

Copper Compression Bunion Corrector Toe Splint

As the name suggests, this brace has the highest copper content. Copper is directly infused with nylon.

Statistically, their products are infused with 85% copper infused nylon. This unique, innovative technology helps to provide maximum benefits making the product extremely durable and desirable.

There has rarely ever been a case where the consumer doesn’t like the product. The consumers have so far only loved the Copper Compression Bunion Cushions and Bunion Corrector Relief Corrector Splint. Either men or women can wear it.

As an icing on the cake, the company is so sure to provide you with a premium quality product that it offers a refund to anyone who doesn’t like the brace.

This brace provides for significant support all through the day and night. Like all other braces, it is also effective in treating all toe injuries.

‘Cushions’ in this product is of a significant role as it delivers ultra-comfortable support and protection at all times.

Even though this brace restricts motion to a certain extent, it also ensures that there is nothing that harms the toe muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments.

The Copper Compression Bunion Relief and Corrector fit in a comfortable manner and are extremely skin-friendly. This product ensures that you get all the support you need to heal.

The high-quality fabric is also durable and can be reused after careful washing, and will always be in perfect shape.

Things to Consider When Buying Turf Toe Brace

Buying a turf toe brace can be way too tricky with so many options available on the market. We understand that it might be a daunting task for you.

That is why we have listed down all the factors we have used to shortlist the top braces out there. Go through all the points carefully and make sure you keep these in mind when you buy one for yourself.

Turf Toe Grade

As mentioned earlier, the grade of your turf toe injury will be a crucial factor in determining whether you need a brace or not. If your injury falls under grade 2 or 3, you should avoid using a brace without a doctor’s prescription.

As the first-grade turf toe injury has no actual tears of the ligaments, you can safely use a brace for curing your problem.


Durability plays an important role while buying almost anything, and it is also useful in the case of braces. As you know, you would be using a brace on your toe for quite a few days; hence, it is best to buy the durable one.

There is a plethora of braces available on the market, but not all are reusable. Be mindful while picking one for yourself.


Things to Consider When Buying Turf Toe Brace

Traditional taping methods are not reusable and cost you a few bucks regularly. A brace is usually reusable, but it is always beneficial to check how many times you can wash the product. You can hover over to the reviews section to check how long the brace lasts and then choose.


Braces are coming in different sizes and for different feet. Therefore, you have to make sure that it fits your feet properly. Otherwise, it will not serve the purpose. There are many braces available claiming that it is a one size fit, but that is not true in all cases. If your feet are too big or too small for the brace, they will fit poorly.

Make sure you buy the brace according to the foot. Many of us make this mistake and order for the wrong foot.

Material Used

Material is yet another crucial factor when it comes to buying a turf toe brace. You must buy a brace that is made up of soft and comfortable material.

Remember that you will be wearing it for a few days and you might also have to wear it inside your shoe. Hence, it is best to buy the brace that reduces irritability and gives a pleasant experience while serving the purpose.

Shoe Compatibility

If you cannot rest at home due to your errands, you must buy a brace that is compatible with your shoe. A brace should be thin, soft, durable, and firm all at the same time if you are planning to wear it inside your shoe.

Do the proper research about the size and shoe compatibility before settling for one.


Many braces, some with adjustable straps that let you alter the pressure. If you are looking for a brace that will provide constant gentle pressure to your big toe, you must buy one with tension straps.

These straps provide extra support and help in keeping your toe in the right place.


It is best to keep a budget for everything. Although the braces come at quite an affordable price, there are always a few more expensive options. Almost all the braces serve the same purpose and work in the same way. It is best to spend within limits and not fall prey to the beautifully presented features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Turf toe is a common problem that is subject to a lot of questions. People are not sure of a lot of things and keep asking doubts. We have picked up some of the most common questions regarding turf toe and braces. Have a look-

Question: How Does a Turf Toe Brace Works?

Answer: A brace is an especially designed wrap/bandage that provides the required support and stability to the injured foot. It helps keep the toe in the right position with the help of its firm yet soft structure.
Once a brace is wrapped to your foot, you will notice that all the unnecessary movement of your toe will be restricted. It consequently helps in giving proper rest to the toe and curing the injury.

Question: When Should I Use a Turf Toe Brace?

Answer: If you are suffering from a grade 1 turf toe injury, then you can take the help of a brace. As you may know, in grade 1 injury, the ligaments are not torn, and the swelling is also not much. Hence, you can cure it with little care and the help of a brace.
A brace will help you keep the injured toe in position while also protecting it from further damage.

Question: How to Wear a Brace?

Answer: Using a toe brace is quite simple, and it is easier than the traditional taping technique. All you need to do is wrap it properly around your foot, and you are good to go. However, there can be different ways of wearing different braces. Therefore, we suggest you check the instructions to get the best results.

Final Verdict

A turf toe brace is very useful in mild toe injuries. It can provide unmatchable support and protection.

All the braces that we have mentioned in this article are best in their ways. However, our personal favorite would be the OrthoSleeve TT3 Turf Toe Brace. It is soft, firm, durable, reusable, and comfortable all at the same time.

Now that you know the best braces on the market buy one for yourself soon.

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