How to Find the Best Leg Elevation Pillows

This guide to the best elevation pillows is for anyone who wants to improve their posture, recover from an injury, or simply want to take the weight off their feet after a long day at work. If that sounds like you, read on!

I will survey a range of different elevation pillows on the market, giving a full review of everything from price to comfort so that you can shop with confidence. To really help you weigh up which product is the best choice for you, I’ll also include a number of pros and cons.

You might assume that leg elevation pillows are only used by people with injuries, but this is a common misconception. In fact, many people could benefit from the additional comfort and support of this product. I have included more information about how an elevated pillow could help you later on in this guide.

To find out about the other types of pillows on the market, check out our guide to the best orthopedic pillows.

At a Glance: 5 Best Leg Elevation Pillows

What is a Leg Elevation Pillow?

Leg elevation pillows are designed to align your spine by raising your legs when you are seated or reclined. In turn, this reduces the pressure on your legs and lower back, improving blood circulation.

For people who spend all day on their feet, this can come as a welcome relief. But that’s not all that leg elevation pillows are designed to do – they can actually promote healing for certain injuries, which you can find out more about below.

The Benefits of a Leg Elevation Pillow

There are a number of universal benefits to using a leg elevation pillow, such as improved circulation and greater comfort. For some people, this will help to ease the discomfort and pain which comes from general wear and tear over a lifetime.

An unexpected benefit, and certainly a lesser-known one, is that sleeping with your legs elevated can actually improve the overall quality of your sleep due to better circulation. The American Sleep Association estimates that around 40% of Americans have either chronic or short term insomnia, so this is a big benefit.

In the long term, using a leg elevation pillow is likely to improve your posture and prevent some future back problems from developing.

Here are some other benefits of using a leg elevation pillow.

Improved Circulation

Elevating your legs means that your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to pump blood around your body. Increased blood flow will make you feel considerably better in yourself and can even help you get a good night’s sleep.

Reduced Swelling

Because your legs are raised, less blood will pool in them, ultimately reducing swelling and the buildup of fluids. In this respect, leg elevation pillows are often recommended by doctors post-surgery.

Reduced Pressure

Being on your feet all day can put a lot of strain on your joints, particularly in your legs and back. Leg elevation pillows allow you to take this pressure off, which will ultimately prevent future injuries and allow you to relax in comfort.

Reduced Back Pain

Leg elevation pillows put your body in a position that takes the strain off your back, so if you usually suffer from back pain, they could help in this way.

Less Chance of Blood Clots

They allow your blood to flow more freely without pooling in a particular area of the body, meaning a much smaller risk of blood clots developing.

Product Criteria

Leg Elevation Pillows Product Criteria

Here I discuss the critical criteria I used to assess each leg elevation pillow for this guide.


Comfort is absolutely crucial when it comes to leg elevation pillows, but it’s also one of the most difficult things to judge when you’re shopping online, which is why I have included it in my assessment as one of the most important factors.


Leg elevation pillows need to be functional above all, but how they look is also something to consider – especially since they will need to fit into the overall style of your home.


I have also taken into consideration the material of each product since this has a big impact on its overall comfort and durability.


You might expect all leg elevation pillows to be very similar, and while it’s true they all perform the same task, some come with useful additional features like handles for easy adjustment. Hence, I have taken this into account in my recommendations.


I have chosen to test pillows right across the price spectrum so I can weigh their functionality and comfort against their prices.


The most important thing about any leg elevation pillow is that it should do what it is supposed to do, and the best way to find out how effective a product is (if you can’t test it out yourself!) is to read reviews from other people who have.

5 Best Leg Elevation Pillows

5 Best Leg Elevation Pillows
LightEase Post-Surgery Leg Elevation Pillow – Our #1 Top Pick


  • Elevate both legs
  • Made with premium high-density memory foam
  • Dual handles for easy repositioning
  • Soft, machine washable cover
  • Contoured shape keeps legs in place
Find it Here
MABIS Bed Wedge Pillow – Our #1 Budget Pick


  • Supportive high-quality foam wedge
  • Machine washable polycotton cover
  • Extra-wide platform
  • Choose from 3 sizes
Find it Here
Ebung Leg Elevation Pillow 


  • Ergonomic design
  • Premium quality high-density foam
  • Memory foam layer at the top
  • Hypoallergenic, washable cover
  • Designed to retain shape over years
Find it Here
AllSett Health Leg Elevation Pillow


  • Full high-density memory foam top
  • Breathable and washable cover
  • Grey color stays cleaner for longer
  • Multiple uses
Find it Here
Restorology Leg Elevation Pillow


  • Microfiber material
  • Made for all shapes and sizes
  • Dense luxury foam
  • Washable cover that is easy to remove
Find it Here

LightEase Post-Surgery Leg Elevation Pillow – Our #1 Top Pick

LightEase Post-Surgery Leg Elevation Pillow

The LightEase Post-Surgery Leg Elevation Pillow is one of the best on the market. Although it comes with a slightly higher price tag than some of the other pillows I tested out, it also comes with a whole range of additional features which make it stand out.

First of all, this leg elevation pillow comes with fast, free delivery and free returns, which is a bonus if you’re the kind of person who likes to try products out before committing to them long-term.

The contoured shape was unexpected since most leg elevation pillows are flat on top, but this feature turned out to be perfect for me when it came to sleeping because the contours held both my legs in place.

The other unusual feature was a set of dual handles at each side of the pillow. These proved to be extremely helpful, allowing me to reposition with ease. I could also transport the pillow from one room to the other without too much hassle.

The LightEase pillow has garnered a number of highly positive reviews, proving that it truly is one of the best products on the market and is definitely worth the price.


  • Dual handles for easy repositioning and transport.
  • The Grey color stays clean for longer.
  • The contoured shape keeps the legs in place and adds to the overall comfort.
  • It is made with premium high-density memory foam.
  • It can be used for post-surgery recovery or something as simple as watching TV.
  • Soft machine washable cover, which is easy to remove.
  • Speed up recovery time by 30%.
  • Extremely comfortable and supportive.


  • Lack of color options.
  • Too narrow for some larger frames.
  • The fabric cover can be slippy on some surfaces.
  • Foam is fairly firm, so it can sometimes require additional cushioning.

MABIS Bed Wedge Pillow – Our #1 Budget Pick

MABIS Bed Wedge Pillow

If you’re looking for an affordable leg elevation pillow that does exactly what you need without costing the earth, the MABIS Bed Wedge Pillow is for you. Although it lacks some of the helpful features of my top pick, this pillow is very comfortable despite its simplicity, so it still provides good value for money.

The extra-wide platform not only makes this product perfect for people of all sizes it also allows you to reposition yourself without your legs sliding off the edge. Of course, during the night, this is a different matter – I found that I sometimes moved off the pillow in my sleep – so it would have been nice to see some ridges like with the first pillow I discussed.

In any case, I was pleased to see that three different sizes are available to suit different people and purposes.

The firmness of the foam was challenging to adjust to at first, but after a few days of use, I soon found that I felt much more comfortable. My back pain improved very quickly while using this product, which is why I recommend it so strongly.

After a few washes, the removable cover does lose some of its quality, but the pillow itself retains its shape well. Since the initial price is not too expensive, it’s possible to make a new cover of your own choosing.

Despite being so firm, the pillow is fairly light at only 2.4 pounds, making it easy to transport and position.

Shipping was faster than expected, which was a bonus. Overall, I thought the MABIS leg elevation pillow provided good value for money and offered better results than expected.


  • Machine washable cover made from poly cotton.
  • Firm, supportive foam wedge.
  • Extra-wide platform.
  • Three size options.
  • Fast shipping.
  • It stays in place when you rest your legs.
  • Fairly lightweight.
  • Affordable.


  • Legs slip off while sleeping.
  • No handles.
  • The cover becomes worn after a few washes.
  • It can be too firm for some people.
  • No color choices.

Ebung Leg Elevation Pillow

Ebung Leg Elevation Pillow

The Ebung Leg Elevation Pillow is highly comfortable and well designed due to its thoughtful ergonomic design. I tested this pillow out during the night, and I had my best sleep in weeks – the only reason this leg elevation pillow ranks below LightEase’s product is that it lacks additional features such as handles.

This pillow is made from soft, high-quality materials. The foam is thick and keeps its shape well, molding to the contours of your legs.

I particularly like that the cover is hypoallergenic and machine-washable, making it suitable for anyone with allergies. It is also highly breathable, keeping cool even through the hot summer months.

The only drawback to this pillow is its weight. It is more than two pounds heavier than the MABIS pillow, and it doesn’t come with handles for easy transportation.

If you are recovering from an injury that impedes your movement, you probably want to purchase a more lightweight pillow.

The Ebung leg elevation pillow has over 11,000 reviews in total, the vast majority of which are very positive. However, shipping was fairly slow, taking a couple of weeks, and while I felt that it was worth the wait, this is an important thing to take into consideration.


  • Extremely comfortable ergonomic design that embraces the contours of your legs.
  • Hypoallergenic cover.
  • The fabric keeps cool even during hot months.
  • Premium quality high-density foam.
  • Smart design that is well-sized.
  • Versatile uses.


  • Heavier than some competitor products.
  • Slow shipping.
  • Arrives vacuum packed – does not always spring back into shape.
  • Lack of handles.

AllSet Health Leg Elevation Pillow

AllSet Health Leg Elevation Pillow


The AllSet Health Leg Elevation Pillow is a stylish product that offers good features for a mid-level price. The grey color suits a range of interior styles while keeping clean for longer – perfect for busy households with children and pets.

Though this product has fewer reviews than most of the other pillows I have looked at, the ones it does have are incredibly positive, reinforcing my overall positive impression.

It boasts a number of great features, such as high-density memory foam, a breathable and washable cover, hypoallergenic fabric, and an overall soft texture.

The pillow is wide enough to comfortably lay two legs across it, though it would benefit from a more ergonomic design to retain stability and restrict motion during sleep. As with many elevation pillows, the foam initially feels almost too firm, but this helps with the overall functionality of the product.

For me, this product quickly became an important part of my everyday routine. The height is perfect, and the design is well constructed – it’s easy to tell that the pillow is durable and will last for years. It holds its shape very well.


  • Grey color stays cleaner for a longer – stylish appearance.
  • Machine washable cover.
  • Breathable, soft hypoallergenic fabric.
  • High-density memory foam.
  • Wide design.
  • Good height.
  • Fast delivery options and free returns.


  • It could be too firm for some people.
  • Lack of color options.
  • Arrives vacuum packed – sometimes does not expand to correct shape.
  • Lack of size options.

Resorology Leg Elevation Pillow

What the Restorology Leg Elevation Pillow lacks in aesthetic style, it makes up for in functionality – hence, I have placed it fourth on my list.

This product comes with a microfiber cover that is comfortable against bare skin – unlike some of the other covers I tested out – and the base of the pillow is textured with non-slip grips to keep it in place.

It often makes me nervous when pillows arrive vacuum-packed as there is always the worry that they will not return to their intended shape. With the Restorology pillow, that definitely wasn’t the case! It bounced back quickly after I opened it, gaining size in only an hour.

I was disappointed to find that the foam is not memory foam – despite the product description claiming that it is – but the pillow is still comfortable, and the foam is clearly of a high quality irrespective.

The Restorology Leg Elevation Pillow has thousands of positive reviews, and with fast shipping available, there isn’t much to like about this product.


  • Soft microfiber cover.
  • Non-slip grips to keep in place.
  • Fast shipping.
  • Super plush.
  • Supportive foam.
  • Machine washable.
  • Fade and stain-resistant.


  • Not memory foam.
  • Lack of handles.
  • Not suitable for shorter people.
  • It can be too firm for some people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How Long Do Leg Elevation Pillows Last?

Answer: This depends on the quality of the product and how well you care for it. Paying a little extra for high-quality memory foam and a durable cover will mean that the pillow could last for years.
Generally, foam elevation pillows are designed to retain their shape for a long time.

Question: Can I Use a Leg Elevation Pillow Every Day?

Answer: Absolutely. Sustained use is likely to have longer-term benefits, so if you are comfortable and think that your leg elevation pillow works for you, use it as often as you’d like!

Question: What Can Leg Elevation Pillows Be Used For?

Answer: There are a number of things leg elevation pillows can be used for: an everyday sleeping leg pillow, a post-surgery comfort pillow, a pregnancy support pillow, and more! The specific benefits that can be gained are discussed at the top of this page.

Best Leg Elevation Pillow – My Verdict

Overall, I found that the LightEase Post-Surgery Leg Elevation Pillow was the best product suitable for a range of purposes. Though it isn’t as cheap as some other options, its features have been carefully designed to provide maximum comfort and ease for the user.

The MABIS Bed Wedge Pillow is the best budget option I tested. Though it offers only the basics, this is to be expected at such an affordable price, and overall I still found the product pretty comfortable for temporary use.

If you want a leg elevation pillow for when you’re sleeping, the Ebung Leg Elevation Pillow could be the best option for you, with breathable fabric and ergonomic non-slip design.

For busy households with pets and children, I’d recommend the AllSet Health Leg Elevation Pillow due to its stylish grey cover and durable design.

Finally, for a firm and functional leg elevation pillow that provides support and relief when you need it most, the Restorology Pillow will do exactly what you need.

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