These 150 Teacher Wish Lists Need Your Help

One of our favorite traditions at Fat Kid Deals is participating in the Clear The List campaign every August. Teachers submit their Amazon wish lists for their back-to-school classroom shopping and through crowdsourcing and kind hearts, get their educational resources paid. FKD not only participates, but we also help bring these amazing teacher wish lists to a bigger audience.

Itzel Rodriguez


From Itzel:

I work at a Title 1 school in Dallas and I teach Algebra 1 to 8th graders. My school has mostly English language learners and almost all of my students have only been in a US school for 3 years or less. My students are hard-working and they always strive for the best even with limited resources.

Most wanted item:

Pencils (they disappear!) and graph paper

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Starr Salinas


From Starr:

Hi! My name is Starr Salinas, and I am a second-year third-grade teacher. Third grade is one of the biggest jumps a student will experience in their school career. Students are now reading to learn, versus learning to read. After my first year of teaching, I learned what supplies would be necessary for my students to grasp important concepts that they are seeing for the first time ever. After third grade, these concepts build on each other, but this exposure in third grade is a huge change for them. The supplies on my list will not only help me help them to succeed but will also help them want to succeed. Thank you!

Most wanted item:

The rainbow carpet for my students library/reading corner.

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Jennie Haynes

From Jennie:

"I’m a 17-year teaching veteran, but only in my 2nd year at a new grade level (transition to kindergarten) in a new school/district. My hubby is also a teacher so money is always a little tight.

Most wanted item:

Water Bottles

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Jetaune Hall


From Jetaune:

I am heading into my 3rd year as a 6th-grade science teacher! I recently just graduated with my Masters from Washington University in St. Louis. I love seeing my students grow and making viral TikToks with them!

Most wanted item:

Blue-BOGG BAG BABY Lightweight Cute Tote Bag

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Amanda Houston


From Amanda:

Physical education teacher and athletics coach starting year 9 with some amazing students. I am passionate about teaching my students how to find the fun in fitness so that they live a healthy lifestyle.

Most wanted item:

The Connect Four request (7 games)

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Treisha Bowen

From Treisha :

I am a home room teacher, as well as a specialist teacher of Food Science.

Most wanted item:

I appreciate any contribution.

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Phylicia Bohannon


From Phylicia:

I’m a 5th grade science teacher in Atlanta that strives to make great hands-on experiments for my students and create lasting learning experiences they can remember and smile about.

Most wanted item:


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Caryn Knox


From Caryn :

I am a 6th grade Math and SS teacher in a Title 1 school in South Georgia, starting year 17. I always try to keep enough supplies so my students will never have to worry about not being prepared! Anything will help! Thank you for supporting teachers!

Most wanted item:

The half sheet shipping labels

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Denise Gill

From Denise:

I have been working at my school since 2005. We are a very low-income school and we don't have the funds to get what we would like.

Most wanted item:

Stem toys flexible seating and containers.

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Ashton Coverdale


From Ashton :

I am an 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher in Yonkers, NY. I work at a charter school which is mostly made up from minorities. I would like to enhance my classroom for my students and have supplies for them to use throughout the year.

Most wanted item:

Dry Erase Boards

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From Kari :

I have been teaching for a few years and now I want to focus on the social emotional component for students!

Most wanted item:


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Marc Blair


From Marc:

Hello, I am a second-grade teacher at a Title 1 school. My school actually has the most foster kids in our district and many come from households that have an economic struggle. I previously worked in special education within the same district. I have 5 children of my own and have been married for 18 years. Our first daughter is off to college this year as well! Supplies are very hard to come by for my students and we teachers do what we can.

Most wanted item:

Seating area supplies

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Adriana Montalvo


From Adriana:

I work at a Title 1 high school in San Antonio, TX. We are the pride of the west side. This will be my 10th year teaching, and I will be completing my school counseling internship.

Most wanted item:

White Wood Better Than Paper Bulletin Board Roll

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Kylie Middleton


From Kylie:

Hi there! I’m Miss Middleton, a first year teacher who will be living the dream with my Kindergartners this year! I cannot wait to share my love of SEL, literacy, and learning! In addition, I’m a college dance team coach - combining my passions of teaching and dance!

Most wanted item:


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Diana Ramirez


From Diana:

Diana is a mom to two wonderful, lively kids, ages 15 and 6, and is also a teacher and mentor to her students at the Autism Academy for Education and Development, where she's been a part of the family for over 8 years.

Most wanted item:

Woodtoe Magnetic Color and Number Maze

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