These 150 Teacher Wish Lists Need Your Help

One of our favorite traditions at Fat Kid Deals is participating in the Clear The List campaign every August. Teachers submit their Amazon wish lists for their back-to-school classroom shopping and through crowdsourcing and kind hearts, get their educational resources paid. FKD not only participates, but we also help bring these amazing teacher wish lists to a bigger audience.

Attalah Shabazz


From Attalah:

I am an educator in DC, I teach an independent studies capstone class that allows students to explore a topic of their choice while gaining project management skills.

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Kimberlee Zuber


From Kimberlee:

If I can just clear the gift cards($70 total) I will be ready to help others! I am a 21st year 6th grade language arts teacher in GA.

Most wanted item:

Amazon gift cards!

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Jami Shields


From Jami:

I'm a techy 3rd grade STEM and coding teacher. I love teaching and inspiring my students to try new things.

Most wanted item:

Printing start up set for our STEM shirt projects

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Joseph Rivera


From Joseph:

4th Year Special Education Teacher, 1st Year running a Middle School Behavior Unit

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Sarai Jefferies


From Sarai:

Kindergarten teacher from Baltimore, Maryland.

Most wanted item:

Mirrors for language sounds.

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Jesse Mitchell


From Jesse:

2nd year Kindergarten teacher for a low income school. Many of my current creative play centers are ones I’ve purchased at garage sales and are just worn down.

Most wanted item:

Anything helps

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Saidah Johnson


From Saidah:

I’m a SPED teacher, grades 3-4, working with students that have behavior issues. My goal this year is to help both the students and their parents/caregivers, both academically, and well as improve their behaviors.

Most wanted item:

Anything sensory! This children have a need to play and move, and fidget.

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Kristin Luley


From Kristin:

I’m a 5th grade teacher in VA. For my students, I’d like to provide them a good books to read, comfy chairs, & snacks. H

Most wanted item:

Fluorescent lighting covers

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Sarah Bright


From Sarah:

I’m a high school science teacher from a small school in rural Oregon. This is my second year teaching and I’m hoping this year is smoother than the last one!

Most wanted item:


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Cyndi Redfield


From Cyndi:

I am changing grades and schools after 22 years to get closer to my own children. I am now a 6th grade ancient history teacher in Goddard KANSAS.

Most wanted item:

Paint brushes!!

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Amanda Best


From Amanda:

I work in a title 1 school in upstate New York. I am a special education co-teacher that rolls up with my students. This means last year I taught second grade and this year I’m teaching third grade. I’m happy to have my same students again but need new materials and manipulatives so that their successful in 3rd grade.

Most wanted item:

Dry erase sentence strips

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Maria Gonzalez


From Maria:

This will be my third year teaching at a tier 1 school which means it’s a low income school. The school I work at is very diverse and considered a safe space for refugees meaning we have students from all over the world attend here. I am a single mother who is not only finding my own classroom but also getting my son through school.

Most wanted item:

Pencils and erasers

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Teri Grefsrud


From Teri:

Hi I am a 5th grade teacher from Southern California. I teach in an open concept school with over 90 students. I love a new school year because I get to meet new students and get to know them. Our first day is August 18 and I am excited to see all the smiley faces again

Most wanted item:

Magnetic Fraction Tiles

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Victoria Guagliano


From Victoria:

First year 2nd grade teacher in a title 1 school! I’m starting from scratch! We would love math activities for centers, diverse and inclusive books, and basic supplies like glue and pencils! Thank you so much!

Most wanted item:

Most-wanted is the learning resources gear STEAM toy! I would really really love an office chair.

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Cassie Sandberg


From Cassie:

Hello! I am entering my fifth year of teaching third grade! I am starting at a school and will need to replenish some supplies. I also have some books and fun items I know my students will love! Thanks for your consideration.

Most wanted item:

Magnetic spice rack holders to hold books on my whiteboard wall

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Laura K


From Laura:

I am a school counselor for Kindergarten, 1, and 2 grade at a Title 1 school. 85% of my students are free and reduced lunch. 70% are English Language Learners. They are so kind and hardworking. Most of all their resiliency amazes me every day. In order to provide as much social-emotional support as I can, I teach my 17 classes weekly along with individual and small group counseling. I appreciate any help!

Most wanted item:


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Tierra Thompson


From Tierra:

I am entering my 7th year as an educator. I teach 1st grade at an inner city school in Virginia. I am passionate about immersing my students in books and fostering a love for reading.

Most wanted item:

Any Versatile resource

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Anna Maria Carsuo


From Anna Maria:

Entering my 25th year in a NYC Title 1 public school. Teaching 3rd grade in an Integrated Collaborative Teaching setting. I really enjoy teaching.

Most wanted item:

Cursive writing workbooks or watercolor paint and paper

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Samantha Barnett


From Samantha:

I am a kindergarten teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina. I have taught early education for nine years in San Diego and this will be my seventh year teaching in Charlotte. I have been in two different trainings for phonics instruction (Science of Reading and Orton-Gillingham)and want to incorporate more manipulatives to strengthen their graphomotor skills in math and literacy. I would also like to use these manipulatives for games to help social skills in lieu of worksheets. Help me make kindergarten fun again and all learners successful in both math and literacy. Thank you for this opportunity.

Most wanted item:

Pop-ups for phonics

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Shauna Acampora


From Shauna:

Second year Pre-K teacher in NC! Hoping to be able to add some new items to my classroom before I go on maternity leave.

Most wanted item:

Little People

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Dorothy Fiore


From Dorothy:

I’m a 2nd year teacher of a elementary after school program. My program has over 40 students grades k-5. My students spend 10hrs a day in school. School is truly a 2nd home to them. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Most wanted item:

Recess toys

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Alyssa Sims


From Alyssa:

Hi! I’m Alyssa, this is my first year being a teacher! I teach kindergarten and I am loving every moment I’ve spent so far with these kids. Even though school started last week, I would still appreciate some help with my Amazon list! Thanks in advance 🙂

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Darcy Busch


From Darcy:

I teach 7th grade ELA at a title one school. I have taught for 28 years which include teaching preschool before find my love for teaching middle school!!

Most wanted item:


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Jessica Ware


From Jessica:

K-8 Spanish teacher who loves what she does. My students are worth it!

Most wanted item:

Mixed Up Syllables Spanish Language Game

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Bre’Gail Evans


From Bre’Gail:

Hey ♥️’s! I am a Mixed abilities teacher, mother and friend! My Students are in grades 9-12 and all have been diagnosed with low-incidence special needs such as Aspbergers, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Deaf/Blind, Down's Syndrome, etc. The time has come to start a new school year and this year I would like to revamp my room. I have created a wishlist to help with purchasing things I need and want for this new school year. If you would like to bless my students and I we would be forever grateful.

Most wanted item:

Anchor charts. Glue gun, giant connect four

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Jennifer Tschaepe


From Jennifer:

I am a first grade special education teacher at suburban school in Delaware.

Most wanted item:

IPEVO V4K Ultra High Definition 8MP USB Document Camera — Mac OS, Windows, Chromebook Compatible for Live Demo, Web Conferencing, Distance Learning, Remote Teaching

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Karina Gallo


From Karina:

I’m a 7th grade special education teacher working with students that have a learning disabilities. It’s my 3rd year teaching but only 2nd year in person! Any donations are greatly appreciated by me and my students!

Most wanted item:

LED lights (to create a peaceful classroom environment) Paddle dry erase boards

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Jamay Qualles


From Jamay:

3rd grade teacher teaching in a Title

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Paige Dejohnett


From Paige:

I am going into my third year of teaching at a public school with an underserved population. I will be moving to sixth grade with my former fifth graders.

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Jennie Woods


From Jennie:

I have been teaching high school science for 8 years. I teach mostly 9/10th graders. I live in a small rural town in TN!

Most wanted item:

Lysol wipes

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Ana Flores


From Ana:

hey y’all, as some of you may already know I am currently teaching Elementary ELA at a Title 1 school. This means that my students lack access to many vital resources that makes their educational career really soar. Help me give these kiddos the best education I can by checking out my Amazon wishlist! Anything helps!! Thank you all in advance ‍

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Maria Guillen


From Maria:

Hello my name is Maria Guillen and I work at Chicago Public Schools in the south side of Chicago. Any help is more than appreciated to make my students’ experience so much richer and meaningful.

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Jennifer Sissell


From Jennifer:

I’ve taught Spanish for 24 years. My strengths are building relationships & proficiency. Incentives & books are always needed to help my students do their very best.

Most wanted item:

Mini puzzle cubes

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Jhavonne Waters


From Jhavonne:

I’m a high school math teacher in the hood I grew up in! I just wanna make my community a better place!

Most wanted item:


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Rebekah Dennis


From Rebekah:

I’m a new 1st year Spanish teacher at 2 separate schools. Teaching 600 kids in pre-k to 8th. So excited and blessed for this opportunity and journey!

Most wanted item:

My most wanted items are the snacks/prizes/incentives for games and behavior incentives.

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Lane Baima


From Lane:

I am a 22 year veteran teacher in California! I am teaching kindergarten and reading is my passion! I also enjoy bringing art and science to my students.

Most wanted item:

Spheros robots for STEAM time in the classroom

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Vanessa Villagrana


From Vanessa:

Hi! I am a newcomer teacher, meaning I have all the new kids to the country. Many come with zero supplies and range 2nd to 5th grade.

Most wanted item:

Post it poster

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Frankie F


From Frankie:

Hi, I’m Frankie! please help me #ClearTheList! ‍ 2nd year teacher ‍⚖️ high school law & personal finance South Florida Title I School 40 students per class/250 total $frankaroni ♥️ Thanks in advance!

Most wanted item:

Sanitation items!

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Kristen Goodpaster


From Kristen:

This is my 15th year as a middle school special education teacher! My list is full of lots of WISHES. I would love to increase my flexible seating options, as well as the amount of graphic novels I offer in my classroom.

Most wanted item:

I need items to use to decorate my classroom door and to update my bulletin boards.

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Calleigh Vincent


From Calleigh:

I’m a pre k teacher in NJ going in to my 16th year. I will be at a new school with a new curriculum and I’m starting almost from scratch. I am P3 & K-5 certified w/a MA in Early Childhood Ed & BA in psychology.

Most wanted item:

Inflatable chairs for library area

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Ashley Dowdy


From Ashley:

My name is Ashley and I'm a kindergarten teacher in a title 1 school in the PNW. My classroom is always in need of supplies and snacks to help make the days easier for my students. Anything helps ❤️

Most wanted item:

Crayons, books, organization and snacks!

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Amanda Sirianni


From Amanda:

I'm a 14th year teacher, and 3rd year librarian at 2 Title I schools in Pittsburgh, PA.

Most wanted item:


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Johannah Zarinko


From Johannah:

My Amazon Wishlist for my classroom is updated! Two years ago I had so many friends send things that I needed and used! Every little bit truly does help. I am getting my new class ready and would love some new classroom decor (I reuse everything till it falls apart lol) and I am working to create tactile and sensory tubs for my students to use Independently during transitions - I have an amazing class of preschoolers of all abilities - the items in the list are things I will be getting for my class! Any help along the way is amazing! ♾ celebrating neurodiversity everyday! All brains are beautiful

Most wanted item:

Window Cover Curtain

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Victoria Breaux


From Victoria:

3rd grade Miami teacher

Most wanted item:


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Anthony Gonzalez


From Anthony:

Wish list for my wife who teaches in inner city cleveland, items will help her with her students tremendously!

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Jennifer Chamoun


From Jennifer:

Hello, I am a special education teacher for kindergarten through 2nd grade. I work at a high needs school in an urban setting. We are a community partnership school helping the area and families around us.

Most wanted item:


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Jaymi Phillips


From Jaymi:

22 years at my site, 6th year in the library, lowest funded district in the county. I’m trying to create a safe, inclusive space for all students to tell their story. Our library includes CareBears, Gnomes, Fairies, dandelions and all things full of hopes, dreams and magic.

Most wanted item:

Button maker

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Becky Kurkowski


From Becky:

I’m a second year teacher who is switching grade levels! I’m from Illinois! I am so excited to be working with kindergarteners this year!

Most wanted item:

School supplies

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Sabrina Fitzhugh


From Sabrina:

I teach middle school math and have been for 25 years.

Most wanted item:

The desktop reference

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Stephani Brooks


From Stephani:

This is my 13th year of teaching, but I'm starting a brand new position as Reading Interventionist. My passion has always been literacy, especially for those with learning difficulties. I'm excited to use what I know to support students and teachers at my large Title 1 school in Wichita, KS. Thanks for your support!

Most wanted item:

Learning Resources Magnetic Letter and Number Set

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Haley Klatt


From Haley:

Haley is going on her 6th year teaching 4th grade and holds her Masters in Education, as well as her Special Education credential. She brings an incredible energy to the classroom, and what sets her apart is the time she takes to treat her students like humans and not just kids. They learn to actually explore their feelings and why

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Maddie Lamb


From Maddie:

Hello! I am a 3rd grade teacher who is very excited for the upcoming school year. I am really hoping to add some flexible seating options for my students this year and would be greatly appreciative of some other needed classroom materials. 🙂

Most wanted item:

Scoop Rocker Chairs

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Olivia Kirby


From Olivia:

I am a first year teacher. I am a 8th grade social teacher is central Wisconsin. I begin mid-school year this past January and I am currently in the process of building my classroom materials for my kids so they have everything they need so we can focus on learning U.S History in a few short weeks

Most wanted item:

Pencil sharpener

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Brianna Perreca


From Brianna:

K-5 Special needs teacher Title one school urban area PA

Most wanted item:

White boards for math, fan, phonics readers

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Suzet Teodoro


From Suzet:

Hi there! I teach 4th grade in WA state! I will soon begin my 5th year teaching. My list is a mix of classroom basics, math resources, and books!

Most wanted item:

Class set of folders

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Amanda Sost


From Amanda:

Hi! I am a high school math teacher - teaching geometry & algebra 2 - in Southern Chester County, PA. This year we are moving to a new school building, so we are starting our rooms from scratch. I am in need of some basic items to help transition to this new school year! Thank you for your generosity.

Most wanted item:

Technology items & furniture.

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Betty Jimenez


From Betty:

I'm a Preschool Special Education Teacher going on my 13th year of teaching. My students love arts and crafts and thrive with hands on materials such as adaptive work binders and personal task boxes. I look for fun and engaging ways to teach my kiddos

Most wanted item:

DEVAISE 7-Drawer Chest, Wood Storage Dresser Cabinet with Wheels for our arts and crafts

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Sandy Contreras


From Sandy:

13 yrs, El Paso, TX, Title 1, inclusion (Special Needs), Emergent Bilinguals, military, 1st grade

Most wanted item:

Magnetic shaped tiles for Math, spacial awareness, fine motor skills, and STEM

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Nancy Dominguez


From Nancy:

5th Year Bilingual Educator teaching in the Pleasant Grove neighborhood of Dallas, Texas. I've loved teaching kinder every year and wish to be able to supply my kids every tool they need to succeed. Please consider donating to my classroom!

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Neeley Walgren


From Neeley:

I'm an elementary special education teacher. I work mainly with students on the autism spectrum. I have 8 awesome kiddos and 4 paras. We do lots of hands on, structured, individualized learning. Thank you for supporting me and my students

Most wanted item:

Items are listed in order from highest priority to lowest

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Sarah Champigny


From Sarah:

First grade teacher entering my 18th year of teaching!

Most wanted item:


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Diane M


From Diane:

4th grade special education self contained in New Jersey!

Most wanted item:

I would be grateful for anything small or big!

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Samantha Stevanus


From Samantha:

I’m a kindergarten teacher in a Title 1 school in western PA. 90% of our children come from low income families and poverty. 100% receive free lunches and breakfast, and the school provides clothing, dentist appointments and other necessities to the students frequently!

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Kaitlyn Crane


From Kaitlyn:

I am a 2nd grade teacher at a Title one school in Michigan.

Most wanted item:

Any morning choice activity

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Jenn Taylor


From Jenn:

Teacher switching to Kindergarten from Gr 2/3. I’m looking for basic supplies, inclusive stories and toys, and sensory items.

Most wanted item:

Happy with anything!

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Christine Steigerwalt


From Christine:

I teacher 6th grade math in a low income school. I have been teaching here for 20 years

Most wanted item:

Lights for calm corner

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Jennifer Worthington


From Jennifer:

I’m a middle school math teacher in New Jersey working on spreading love and kindness while encouraging my students to do the same!

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Victoria Quattrocchi


From Victoria:

5th Year Pre-K Teacher working in a public school with students from low income families.

Most wanted item:

CloroxPro Anywhere Hard Surface Sanitizing Spray

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Rachael Kibler


From Rachael:

I’m a 4th grade teacher in NY hoping to give my kids the best school experience!

Most wanted item:

Easel, “Equipped for Reading Success” book, water jugs, and books!!!

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Esther Henk


From Esther:

I am a dual language third grade teacher in a tier 1 school. Many of my students cannot afford basic supplies like notebooks and pencils in my list I add lots of fun things that I can utilize as manipulatives in my classroom every day. My motto is to make learning fun and engaging for each child. As a person who has ADHD growing up it was hard for me to focus on my learning but I love to learn through visual arts or tactile objects and I’ve noticed I relate to most of my students in this way that’s why it’s important for me to have all the supplies necessary to be the best teacher I can be.

Most wanted item:

Bulk pencil box of 320 pencils.

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Amanda Stearns


From Amanda:

Maine 4th grade teacher from

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Suzie Esquivel


From Suzie:

School social worker that helps all students that don’t have food or personal hygiene

Most wanted item:

Clothings items

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Amber Farley


From Amber:

Thank you for you consideration. I teach 2nd grade in Eau Claire, WI. I taught 15 years kindergarten and this will be my 8th in 2nd.

Most wanted item:

Seat sacks

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Yvonne Cervera


From Yvonne:

I am a 9th grade world geography teacher in SA, TX starting year 5 of teaching.

Most wanted item:

Michaels gift card for storage

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lauren s


From lauren:

teacher for a nonprofit

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DaShuane Hawkins


From DaShuane:

I’m a performing arts teacher, working with students K-12, in the area of dance and other performing arts. My class space is where students get to tap into the creative abilities and learn that they are truly talented. For the last 7 years, I have been able to create some fun experiences for my students only wish to continue. Any donations of items are greatly appreciated

Most wanted item:

Any item I’m grateful for

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Jessica Souris


From Jessica:

I am a first grade special needs teacher in Boston working with students with Autism in a sub separate setting. This is my third year teaching and I feel like it is my calling. I love making learning fun for my students and making school a place that my students look forward to come to. My students all learn in different ways and have differing sensory, communication, and academic needs.

Most wanted item:

Printer to make colored visuals for my students and activities

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Darryl Bess


From Darryl:

I am a high school marketing teacher in Phoenix, AZ. I’m ready to get a head start for next year!

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Nuria Gonzalez


From Nuria:

I’m a Spanish DLI teacher in Utah. I teach in 2 schools, 3 grades (7, 8 & 9) and I have over 80 students. Any help is truly appreciated. Thanks! ✨

Most wanted item:

Spanish inspirational stickers

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Joan Manchak


From Joan:

I teach kindergarten in an urban school district in Pennsylvania. My students and I would appreciate any support for our classroom as we enter another exciting school year.

Most wanted item:

Sit spot dots for carpet

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Faith Casel


From Faith:

I am a middle school counselor in Kansas City! I am in my second year! Anything is appreciated!

Most wanted item:

The weighted blanket

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Veronica Hirst


From Veronica:

Newly funded, math interventionist at 2 Title 1 schools in Western Massachusetts

Most wanted item:

Math manipulatives

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Amelia Cook


From Amelia:

I’m a 5th grade reading teacher in rural Kentucky and I have 100 students I get to teach every day! This list contains items that will not just provide for my students this year but for years to come

Most wanted item:


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Jessica Bontempo


From Jessica:

This will be my 13th year teaching third grade in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I’ve noticed that my kids are coming to school with more and more anxiety, and fewer and fewer coping skills each year. I’d love to have more resources to make our classroom a safe and fun place!

Most wanted item:

Play doh

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Chelsea Feldman


From Chelsea:

Second year teacher at a Title 1 school in MI teaching grades k-4!

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Mia Bowers


From Mia:

I’m a first year teaching first grade in Missouri! I recently just moved from Oklahoma where I have lived the past 22 years! I just graduated from Oklahoma State University. I earned my bachelor’s of science in elementary education here. As a first year teacher I lack a lot of resources other teachers have had years to compile and collect. I come from a small school, so because of this there are only two teachers per grade level! Additionally, I’m a fourth generation educator! This means I truly believe I was born to teach and grow in the field of education. I just hope parents and students see my strong passion for education because it’s what I’ve dreamed of doing my entire life up to this point. Thank you so much for proving this platform for teachers!

Most wanted item:

My most wanted item would be my pink storage bins to store all my seasonal material by quarters!

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Kayla Metzler


From Kayla:

I’m a 3rd grade teacher in NY! I would love to provide my students with hands on materials for the upcoming school year!!

Most wanted item:

Fraction pieces

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Marisa Dagelli


From Marisa:

First yr SpEd teacher. Hoping to clear the list so I have a variety of resources that allow me to support my students. ALL students deserve an opportunity for equal education

Most wanted item:

Magnet set

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Mandy Burrell


From Mandy:

Hi! I am a kindergarten inclusion teacher at a Title 1 school in TN. ‍ This will be my 10th year as an educator and I want my students to have the best year! ✏️

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Karen Carter


From Karen:

Fourth year 3rd grade teacher just trying to take the load off of my classroom parents and jazz up my classroom. Any donations/purchases will be extremely appreciated!

Most wanted item:

Folders and tissues!

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Cori Wolff


From Cori:

I teach 4th grade ELA in Kansas. I’m starting year 20 after dealing with cancer and surgeries the past 2 years. I’m so ready to love on kiddos, encourage a love for reading and build life long learners!

Most wanted item:

Play doh

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Claire Rogers


From Claire:

I teach special education students in grades k - 4th grade. We have a huge range of abilities and needs.

Most wanted item:

Any of the books with better representation or about emotional regulation

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Kayla Ober


From Kayla:

This is my 2nd year teaching at Terry High School. I will be teaching teaching Education and Training Pathway to educate future teachers. I also am the Head Softball Coach.

Most wanted item:

Mini Fridge

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Casey Miller


From Casey:

a title one school in Charlotte , NC. We have a diverse group in our classroom ranging from ESL students and special need students. Any support is appreciated and welcomed! Thank you again so much!

Most wanted item:


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Kayla Sonnier


From Kayla:

I am a public school teacher at a high school in Louisiana.

Most wanted item:

The Brita water pitcher so I can provide for students needs and they do not have to miss class time.

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Andrea Tunick


From Andrea:

I am a 5th grade teacher at a Title 1 school in #Oregon I am hoping for organizational tools and #books This will be my 24th year teaching

Most wanted item:

Dry erase white board clipboards

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Donna Douglas


From Donna:

I have been teaching kindergarten at a Title 1 public elementary for 17 years. I have the best the students in the world!! They are my life!

Most wanted item:


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Ivory Johnson


From Ivory:

I teach algebra and geometry at my old high school! Thanks again!

Most wanted item:

Two- and three-hole punches

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Melanie Drenckpohl


From Melanie:

This is my 15th year is teaching but this year I'm moving down to kindergarten. I love teaching and getting kids excited about reading and books. Also, I love doing art with kids

Most wanted item:

Flexible seating: cushions and floor desks

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Logan Browning


From Logan:

I teach 6th grade science and 6th-8th stem at a title 1 school in KS.

Most wanted item:


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Monise Seward


From Monise:

I teach 7th grade Math in Metro Indy. Former Special Education Teacher. I'd really like help witj some class snacks since I have 155 students now. Colored paper is nice, too. Helps them stay organized and study!

Most wanted item:

Snacks/colored papee

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Rebecca Setera


From Rebecca:

I'm a High School Special Education Teacher in rural Michigan. My list has many items for our life skills class. I am teaching my students how to cook simple meals. I work with cognitively impaired students in a self-contained classroom. My students have varying abilities,- my goal is to help them achieve success after high school.

Most wanted item:

Paper shreader

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Holly Diakite


From Holly:

I'm an 11th year teacher in Maryland. This will be my first year teaching pre-k! I'm excited (and nervous) to get to be so many 4-year-olds' start to education!

Most wanted item:

Birthday books

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Shanequa Green


From Shanequa:

I teach high school science in Charlotte, NC. Everything will be used to enrich my students learning

Most wanted item:

Test tubes

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Samantha Overman


From Samantha:

I’m a fourth grade math teacher from Ohio. I have a homeroom of 26 students and see 98 students daily for math.

Most wanted item:

Any of the snacks. Students go almost six hours in between breakfast and lunch and not all can afford to bring a snack.

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Tisa Singleton


From Tisa:

I work in the same district I graduated from and it’s my pleasure. I work with 6/7th grade ELA/SS special education students.

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Brandi Blauvelt


From Brandi:

I teach kindergarten at a Title I school. This is my 5th year teaching and I absolutely love it. I am here to empower all of my students no matter what background they come from. Everyone deserves someone to believe in them and to help them believe in themselves.

Most wanted item:


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Stacey Reed


From Stacey:

I teach Forensic Science and AP Capstone at a Title I school in Baltimore City. This is my 16th year of teaching!

Most wanted item:

Hands-on kits

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Jerlyn Bright-Thigpen


From Jerlyn:

My name is Ms. Bright and I'm a school social worker at K-8 school. I am redisgining my office to have a better calmer feeling for my students. My students some days come to school real stress from their home environment and I would like to make my office a place for them to decompress. This will be my fourth year in this position.

Most wanted item:

Items for calming corner

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Ana Acosta


From Ana:

I'm a 4th grade bilingual teacher. This is my 13 year teaching in Houston.

Most wanted item:

Magnetic number line

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Regine Midy


From Regine:

I am a a kindergarten teacher at a charter school in Brooklyn NY. This will be my 7th year teaching Kindergarten. I love teaching kindergarten and making sure that my classroom is set up so my students enjoy coming to class everyday feeling safe and ready to learn.

Most wanted item:

Book!/Teacher stamp/pocket charts/

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Jerica Norotsky


From Jerica:

I am the only special education science teacher in my building so I see all my students all 4 Years. I'm trying to create a hands on environment with resources my students haven't seen yet. Hands on learning makes the material come to life. This is my 5th year teaching and I was a para for 2 years before teaching.

Most wanted item:

The human body models

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Amber Keisel


From Amber:

Hi! For the last few years I taught first grade, but this year am moving to second grade. Any support would be very appreciated!

Most wanted item:

Flexible Seating

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Zaqwondra Mcknight


From Zaqwondra:

Hello All! As many of you know, the 2022-2023 school year is vastly approaching!! With that being said, I’ve decided to create a wishlist of things my students and I could really benefit from. Thank you for your continuous help! -Ms. Mcknight

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Elizabeth Sheffield


From Elizabeth:

I teach 1st grade at a low income Title I school in Virginia. This is my 12th year teaching, but my 5th in the classroom. I wanted to provide my kids with a structured, inviting & interactive classroom where they can learn & grow.

Most wanted item:

Any of the STEM items

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Loretta Bowers


From Loretta:

I am the Kindergarten teacher at a small rural school in Oklahoma. This is year 35 for me. I've taught all 35 years at the same school I graduated from in 1980! I was the first African American teacher at this school.

Most wanted item:

The thirty second dance party button.

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Mary Drucker


From Mary:

I’m a fourth year middle school Spanish teacher in upstate NY.

Most wanted item:

Positive Postcards

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Yuri Collins


From Yuri:

I’m a first grade teacher in a title 1 school . I try my best to provide my students with hands on activities to make learning fun and engaging . 70% of students in my school come form low income families, including immigrants and refugees. I appreciate any support .

Most wanted item:

Any math or STEM game you can find in my list

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Derek Patno


From Derek:

Teach special education students with social emotional and behavioral disabilities at an inner city HS

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Melissa Castañeda


From Melissa:

I’m a first year teacher starting in September. I’m going to be teaching 1st grade bilingual students with disabilities. I want to provide supplies for my students so that families won’t have to Everything is sooo appreciated

Most wanted item:

Rocking chair

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Siara Fieldstone


From Siara:

Help my kindergarten students learn in fun and creative ways! These are all supplies, loose parts and play based learning resources students will use on a daily basis. Thank you for considering to donate an item from my wish list

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Antoinette Davis


From Antoinette:

Greetings! I’m a 10th year PreK teacher who needs your help! I want my classroom to be welcoming so I can have a head start in creating the foundation for my Little’s educational journey! Any support will help ❤️

Most wanted item:

Easel Pads

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Chelsea Nee


From Chelsea:

I am a second grade teacher at a title 1 school. This is my 10th year in my district and every year I am responsible for stocking my classroom with supplies and also buying supplies for students who cannot afford items. Any donation to my wish list helps!

Most wanted item:

Decodable book sets (1-12), stools

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Cindy Gomez


From Cindy:

Pre-K teacher who would appreciate a little sprinkle for her amazing kiddos. My students are English language Learners and come from low income family homes.

Most wanted item:

Books, crayons, markers, paper, play doh, chair

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Kayla Rinaldi


From Kayla:

I would LOVE for my students to be able to have all the materials necessary for a successful 2022-2023 school year! I’m hoping to be able to continue to purchase items myself monthly in order to clear the list by the end of this year!

Most wanted item:

Mainstay` Orion Wide 3-Shelf Bookcase

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Allison Hintosh


From Allison:

I teach 2nd grade in Virginia. 2nd graders love fidgets, stickers, candy, and flexible seating. This will be my 16th year teaching. I have 3 kids of my own and for the first time this year we will all be at the school together.

Most wanted item:

Flexible seating surf chairs

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Lisa West


From Lisa:

This is my 17th year teaching music, my 11 of those teaching elementary general music, and my first year at this school. The school is missing many resources I have come to love and depend on. I am working to fill in the gaps.

Most wanted item:


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Kristen Richey


From Kristen:

Hi! I am Kristen and I teach at Hampden Elementary in central PA. I am getting ready to start my 15th year of teaching! I teach struggling readers how to read and love using hands on manipulatives to do so!

Most wanted item:

Alphabet Arcs

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Evin Pearson


From Evin:

I’m a Title I Teacher in rural West Virginia. I work with struggling students in grades 3-5, providing daily intervention in reading and math! I’d be so grateful if you could help me #clearthelist. ❤️

Most wanted item:

Headphones and Treasure Box

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Makayla Slay


From Makayla:

❤ First year Teacher Middle School Special Education Title 1 School Oregon All items under $25 Lots of books!

Most wanted item:

Books and broom set

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Tracy Kehm


From Tracy:

I’m a 4th grade special education teacher going into year 16.

Most wanted item:

Gift cards

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Ellie Quintero


From Ellie:

I teach 5th grade in WI (math & science). My initiative this year is to read a book a day to my students. Every year my priority is to build relationships with my students.

Most wanted item:

Any of the needed books to build my library or the Dry Erase Board Holders.

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Jessie Walter


From Jessie:

This is my 16th year teaching. I love what I do and I am trying to provide my students with whatever they need. My school is a title 1 school and a very high population of ESOL students. These kids deserve the world and I am just glad to be a small part of it.

Most wanted item:

Books and snacks.

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Mayda Hernandez


From Mayda:

Technology and Drama teacher, I teach (568101112at private school in Puerto Rico way under paid. (1,266. Monthly) can't donors choose

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Christina Iannacone


From Christina:

I am a 10th to 12th grade History and Government teacher. I love teaching because I love learning with my students. They teach me so much everyday.

Most wanted item:

I really want the power strips and the highlighters.

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Anna Duxler


From Anna:

I’m a special education teacher with a lower income school.

Most wanted item:

New games

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Margaret Francois


From Margaret:

Hi, I’m Margaret! I made the career change to teaching after serving in AmeriCorps. This will be my first year as a full time teacher. I’m hoping to build my classroom library and gather snacks for my students through my wishlist. Any help getting diverse books in my students’ hands is a major win for me!

Most wanted item:

Books! Any book!

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Elena Alvarez


From Elena:

I am a high school math teacher in Maryland! This is my 6th year teaching and would love the items to engage my students and make sure they enjoy learning!

Most wanted item:

Card activities and coordinate plane!

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Tiffany Roland


From Tiffany:

I am a 4th grade science & math teacher in Moore, OK (OKC). I have switched subjects last minute and could use any help or sharing of the list. These supplies will help my students be successful. Thank you for your consideration!

Most wanted item:

Growth mindset math poster

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Marina Luna


From Marina:

Hello! My name is Marina and I’m a 4th grade teacher for a Title I school. My list has been graciously blessed with items but I’m still needing a few important items and all help would be appreciated. This is my 4th year teaching so I’m still accumulating items. These items donated will help not only kids this year but so many over the years

Most wanted item:

Rolling Carts for Student Space

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Becky Smith


From Becky:

35th year teaching, this year Elementary Music at Bostic in Wichita

Most wanted item:

Boomwhacker accessories

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Gabrielle Egolf


From Gabrielle:

I am a second year Emotional support teacher in PA. My list consists of behavior incentives, sensory materials and classroom store items for the students.

Most wanted item:

Pom Poms

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Karin Whisnant


From Karin:

K-5 #SpecialEducation teacher at a Title 1 school in NC. Expanding my Social skills curriculum and the Teach a Dragon books are especially good for my K-1 kids. #MentalHealth is so important.

Most wanted item:

The 5 Teach a Dragon books. Any of the 5. Thank you 🙂

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Patricia Douglas


From Patricia:

As you all know I have been teaching now going on year 6 and I am super excited for this new journey as I will be entering The School District of Philadelphia. The past 4 years I have been teaching 1st grade, however this year I will be teaching 3rd! I truly Thank God for my gift to teach young minds and pray that he continues to allow me to spread my gift.

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Danielle Moore


From Danielle:

Middle school teacher just outside of Chicago! My students are amazing.

Most wanted item:

Anything would be a blessing!

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Lea Johnson


From Lea:

I'm a 2nd grade teacher with quite a few kids coming back from virtual learning. I just want to make this an amazing year for all of them!

Most wanted item:

The iPad to give my kiddos access to learning tools they may not have access to at home. Followed closely by numerous books.

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Erica DeJesus


From Erica:

I'm Erica and I'm a speech language pathologist in a title one elementary school in CT. I am starting year 2 in schools after transitioning from birth to three!

Most wanted item:


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Nathaniel Leierer


From Nathaniel:

Urban school teacher starting my 7th year teaching 3rd and 4th grade Math and science.

Most wanted item:

Wire bound index cards - GREAT FOR VOCAB ACQUISITION

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Rachel Gerner


From Rachel:

After teaching 5th grade for 10 years, I am moving to 3rd grade this year. I am rebuilding a classroom library with diverse and high-interest books, read aloud books to support reading and writing work and SEL needs, and finally, STEM materials to support hands on learning. I want all of my students to be successful and that means having a variety of resources to meet their needs.

Most wanted item:

National Geographic Marble Run

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Elizabeth Magno


From Elizabeth:

I have always worked with kids, and spent my summers in college working with Autistic Children. After college I made a career change to pursue teaching and worked as a fifth grade teacher at a charter school for three years. I am now finishing up my masters in general and special education, as well. I have an exciting new job as a third grade teacher at a private school, and need to have my own computer for the job. Thank you for the consideration!

Most wanted item:

MacBook Air

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Michele Rattigan


From Michele:

By making a purchase from this wishlist, you’ll be helping ensure that middle school special education students in Philadelphia are prepared for this upcoming school year! As a 7th year teacher, I have seen the difference that having basic supplies have on our students! Any contribution would be greatly appreciated!

Most wanted item:


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