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Take Better Smartphone Pictures With This Lens Kit — Only $11.99

Your smartphone camera can do more than you think. All it needs is a great lens, and it can transform into a high-powered camera that takes surprisingly stellar photos. With the Lux 5-in-1 Smartphone Lens Kit, you get five different lenses that can easily attach to your photo with a clip, and each lens offers a different effect for your photos. The Macro Lens is perfect for taking ultra close-up shots, such as a portrait of a lady bug on a leaf. The Fisheye Lens adds an interesting bubble-like effect to your photos. The Super Wide and Wide-Angle Lenses allow you to capture pictures of huge panoramic vistas or majestic buildings. And with the Telephone Lens 2X, you can get a crystal clear zoomed-in shot without needing to use the digital zoom at all. Get your Lux 5-in-1 Smartphone Lens Kit for only $11.99.