Summer Must-Haves

Summer is so special, and it never feels long enough! Every day during the season feels sweet and whether you’re someone who’s on-the-go chasing adventure or looking to turn your home into a paradise, Amazon has something for everyone to make every day even sweeter.

Take advantage of these dog days of summer with your family and friends with our master list of summer must-haves. Everything is covered here for entertaining, staying active, playing games, finding hobbies, self-care or just finding a reason to spend more time outside.

For the Entertainer’s Paradise

Grab the Smores and Cozy Up in a Hardwood Adirondack Chair

Plant Theatre View on Amazon

There’s a reason Adirondack Chairs remain a timeless staple – they’re a comfortable and durable addition to any porch or patio. These are next level and foldable to go with you anywhere.

For the Entertainer’s Paradise

Bake that Cake You’ve Always Wanted to Try With a New Pastry Brush

M Kitchen World View on Amazon

Having the right tools in the kitchen takes the intimidation out of experimentation. Introduce new, easy techniques into your baking and grilling with these dishwasher safe basting tools.

For the Entertainer’s Paradise

String Light for Your Outdoor Setup Will Have Your Guests In Awe

Holiday Styling View on Amazon

Whether you’re hosting a BBQ or a backyard wedding, these string light poles require no ladder to install, are weather resistant gear round and look like you’re a world class entertainer.

For the Entertainer’s Paradise

Give Your Patio the Five-Star Luxury Hotel Feel With Durable Deck Tiles

Villa Acacia View on Amazon

Pouring a new concrete patio or building a new deck is expensive and time consuming. These durable deck tiles snap together easily for anyone to turn a patio into the floor of a tropical resort.

For the Entertainer’s Paradise

Upgrade Your Happy Hour Game With a New Mixology Set

Mixology & Craft View on Amazon

One look at this countertop mixology set and you can see it’s a conversation starter in any finish. This is a major upgrade to every happy hour, keeps your surfaces clean and is dishwasher safe.

For The Entertainer’s Paradise

Holiday Styling: String Light Poles for Deck Fence or Patio

Holiday Styling View on Amazon

A little different than the other string light poles above, these are designed to attach to a deck or patio. Easy to install, these poles can also hold planters and can stay up year round.

Hobbies and Play

This Dart Board is About to Be Your Family’s New Favorite Game

Elite Sportz View on Amazon

Bring new meaning to the phrase “playing hookey.” If you have a wall, a door or even a tree to hang one of these three size boards on, you’ll have fun for the whole family without the implicit danger of darts.

Hobbies and Play

A Watercolor Paint Set Will Bring Out Your Inner Child

Crafts 4 All View on Amazon

Whether painting is a lifelong hobby or a new one, this kit is a surefire compliment to it. Professional quality paints and brushes guarantee that all you’ll need is a canvas to call yourself an artist.

Hobbies and Play

Bring Out Your Competitive Side With a State-of-the-Art Ping Pong Set

Nibiru Sport View on Amazon

Ping pong tables are big investments, but there’s another way. This set comes with the paddles and balls in one easy to carry case to gamify any table at home or work for up to four players.

Outdoor Must-Have

A Wooden Planter Box to Add Some Sunshine to Your Backyard

Thirteen Chefs View on Amazon

Take up gardening without the intimidation of finding a place to build a big, full garden. These ready to use planter boxes are good for your backyard or windows – and they’re beautiful!

Outdoor Must-Have

Keep Your Necessities Safe and Close All Summer Long With This Fanny Pack

OlimpiaFit View on Amazon

Stay active and keep your arms free from holding the necessities.This anti-theft zipper, water-resistant fanny pack has six pockets and a place for everything from headphones to water bottles.

Outdoor Must-Have

Whip up Garden Fresh Fancy Cocktails

Plant Theatre View on Amazon

Everyone loves the fresh herbs used at fancy bars. This kit comes with everything you need to grow herbs for cocktails at home inside or outside – and cocktail recipes to impress guests.

Outdoor Must-Have

Your Gardening Journey Is About to Get Started with Nature’s Blossom

Nature's Blossom View on Amazon

Spend less at the produce department at the store with Nature’s Blossom Superfood Starter Kit. It comes with everything you need to start gardening — and better yet, they can grow indoors or outdoors!

Outdoor Must-Have

Eliminate Bugs on the Spot With Katchy

Katchy View on Amazon

You didn’t know you could have a favorite bug trap, but as soon as you have this one, you will. Get rid of those uninvited guests without hearing them sizzle or having to look at them in a trap.

Outdoor Must-Have

An Outdoor Storage Tent Is the Life Hack You Didn’t Know You Needed

YardStash View on Amazon

You’re loaded up with stuff but with nowhere to put it. This portable, durable, waterproof tent can protect bikes, gardening tools or games and takes less than 10 minutes to put together.

Staying Active

You’ll Never Ride a Bike Again Without a Memory Foam Bike Seat

Bikeroo View on Amazon

Whether you’re biking outside to reduce your carbon footprint or inside for cardio, this oversized, comfortable bike seat in built for universal fit on any model to ensure its performance.

Staying Active

Grab This Backpack Before Your Next Run

Gear Beast View on Amazon

Any runner will tell you they have yet to find the perfect carrier for the things they need. Enter: Gear Beast. It doesn’t flop around, weigh you down or chafe and it’s super adjustable in size.

Staying Active

A Rechargeable LED Headlamp Is the Summertime Hack You Didn’t Know You Needed

Revival Gear View on Amazon

We all soak up as much summer as we can outside. For camping, early morning workouts and beyond, this rechargeable headlamp can be worn on its adjustable headband or clipped to a hat.

Staying Active

Keep Cool All Summer With Cooler Shock Reusable Ice Packs

Cooler Shock View on Amazon

This is a real no-brainer product for truly everyone. Gone are the days of worrying about chemicals leaking into your cooler or melting ice. Keep your drinks and food cold with reusable ice packs.

Staying Active

The URBNFit Yoga Block Is Just What You Need for Outdoor Yoga This Summer

URBNFit View on Amazon

There’s a reason yoga is still popular after 5,000 years. This moisture resistant block makes yoga more accessible by improving balance and flexibility and comes with a free guide to get started.

Staying Active

Don’t Forget to Pack Your Outdoor Training Bands

BFR Bands View on Amazon

If you’re weight training, occlusion therapy is a no brainer to optimize it. These patent-pending bands work to increase your ability to grow muscles. Take them to the gym or on vacation.

Staying Active

Anti-Chafe Sick Is an Absolute Game-Changer — Trust Us

Nextrino View on Amazon

Nothing can spoil a warm day like chafing. Anyone who’s experienced it will confirm. This travel-friendly, glide on stick is waterproof, made in the USA and easy to throw in your day bag.


A Wooden Shower and Bath Mat Is Just What You Need for Spa Vibes at Home

Thirteen Chefs View on Amazon

The bath mat outside the shower is seemingly always damp or dingy no matter how often you clean and dry it. Upgrade to the feeling of a spa for your indoor or outdoor shower with this.


Bring This Comfortable Floor Chair With You Everywhere You Go

bonVIVO View on Amazon

Whether you just need to close to the floor or are trying the therapeutic technique of grounding, this adjustable seat has all the benefits of sitting on the ground with added back support.

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