Steelcase Gesture Chair Review

Does The Steelcase Gesture Chair Live Up To Its Impressive Aims For Workplace Comfort?

Steelcase Gesture Office ChairThe Steelcase Gesture Chair is a great looking office chair with some interesting ideas on creating the perfect work environment. It is stylish and modern, with some bold colour options, and was “created for the way we work today” with ergonomic ideas and adjustments.

The chair automatically adjusts with spine movement and has plenty of adaptive elements to accommodate plenty of potential buyers. Does this ergonomic chair have the comfort levels to march this high end design, or are users left with unfulfilled expectations?

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What benefits have users mentioned when reviewing this Steelcase Gesture Adaptive Chair online?

One of the most important benefits with this ergonomic chair is the range of adjustments that can be made on the different features. This means that users are able to customise their experience to a higher degree and find the position and tilt that suits their body shape and work environment.

The great thing about these adjustments is that not only are they diverse enough to cater to a wide range of users, they are also pretty easy to use. There aren’t too many knobs and levers to get to grips with and they are all placed within easy reach. Some say it took as little as five minutes to figure out the best position.

Steelcase Gesture Chair

Buyers have the confidence to adjust this Steelcase Gesture Chair and play around with these options because of the build quality. There are plenty of users stating that this is a stable, well-made ergonomic chair and this means that there are no concerns about tilting back to far or tipping over.

Another great benefit in the construction is that the chair arrived 100% assembled, so there are no fiddly parts or instructions to deal with.

There are also lots of great reviews online that talk about the comfort of this seat and the way that they shape works to improve their experience at work. At the same time, there are some users that are critical of the design and find that it is uncomfortable.

There is a striking divide between those that never want to sit in it again and those that never want to get out of it. The divisive element is the back rest and the use of the lumbar support. Some love the way that this support adapts to their back and relieves pain.

Others are upset that they paid out for this add-on and found that it did nothing to help them. Most agree that the rest of the padding on the back and seat is pretty good. This has to come down to the thickness and the use of adaptive bolstering. This means that it has air pockets within the foam.

Other than the problems with the backrest, are there any other issues that buyers need to be aware of with this Steelcase Gesture Ergonomic Chair?

The problem with the comfort and padding around the seat is pretty subjective as there are some people that will really like the inclusion and others that feel that they could have done more. Unfortunately, there is another area where buyers seem to be more in agreement about the flaws. The design of the arms is something that the manufacturers seem to be quite proud of.

Steelcase Gesture Ergonomic Chair

They talk about the 360 movement in the specification and the way that this allows for greater freedom of movement while working at a desk. This is great in theory, and the range of movement is decent.

The problem is that the armrests don’t lock into position, unlike other parts, and this can be quite annoying. The added issue here is that there is no padding at all on these armrest. Some users have complained about their elbows getting sore.

Summary: how do these mixed opinions affect a final recommendation for this Steelcase Gesture Office Chair?

The concept of the chair was always going to be something that divided opinion a little. There is something a little showy about the design and the idea of working with the modern way of working. For some this doesn’t work at all because of the shape of the back rest and other comfort issues.

For others, the shape, variable settings and wide range of movement is just what they need for a great session at work. Some find the Steelcase chair to be uncomfortable and overblown while others find it to be unique and better than “normal” office chairs. That is the risk buyers are taking here.

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