Steelcase Amia Chair Review

Is The Made To Order Speciality Of The Steelcase Amia Ergonomic Work Chair Enough For Buyers?

Lime Green Steelcase Amia Task ChairThere is a simple look to the Steelcase Amia Ergonomic Work Chair on the surface, with the clean lines in the backrest, arms, padded seat and a 5 star base. There are also a range of colour options.

However, there also appears to be plenty going on under the seat with all of the different knobs and levers. There is one phrase that immediately stands out in the specification for this ergonomic chair: “made to order”.

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This suggests a level of adaptability and personalisation that buyers won’t be able to achieve with other brands. Is this the case, or are buyers disappointed?

What benefits have been highlighted in user reviews for this Steelcase Amia Chair?

Let’s start by looking at the number of adjustments that can be made and the way that this office chair suits individual users. There is an adjustable seat depth, 4 way adjustable arms and flexibility on the seat front.

There is also a choice in the materials and finishes used, such as polished aluminium on the base. Few buyers have experienced a chair with so many different ways to adapt the fit and shape. There is the chance that many users will be able to find an adjustment to suit their needs.

Black Steelcase Amia Task Chair Adjustable
This is sold as being a “chair with a secret” because of the comfort features that are hidden beneath the fairly simple looking parts to the chair. The most important, as far as Steelcase are concerned, is the Live Lumbar technology. This is an adjustable solution that adapts to movement.

Comfort is vital with this Steelcase chair and there are plenty of users that are happy to sit in this ergonomic chair for long periods at work. Many have also seen great improvement in back conditions. There is is also the added bonus here that the chair has a weight allowance of 400lbs.

Are there any clear flaws in this Amia Chair by Steelcase?

Clearly there are few flaws here. The biggest issue can sometimes come down to price. No matter how well this brand adapts a chair to specific needs and provides a good look in the office, there is still a limit on how much people are willing to pay. There is a minority that feel that the high RRP on this chair is far too much, even if it was comfortable and attractive.

What does this all mean for the final recommendation on this Steelcase Made To Order Amia Chair?

As was mentioned above, there really is a very small minority of users with any negative comments about this chair. Many others prefer to comment on the extraordinary comfort offered, the amazing features and the way that the chair has changed their experiences at work.

For some, the adjustability and simple ergonomics of this Steelcase chair is precisely what they need to improve their comfort and posture. If you are happy to pay a little more for this made to order service, you could well find that it was worthwhile.

You can check out more customer reviews about the Steelcase Amia Ergonomic Work Chair on Amazon here.

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