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Stack Social Deals of the Day – 4/16

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Aqua Flosser Water Flosser

Get cleaner, healthier teeth and gums without expensive whitening solutions or painful dental procedures thanks to Aqua Flosser Water Flosser! This dentist recommended electric flosser has been clinically proven to be up to five times more effective than traditional flossing while also being gentler on gums and teeth. Beyond just cleaning your teeth, however, the Aqua Flosser comes with a 4-piece dental kit, complete with the professional tools to fend off extra stubborn plaque and tartar. If you’re interested, pick one up here for $34.99!

Pay What You Want: 2017 Superstar Mac Bundle

If you run a server with a lot of users, you know creating accounts, setting permissions, and generating passwords can be a nightmare. That’s where Passenger Pro comes in, helping you import users to your Mac OS X Server with complete ease. Check it out here.