SPACE Seating Managers Chair Review

Can The SPACE Seating Managers Chair Provide Comfort As Well As Adjustability?

SPACE Seating Managers ChairMany office chairs tend to look the same on first impressions because there is a certain shape to the seat, backrest and base that comes to be expected; however, the SPACE Seating Managers Chair is a little different because there are clear additional features and mechanisms to ensure that users are supported in comfort.

This gunmetal manager’s chair has a strong looking back complete with lumbar support, adjustable arm rests, movements to change the height and tilt and casters on the bottom. Is this enough to keep most users happy or is there more that could have been added to improve the experience further?

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What benefits have buyers mentioned in their reviews for this SPACE Seating Breathable Gunmetal Office Chair?

One of the key words that is repeated in the descriptions and specification for this desk chair is adjustability; there is the adjustment of the seat height with the one-touch pneumatic movement, the adjustable lumbar support in the back and the adjustable 2-to-1 synchro tilt control – all of which seem to be easy enough to figure out.

SPACE Seating Breathable Managers ChairIn addition to this, there are also plenty of consumers saying that the assembly of the chair is pretty straight forward, despite these adjustable parts, and it seems to be pretty sturdy with enough strength and user capacity for larger workers.

All of these aspects for better support and the right position mean that the SPACE Seating managers chair should be comfortable enough to use for long periods and this should be enhanced by that breathable mesh on the back and the padding on the seat.

Some say that the depth of the padding could be a little better for their personal liking but many are pleased with the feel of the chair, particularly the firm mesh, and say that it will easily do the job for longer shifts working at a desk. There are even some happy buyers say that it has helped them with their back problems.

Are there any disadvantages to choosing this SPACE Seating Managers Chair?

For the most part, the feedback for this ergonomic office chair seems to be pretty positive; there will always be those saying that it is cheaper in feel to more expensive models but few see this as a problem.

There are users saying that the lumbar support is a bit basic compared to other chairs that are available but the biggest issue seems to be the suitability for buyers that are smaller or shorter, with some saying that the height and back adjustments don’t suit them as well.

Summary: is this adjustable manager’s chair still recommendable with this feedback in mind?

This is quite a basic offering in many ways and there is the sense that it is better suited to the “big and tall” section of the market rather than all consumers but this seems to be where the limitations of this SPACE Seating ergonomic chair end.

The adaptations for smaller users aren’t there but many others are appreciating the security, adjustability and comfort from that wide, supportive chair and while the lumbar support and other features are basic, there are still users will back problems working in peace.

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