Space Seating Executive Big and Tall Chair Review

Can The Space Seating 7537A773 Space Air Grid Executive Big and Tall Chair Provide Comfort And Security For The Larger Office Worker?

Space Seating Executive Big and Tall ChairThe design of the Space Seating Big and Tall Chair is pretty straightforward for an office chair and that might not necessarily be a bad thing as long as it has all the right features in the right places and enough comfort.

The chair consists of a broad padded seat, a strong mesh backrest with additional lumbar support, adjustable arms at the sides and a heavy-duty five-star base with casters to allow users to move it around with ease. Is it all a bit too ordinary or precisely the standard that office workers are after?

What benefits have buyers seen in this Space Seating office chair?

This ergonomic chair has been labelled as a “big and tall” chair which suggests that it is going to be suitable for users of different shapes and sizes – ideal for the office environment where multiple users may wish to sit in it – although perhaps not for the very short.

Space Seating Executive Tall ChairThere are a few different ways that this Space Seating ergonomic chair can be adjusted, with height and width on the arms and seat height, and buyers say that even though there are limitations on the height of the arms, it still does a decent job and is still comfortable enough for the very tall. Additionally, it is built to handle a maximum user weight of 400lbs and there are no concerns about it failing here.

Accessibility for different users is one thing but there also has to be a high comfort level if buyers are going to be happy sitting it in for hours on end. The lumbar support is a good start here but there is also the use of the thick padding on the seat and the breathable mesh on the back.

The seat is said to be softer than some expected and also more durable in its materials, which suggest higher quality than first imagined, and there is some strength to the mesh, which is also pretty comfortable.

Are there any other problems with this Space Seating Big & Tall Office Chair that prospective buyers need to be aware of?

There will always be complains about the limitations of adjustment settings because we are all different shapes and sizes but there are other potential downsides to consider before buying this chair that could annoy most users.

The assembly is often a problem because of the alignment of the screws and holes on the base and this has lead to concerns about the long term security of the chair. Also there are complaints about the lack of tilt on the back of the chair.

Summary: is this adjustable Space Seating Big and Tall Chair chair suitable for all users and highly recommended?

The big and tall tag for this chair is probably deserved, despite the fact that there are some users complaining about some of the adjustments, because there are still plenty of different users finding their comfort levels and correct height in this chair and it is strong enough for larger people.

When you add in the positive comments about the comfort offered by the padded seat and breathable mesh then this seemingly ordinary Space Seating ergonomic hair does show its potential.

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