SMUGDESK Office Chair Review

Does A SMUGDESK Footrest Office Chair Offer More Than Just A Footrest?

SMUGDESK Office Chair Adjustable Armrest
In some photos, the SMUGDESK Footrest Office Chair looks like a very normal office chair with a mesh backrest, adjustable seat, and a nice curved headrest.

But, then you see that there is a little extra footrest tucked underneath. In theory, this should allow users to find more comfort as they work long days in a home office. So, does it meet expectations?

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The Pros and Cons of this SMUGDESK Office Chair.


  •  The adjustable footrests for better breaks
  •  The adaptable backrest with a breathable mesh
  •  The wide low-set base for added stability
  •  All the standard practical features like the swivel and casters
  •  A budget model with mass appeal


  •  The footrest doesn’t have a locking mechanism
  •  There isn’t that much padding on the armrests or other areas of the chair
  •  The armrests don’t move that much either.



The SMUGDESK Footrest Office Chair has the potential to provide a more comfortable and meaningful break with that footrest and reclining backrest.

The unique selling point here is the footrest because this is something rarely seen in office chairs. You sometimes get some of the more high-end gaming chairs with fold-out pads, but not the more straightforward office chair.

All you need to do is pull out the pin on the side of the SMUGDESK office chair and extend the footrest to the best position for reclining.

With the additional reclining function of the backrest, this creates a more laid-back feel that is perfect for mindful breaks in between projects for little naps during a long day at a home office.

The deepest angle is 125 degrees, not the deepest around but a noticeable difference from the 90-degree “working” angle.


SMUGDESK Office Chair


This additional feature could lead to concerns about stability. After all, the design encourages us to lean further back with our feet completely off the floor. However, this seems to be stable enough.

The base is low to the ground and wider than normal for a better center of gravity. The maximum weight allowance is also pretty average at 250 pounds.

Otherwise, this is a pretty standard ergonomic office chair that should work in a lot of settings. That base has caster wheels so you can wheel between desks and workstations.

The seat has an adaptable height to suit different users. There is also a little movement on the armrest to move them up and down as needed – but not the 4D motion seen in some other products.


The SMUGDESK Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair With Footrest is still a simplistic option away from this special addition with minimal comfort features.

One of the biggest issues here is that while there is that padding on the footrest and a nice breathable mesh backrest, there are that many additional comfort features.

The headrest is height adjustable to help create a more comfortable position, but this is only mesh. The armrests don’t appear to have much padding on them either. Also, there is no lumbar cushion for those that need greater support for their back.

SMUGDESK Office Chair Adjustable Armrest/Headrest High Back Rotating Chair with Footrest

From there, users have noted some additional issues with the construction and little details that show why this is more of a budget model.

There are some that feel that the plastic parts are too flimsy and the metal parts of this lightweight frame may not hold up to years of use.

Another issue to be aware of is that there is no locking mechanism for the footrest. This would have been worth a little increase in the price for added peace while relaxing on a coffee break.


What does this all mean for a final recommendation for this SMUGDESK Adaptable Home Office Chair?

This ergonomic chair is still a big hit with buyers, even without some of the comfort features and conveniences that could have elevated the chair further.

If the company were to review the design of this chair, a little more movement on the armrests and a locking mechanism for the footrest would go a long way.

Despite the lack of padding, there are lots of users finding just the right position for long shifts at their desk and fully appreciating the novelty of that footrest for breaks. Therefore, the SMUGDESK office chair could still be a great fit if you don’t want anything too flashy.

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