Smugdesk Multi-Functional Ergonomic Chair

Does The Smugdesk Multi-Functional Ergonomic Chair Have Mass Appeal?

Smugdesk Ergonomic Office ChairSome office chairs are designed to be stylish and others are designed to be functional – the Smugdesk Multi-Functional Ergonomic Office Chair certainly appears to fall under the category of the latter.

It doesn’t catch the eye in the same way that other modern products can. The combination of the grey and green stripes is interesting but this seems to be going for comfort over looks.

It looks to be well padded and promises to be multi-functional, so what do users make of it?

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The Pros and Cons of this Smugdesk Multi-Functional Ergonomic Office Chair.


  •  Lots of padding in all the right places for long-term use
  •  Simple controls and movements to adapt the chair for different tasks
  •  Built for larger users too


  •  Not the best looking model around
  •  You have to buy the wheel separately


This Smugdesk Multi-Functional Ergonomic Chair provides comfort and function for many users.

The first benefit to mention here is the size of the chair. Many users are impressed by the width of the seat, the height of the backrest and the overall height of the task chair. It is comfortable enough for larger users and the adjustable armrests help here too.

The backrest has a built-in padded headrest that you can move up or down the chair for increased comfort. There is also the nice details of the padding on the edge of the Smugdesk ergonomic chair to aid with circulation.

Smugdesk Multi-Functional Ergonomic Office Chair

This all means that users can get comfortable in different positions for different tasks. Users can sit with their legs up, work at a desk and recline with the simple title mechanism.

Therefore, this is more than an office chair. The build and function mean that this budget-priced model can also work in kid’s rooms without much concern.


There is a slight issue with the wheels of this Smugdesk Multi-Functional Task Chair.

Be aware that many of the comments on the reviews online are for the pack of wheels, not the chair. This is partly because, for some reason, the company don’t include the wheels with the chair.

So, it is only completely multi-functional if you make two separate purchases. The wheels themselves are fairly basic and you might need to replace them again at a later date.

Otherwise, the comments are almost completely positive. It appears to do just enough for everyone without getting too complicated.


Does this lack of criticism mean that this Smugdesk Ergonomic Chair is highly recommendable?

All of this positivity for this desk chair means that we really should judge a book by its cover. There are flashier task chairs out there that may look better and claim to do more but this one delivers on comfort and function.

Once you purchase those extra wheels and get this up and running, you should find that it is easy to get comfortable in this chair for long periods of time – no matter the task at hand.

That is why this Smugdesk chair is so highly recommended to users of all needs and sizes.

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