SMUGCHAIR Ergonomic Mesh Chair

Can The SMUGCHAIR Ergonomic Mesh Chair Appeal To All Office Workers?

SMUGCHAIR Ergonomic Mesh Chair
It is nice to see chairs like the SMUGCHAIR Ergonomic Mesh Chair that want to provide something that has a wide appeal to many office workers.

But it still puts in effort with the design and comfort features.

There is a sense here that many buyers will be able to get comfortable and find this to be a practical option for long shifts. But, are there any hidden flaws that workers need to be aware of?

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The Pros and Cons of this SMUGCHAIR High Back Office Chair


  •  The segmented design of the backrest for increased comfort
  •  The use of the breathable mesh
  •  The tilt function


  •  not ideal for bigger users
  •  Could do with more instructions


This SMUGCHAIR Ergonomic Mesh Chair has a great design that workers can adapt to their needs.

First of all, users that want to sit in this computer desk chair for long periods will appreciate some of the moving parts in this seat. There is the tilt/recline function where instead of just reclining the back, the chair lifts the seat a little too for added comfort.

The full recline on the backrest is 117 degrees. Then there is the motion of the 3D armrests that go up and out so you don’t feel as restricted as you work.

On the subject of motion, be aware that the wheels on this Smugdesk ergonomic chair are pretty responsive and may get away from you on smooth hard floor surfaces.

SMUGCHAIR Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Another plus point here is the comfort on offer. The office chair has a more segmented shape that is quite popular right now and this allows for different comfort features.

There is the lumbar section of the back, the upper backrest and the headrest. It also helps that the product has a large user weight capacity of 300lbs and a breathable mesh across those segmented parts.

The majority of users seem to be happy with what they receive here and can work for long periods. But, there will able be some that would prefer more features or that just can’t get comfortable.


The SMUGCHAIR Ergonomic Office Chair isn’t for the larger user.

With that comfort issue in mind, some users say that the chair is too narrow or too shallow for their body shape. It doesn’t quite have the capacity of a big and tall chair and this is a shame considering the effort put into the armrests.

There aren’t too many complaints about the assembly process of this high back chair as it is pretty intuitive. However, it would be nice for buyers to have some more guidance here in case the arms don’t go on properly or there are some screws left over.


How do these pros and cons affect the final verdict on this SMUGCHAIR Mesh Chair?

In the end, there isn’t much to say against this chair if you are the right size to use it. Most buyers can work in comfort here as they appreciate the design of the backrest, the adjustments and the tilt.

There is just enough here for this to be an office chair with wider appeal in an office setting without going overboard. Therefore, the SMUGCHAIR desk chair is still recommendable.

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