SLEEKFORM Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Can The SLEEKFORM Ergonomic Kneeling Chair Really Help With Posture And Back Problems?

The main aim with the SLEEKFORM Ergonomic Kneeling Chair is simple: to help users improve their posture while working at their desk for long periods. It is sold as a “uniquely designed” posture chair that is all about changing the angle of the body to redistribute weight in a natural way.

There are claims that it is the ideal chair for office work, reading and meditation, but what do users think?

What benefits have buyers mentioned in their reviews for this SLEEKFORM Office Chair?

This adjustable stool comes with some great promises about the thick cushions. The maker say that there is double the cushioning of competitors, so there shouldn’t be any discomfort in the knees. There are some mixed reviews here.

Some say it is too firm and others too soft, but many feel it is just right for what they need. There is also the benefit that it is pretty easy to put together with minimal parts. It also seems to be easy enough to adjust the height and other settings for a personal approach.

There are some warning that results are gradual with this chair, and there isn’t instant relief, but this is outweighed by those that appreciate the difference with time. It can take time for the body to get used to being in this new position.

The new posture and style of the ergonomic chair also mean that users can improve their core strength as well as posture. Both may result in a little soreness in these muscle groups for a little while if they haven’t been used all that much.

However, with time, there is the chance for great improvement. Some appreciate the change in posture and others have a greater impact on back and leg problems, with some even mentioning that their sciatica pain has disappeared.

What problems have been highlighted in reviews for this SLEEKFORM Ergonomic Kneeling Chair?

There is a problem with the transport wheels added to this model – they are too mobile. This feature is great for moving the stool to another room, or a reading nook, as the designers hope for. However, there are some that say it slides too easily on some floor types.

This is not good for all those that are struggling to maintain balance and posture with this new style of chair. Then there are the questions over the use of materials. It is great that the company chose to use recycled foam.

Yet, there are questions over choice of material over the padding. Would fabric have more give for those feeling it is too firm?

Summary: what does this mixed response mean for a recommendation for this SLEEKFORM Kneeling Stool?

There are clearly those that will get along great with this chair/stool and those that won’t. The shape and style does take some getting used to and the use of padding won’t be to everyone’s liking.

However, those that find the seat to be comfortable and give it a chance can enjoy some significant improvements to their posture and back problems. As a result, it is hard not to recommend the SLEEKFORM chair as an alternative solution to anyone struggling with back health and working long hours at a desk.

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