SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair Review

Is The SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair Too Middle-Of-The-Road?

In many ways, the SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair looks about as standard as you can get when it comes to an ergonomic office chair.

It isn’t doing anything strange in its design and there are no revolutionary elements.

It isn’t going to stand out from the crowd too much in a communal setting. These factors can all be plus points for the right user.

The best chair is sometimes the one the sits in the middle of the road and does what it needs to without a fuss. Is that this chair?

The Pros and Cons of this SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair.


  •  The breathable, durable materials across the chair
  •  The ergonomic back and headrest
  •  The shape of the seat
  •  The strength of the base
  •  The range of motion in the armrests


  •  The height issues
  •  The movement in the lock functions
  •  The long assembly process

The components of this SIHOO Ergonomic Desk Chair do add up to create a comfortable, practical option for the office.

SIHOO Ergonomics Office Chair Computer Chair Desk Chair, Adjustable Headrests Chair Backrest and Armrest's Mesh Chair (Black)…

It is important to look at each important component of an office chair when judging its potential for long-term use. A key element here is the backrest. Here there is a tall supportive back with “skin-friendly” black mesh for breathability.

There is also the addition of the headrest for extra support. The tilt and motion on the backrest mean that users can go from a supportive 90-degree angle to a 120-angle for a comfortable recline.

Then there is the seat. The weight capacity of the seat and the base appear to be good enough for most users. The amount of padding on offer isn’t too excessive and there is a nice curved design – or flow as they put it. That should help increased comfort on the hips and promote circulation.

There are also promises from the manufacturers that the materials here and on the backrest are built to last.

Then there are the additional features on this office chair that make it even more practical for its given application. One feature that will stand out here is the motion in the armrests. They rotate 36 degrees for improved freedom of movement while typing.

There are also adjustments for the height and the distance away from the desk. Another practical element here is the strong 5 point base with the caster wheels. This should glide easily enough between workstations.

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This SIHOO Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair seems to be an average chair for the average-sized person.

Unfortunately, not all buyers are in agreement about the ergonomics of this chair. There are some shorter users that struggled with the angle of the lumbar and said that it didn’t help their back. Other taller users had issues with the height adjustments.

SIHOO Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair with 3D Arm Rests and Lumbar Support - High Back with Breathable Mesh - Mesh Seat Cushion - Adjustable Head & Reclines(Black)

Either this is designed to suit people of average size on its optimal settings or users need to spend more time playing with the adjustments. An additional issue here is that the lock functions on the back and arms don’t always work too well.

Others have commented on the assembly process. There is the sense here that if you are patient and read all the instructions carefully then you should be OK. Even so, this isn’t a quick build and the average time seems to be around 40-45 minutes.

Those that rush it or struggle with the manual can get pretty frustrated here. This might account for some of the comments about the chair not locking properly or wobbling around the armrests. It could be user error more than the construction.

Is this SIHOO Black Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair still recommendable with all of these issues in mind?

It seems that this really is the middle-of-the-road average chair that was expected from those sales photos. This has its pros and cons depending on your size.

Shorter and taller users may end up struggling to get comfortable – which is a bigger disappointed if coupled with that long assembly process.

Those of average size may do better. There are still plenty of helpful features and moving parts here that can assist the right user. There is nothing special about the SIHOO office chair – but that might be the whole point after all.

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