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Share Your Music with Up to 4 Friends Using This $9.99 Headphone Splitter

Sometimes you have only one listening device and five sets of ears who want to listen to that device’s music. Enter the CuTech 5-Way Headphone Splitter. With this genius tool, you and four of your friends can enjoy your tunes simultaneously, whether you’re traveling together on a road trip or just hanging out on a lazy afternoon. Share your entertainment with no loss in sound quality! This headphone splitter will work with any device that has an AUX port, so be sure your friends come prepared with the appropriate headphones and earbuds. This device is small enough to throw in your backpack, suitcase, or even your pocket — without taking up much room at all. Plus, it’s an added bonus that a hilarious emoji decorates the surface of this fun device. Get the CuTech 5-Way Headphone Splitter for the low price of $9.99 (USD).