Serta Works Executive Office Chair

Is The Serta Works Executive Office Chair Comfortable?

Serta Works Executive Office ChairThe Serta Works Executive Office Chair is a chair that seems to be able to marry the old with the new in its style.

There is an old-fashioned look to the ergonomic chair with the different cushions and the dark brown bonded leather.

But, there is no doubt that this is designed to be a functional office chair with the swivel seat, chair lift and casters on the base. Is there enough here to ensure that office workers get the experience that they were after?

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The Pros and Cons of this Serta Works Executive Office Chair.


  • A great look in the shape and colour of the chair
  • Plenty of comfort and other features for long term use
  • Practical elements for a functional office space


  • The materials used are cheaper than some originally realise
  • This low cost leads to some durability issues


This attractive Serta Works Executive Office Chair can be pretty comfortable for many office managers.

The look of this ergonomic chair is definitely a major selling point. The shapes in the cushions and the use of leather mean that this looks like a step up from the average office chair.

This is the sort of old-fashioned desk chair that managers can sink into. The brown leather has that authentic look, but there are also some nice options with the midnight black, white and greys.

Serta Works Executive Office Chair
As for the comfort provided here, there are some good reports about the amount of cushioning and the long-term experience. This Serta Works executive chair is well padded around the neck and back, without being over-stuffed.

There is also a nice waterfall edge to the seat for circulation issues and padding on the arm rests. This means that most buyers should be able to get comfortable here.

The issue here is that the great look of this Serta Works Leather Executive’s Chair is more appealing from afar.

The biggest problem here is that there are some quality control issue with the materials. Some users say that they were disappointed to learn that the frame of the chair is a painted plastic, not metal.

There are also comments about both the paint and the leather on the upholstery peeling and flaking over time. There are also the usual mixed reviews about the comfort levels on offer and seat height adjustments.

What does this mean for the final verdict on this Serta Works Bonded Leather Office Chair?

There are some definite pros and cons here. There are some that love the fact that this is a budget model with a great look. This looks a lot like a high-end executives office chair and has the padding and comfort features to match.

There are users that can sit in this for long periods with no concerns. However, a closer look does highlight the corners cut in order to achieve that low price tag.

Some can’t overlook those issues with the materials. In the end, this Serta ergonomic chair is still an interesting model for those that want to fake the executive look without compromising on the comfort.

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