Serta Health and Wellness Office Chair

Is The Serta Back in Motion Health and Wellness Ergonomic Chair As Comfortable As It Looks?

First impressions of the Serta Health and Wellness Office Chair show that it is not your average office chair, one that should just have a basic padded seat, straight back and a few adjustable aspects for personal comfort.

Instead the padding on this item looks to be pretty comfortable and substantial with some interesting contours, a slight recline to the back rest and padded armrests.

This is advertised as being a “health and wellness” office chair, which is an interesting term: is this chair impressing office users and helping their health and well-being?

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What health and design benefit have users highlighted when talking about this Serta 44186 Office Chair in online reviews?

The shape, contours and support system are key with this Serta office chair. There is a BIM Active lumbar support that pivots for enhanced lumbar support, deep layered “body pillows” rather than ‘cushions’ that are said to provide a “serene and tranquil seating experience” and eco-friendly bonded leather covering to finish it all off.

It all sounds a bit over the top but there has been high praise for the back support offered by this Serta Back in Motion Health and Wellness Office Chair and the general comfort, with some saying that the adaptable lumbar feature makes a big difference.

The other important aspect for an office ergonomic chair is the ease in adjusting the different parts to suit the user and there are some interesting features here that are designed to make the process much easier than the awkward knobs and levers of some standard desk chairs.

These armrests have a “stylish” push button system for raising or dropping them to the required height and there is a pneumatic lift on the seat.

The lack of complaints suggest that they work pretty well and increase the convenience of the chair but there is the small issue with the lift where is it is still too high for the very short.

Other than this height issue, are there any downsides to using this Serta 44186 Health and Wellness Chair in the office?

There has been some difficulty in assembly that has lead to a lost star on some reviews, something that has resulted in loose arm rests that detract from the comfort and support they are supposed to brings and a sense that some parts just aren’t quite on right.

There are also those that say it takes a little getting used to because of the style. For some it is all about learning how to sit correctly; if you cannot do that then the lumbar and supports will not work in your favour.

Summary: is this Serta Health and Wellness Chair still recommendable if it takes time to get used to?

The description that this is a health and wellness chair is interesting because there could well be some health benefits for those with back problems. Judging by the feedback for the lumbar support and cushioning, and the well-being of many users seems to be have improved – although there was the initial stress in figuring it all out and getting it set up.

There are imperfections to the design and construction of the Serta ergonomic hair but it still goes a long way in trying to find those optimal comfort levels. Work with the chair and have patience and it could change the way you sit, improve your posture and back health and generally make sitting in the office more enjoyable.

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