SAYL Chair by Herman Miller Review

Does The Fancy Engineering Of The Herman Miller Sayl Ergonomic Chair Make It A Comfortable Choice?

There are two things that are important to remember about Herman Miller chairs, they are pricey and they are desirable, and that is why the Sayl Chair by Herman Miller is an interesting option for home office owners looking to splash the cash on something attractive and comfortable.

The company clearly know where they stand in the market, which is why they can get away with lines like “a real sense of seated freedom” in the product description, but are buyers impressed with the design, feel and worth of this model?

What benefits have buyers appreciated about this Herman Miller Sayl Chair?

Herman Miller Sayl Chair, Crepe Licorice

This ergonomic office chair promises an “amazing mix of sophisticated engineering, design and ergonomics” and there has been praise for the looks and the comfort provided when working long hours at a desk at home.

The first key feature here is the ArcSpan for the back of the Herman Miller chair that supports the user and keeps the suspension fabric in place. The second is the Y-tower that stretches the fabric in place. This is the bulk of the construction and the seat mostly consists of a mesh that makes the seat highly breathable and more comfortable.

This odd engineering is meant to be beneficial as a way of bearing excessive loads, which actually sounds like an insult to consumers, but it does mean that it has the sort of style and minimalism in parts that buyers like to show off.

It is simple and does not do much other than provide a comfortable seat; for some this is ideal and for others it could be a problem.

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Why does this design mean that there are some potential disadvantages to the Sayl Chair by Herman Miller?

Minimal moving parts and a rigid, engineered structure means that there is little room for adjustment and the arm rests do not move at all. The simplicity of the ArcSpan and the material also means that this is the only form of support; there are no adjustments to make here and no adaptable lumbar support to enhance the comfort.

The result here is that this ergonomic  chair has been labelled as a work chair, something that users can happily sit in for long periods at a desk but not necessarily relax in.

It doesn’t help that some have said that the arm rests are of poor quality and have eroded slightly with age or that there are comments about the “cheap rubbery back” – neither are particularly desirable in a model where buyers are spending extra money for style and quality.

Summary: does this negative feedback mean that the Herman Miller Sayl Chair is not recommendable?

This chair is said to have been three years in the making before it was “ready for the public” and it seems that these three years were mostly well spent, although there are some areas where they could have worked a bit harder. The comfort and design of the back is great but concerns about the arms and general longevity are hard to ignore.

In the end, it all depends on your priorities when choosing a chair – do you want something with all the fancy adjustments to suit the shape and comfort needs of many users or do you want something a bit different with an alternative approach? Here Herman Miller may be thinking more about engineering than upholstery but the Sayl office chair has its advantages for the right people with the simple, minimalist design and elegant look.

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