SAMOFU Ergonomic Office Chair

Is The SAMOFU Ergonomic Office Chair A Contemporary Crowd-Pleaser?

The SAMOFU Ergonomic Office Chair is a chair that will appeal to a lot of potential buyers because it is so firmly in the middle of the road when compared with other models.

The contemporary design and clear attempt to bring in adjustable elements mean that it does more than the most basic chair.

But, there is nothing new or intimidating in those initial listings and photos either. Does this mean that it is the perfect crowd-pleaser?

Or, is this a little boring compared to more high-end models?

The Pros and Cons of this SAMOFU Office Chair.


  •  There is a comfortable mesh across the chair
  •  A lockable tilt on the backrest in a few different angles
  •  An adjustable headrest that provides further support as needed
  •  Flip-up armrests for different sorts of tasks
  •  A decent weight allowance in the base


  •  The depth of the backrest isn’t anything special
  •  The lumbar support is pretty basic
  •  The design is contemporary but common right now

The SAMOFU Ergonomic Office Chair has a lot of great comfort features and adjustable parts that you would expect in a contemporary chair.

SAMOFU Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair Mesh Computer Chair with 3D Lumbar Support, Adjustable Headrest and Flip up Arms,Technical Task Swivel Executive High Back Home Office Chair (Black)

Let’s start with the comfort features in this ergonomic chair. There is a great segmented design, something that has become popular in recent years in this sort of chair. It allows for a curved seat with a better edge to help with circulation in the legs.

There is also a noticeable curve in the back around the lumbar area and an adjustable headrest. The use of soft black mesh throughout means added breathability and comfort on hotter days.

When it comes to the adjustability of this task chair, there is a three-position backrest with a lock on the tilt. This allows for positions of 90, 115, or 135 degrees with the knowledge that it won’t rise back up every time you move.

There are also flip-up armrests, which means you can move them completely out of the way when no longer required for certain tasks. Also, you can change the seat height as needed – as you would expect.

From there, you get all of the other standard practical features seen in this sort of office chair. There is a 360 degree swivel on the seat, a strong base with casters, and a weight allowance of 300lbs.

There is also the promise that those casters are silent, but user reports don’t make any mention of this one way or the other.

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The problem is that this SAMOFU Segmented Mesh Office Chair doesn’t really do anything special to make it stand out over some more expensive chairs.

Does this desk chair do enough compared to other options? There is a sense when looking a the photos of this chair that it will be a more high-end option with more features and adaptations.

But, this doesn’t seem to be the case. The backrest doesn’t go any deeper than the average chair, the shape of the backrest is common right now, and that weight allowance is pretty standard.

SAMOFU Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair Mesh Computer Chair with 3D Lumbar Support, Adjustable Headrest and Flip up Arms,Technical Task Swivel Executive High Back Home Office Chair (Black)

Then there is the design. There are users that like the look because it is a contemporary version of an office chair with that segmented shape.

You get that modern feel, which colleagues and guests may appreciate, without having to pay too much for it.

However, there are other options out there, often at a higher price, where you can see a more extreme curve, better ergonomics and something that you would be more included to show off.

Is this SAMOFU Ergonomic Adaptable Task Chair still a recommendable choice for your office with all this in mind?

When going through the different features in this ergonomic chair, it is easy to feel like something is missing. You are waiting for a wow-factor feature that never manifests. That isn’t to say that this is a bad office chair.

The number of positive reviews and happy users shows that there is a lot that is still helpful and comfortable here.

The adjustable elements, comfort feature and other practical tools do just enough to support users through their tasks. The question is whether this is enough to make the SAMOFU office chair the ideal upgrade for your own home office.

Find more reviews about the SAMOFU Ergonomic Office Chair on Amazon here.

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