Rimiking Ergonomic Desk Chair Review

Is The Robotic Rimiking Ergonomic Desk Chair Comfortable?

The Rimiking Ergonomic Desk Chair jumps out on the page because there is a futuristic, almost robotic look to the design. This is largely down to the use of over-emphasized segments and the plastic backing.

The grey color option on the frame and mesh enhance that look. Whether the look is to your taste or not, there are definitely plenty of great promises about the comfort offered. So, does this deliver?

The Pros and Cons of this Rimiking Ergonomic Desk Chair.


  •  The range of adjustments on the arms and headrest
  •  The comfort in the tilting feature of the backrest
  •  The breathable grey mesh throughout


  •  The seat might be a bit to shallow
  •  It doesn’t always offer long-term comfort

This Rimiking Ergonomic High Back Desk Chair has an interesting look backed up by some nice ergonomic features.

Rimiking Mesh Ergonomic Home Office Desk Chair High Back with Adjustable Headrest and Armrests, Black

The main selling point here is the number of adjustments available in the different elements. Those sections and components each have their function and there is some room for adjustment in most of them.

The headrest can be angled to better cradle the head, the armrests have a 3D movement so that they can be in the right place as you work, and there is a tilting mechanism for the backrest.

What is interesting about this reclining feature is that the seat tips with the back for a more recumbent feel. You can lean back up to 117 degrees when you need to think about your next move or deserve a little rest.

Other nice features here include the curve on that lumbar cushion, even if that isn’t adjustable, and the breathable mesh used across the different sections.

This should keep it nice and cool and also means that the office chair doesn’t look quite so large in the office space. The base with the swivel and casters also seems to be functional enough.


This Rimiking Ergonomic Office Chair would just be more appealing with extra padding for longer-lasting comfort.

The biggest issue here seems to lie in the comfort of the seat. This executive high back chair focuses so much on ergonomics and adjustments and doesn’t give as much thought to the long-term comfort of the seat.

The pad is thin and doesn’t have enough cushioning for everyone, especially if you are looking to work long shifts here. Then some found that the seat wasn’t as deep or wide as it could be.

Some people may notice their legs hanging off the end at an uncomfortable point, which could then lead to some circulation issues.

Rimiking Mesh Ergonomic Home Office Desk Chair High Back with Adjustable Headrest and Armrests, Black

Is this Rimiking Adjustable Office Chair still recommendable with these issues in mind?

There are problems here for some people that need a large, comfortable seat for long shifts in an office setting. There is so much potential here with the shape of the chair, the lumbar cushion and the adjustments.

But, the lack of depth and padding will be too much for a lot of users. The appeal of this Rimiking chair largely comes down to the look and short-term support so it is recommendable for those with a more active approach to their work at home.

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