Real Relax Massage Chair Review and Guide

When asked to think about massage chairs, most people probably picture a battered leather chair in a shopping mall that promises a full-body massage for just a couple of dollars (and that hardly anyone uses!).

What you might not know is that massage chairs can provide incredible health benefits when used regularly, and thanks to rapid innovations over the past decade, many models are now pretty affordable.

If you suffer from stress, stiffness, or aches and pains, it’s worth investigating whether a massage chair could be right for you. In this Real Relax Massage Chair review and guide, we’re going to help you do just that!

This article provides a complete rundown of Real Relax’s top products, covering all of their pros and cons, so you can choose a massage chair that suits your needs.

We also have guides to Osaki massage chairs and Titan massage chairs if you want to explore other brands.

What is a Massage Chair?

Massage chairs could, in theory, refer to two different products. Traditionally, massage chairs enabled masseurs to give their clients full-body massages. Still, today you can get electric massage chairs that have been designed to mimic the movements and techniques of a manual massage.

We also have a guide to the best portable massage chairs.

The latter type of massage chair was introduced to the market in the 1980s. Since then, technology has rapidly evolved to make these chairs more effective than ever.

Massage chairs usually try to emulate one of two techniques: Swedish massage, characterized by long, gliding strokes, or shiatsu, which uses rolling, pressing, and sweeping motions.

There are a few common components that all massage chairs share, as you can see below.

Massage Nodes/Rollers

These have been designed to replicate the feeling of fingers and hands. They come in many different shapes and sizes, which vary depending on the type of massage that is trying to be achieved.


Mechanical motors give power to the nodes and rollers, allowing them to move and the chair to adjust as necessary.

Computer System

massage chair

Most massage chairs automatically adjust based on the height, weight, and overall size of the user. To do this, they need to have a computer system that takes measurements and makes necessary adjustments.

If you see the term “zero-gravity” relating to a massage chair, this refers to the ability of the chair to recline back into a neutral body position, raising the legs above the heart and evenly distributing all weight.

To emulate the feeling of a traditional masseuse, massage chairs can deploy a number of methods.

Air Massage

This type of chair has airbags that inflate and deflate to squeeze the body. Airbags can usually be found on full-body massage chairs because they can reach challenging areas like shoulders and hands.

Roller Massage

Rollers are a crucial massage chair component. They function almost like hands, performing motions like shiatsu and kneading.

Vibration Massage

High-frequency vibrations can be used to stimulate a particular area, resulting in increased circulation. However, chairs that only offer vibration massages are for recreational use only (remember the lonely chairs in the mall we mentioned earlier?) and can’t be used instead of professional massage therapy.

The final thing it’s important to be aware of is the different types of roller tracks that are available.

  • Straight tracks – These tracks are linear from top to bottom. They sometimes lose pressure in curved areas and cannot give a successful full-body massage.
  • S-Tracks – Designed to mimic the natural curves of the body, s-tracks provide consistent contact and are much more popular than straight tracks.
  • L-Tracks – They can extend the length of the rollers by over 15 inches and pick up where the s-tracks end at the tailbone. This means that your glutes and hamstrings can also be massaged.

Who Can Benefit from a Massage Chair and How?

Not only do massage chairs help to alleviate stress and promote relaxation, but they also help to reduce back pain without the need for person-to-person interaction.

Consequently, almost anyone can benefit from a massage chair; even if you don’t feel particularly stressed and don’t suffer from back pain, there are still numerous benefits, as you can see below.

Decreases Tension & Improves Flexibility

Using a massage chair can help loosen tight muscles, giving them more flexibility which, in turn, will allow you to move freely and easily in everyday life.

Improves Venous and Lymphatic Flow

Stimulating muscles improves your overall blood circulation, which means crucial nutritional elements can be better absorbed while toxins are simultaneously cleared out of the area. This is why massages can feel so revitalizing.

Increases Endorphin Levels

Endorphins are chemicals that make you feel good. By increasing them, you are likely to feel less pain, experience a faster recovery, and much less stress.

Top 4 Picks for Best Real Relax Massage Chairs at a Glance

  • Best Overall – Real Relax Favor-06 Massage Chair– The Favor-06 is a fantastic all-around massage chair that carefully targets every body area (even your feet!). In our opinion, it’s the best Real Relax chair on the market thanks to its full body scan and 3D robot hand technology. 
  • Best Budget – Real Relax Favor-03 Plus Massage Chair – With 8 massage rollers and 50 airbags, the Favor-03 has an impressive amount of body coverage, and the good news is that it won’t cost the earth. This functional and affordable chair offers a customizable massage experience, which is one of the things we love most about it.
  • Best for Extra Features – Real Relax PS3000 Massage Chair – This luxurious, stylish chair has plenty to offer comfort and effectiveness. It comes with a range of exciting features to make matters even better, including a Bluetooth music player and heating pads.
  • Best Space Saving – Real Relax Favor-MM650 Massage Chair – The MM650 has been thoughtfully designed with space-saving technology, so you can have a massage chair in your home even if you don’t have much room to spare!

Top 4 Real Relax Massage Chairs: Review

Whether you suffer from chronic back pain or simply need a way to unwind, choosing the right massage chair is important.

You might not necessarily know what to look out for in a good massage chair, so in order to make your search process as simple as possible, we’ve included detailed reviews of our favorite massage chairs below.

Best Overall: Real Relax Favor-06 Massage Chair

Favor-06 Massage Chair

This is our favorite massage chair from Real Relax – and for a good reason, too! This luxuriously padded chair can transport you to a world of comfort with just one use.

The body scan technology automatically attunes the chair to your individual needs, and airbags at every area of the body make this experience incredibly relaxing. From head to toe – quite literally! – the Favor-06 covers it all.

For pain relief, the heating function works wonders. It helps boost blood circulation, promoting healing, and the weight that this zero gravity chair takes off your body helps in this respect.

One of the best things about this chair is the human touch technology which emulates the feeling of having another person massage your body without leaving your home. For an even more immersive experience, Bluetooth connectivity allows you to play your favorite music.


  • One button design.
  • Zero gravity – takes the pressure off your spine.
  • Customizable massage.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Human touch technology.
  • Full body scan.
  • SL-track.


  • Expensive.
  • Leg massage could be more intense.

Best Budget: Real Relax Favor-03 Plus Massage Chair

Real relax chair

What we love most about the Favor-03 model is that it doesn’t compromise when it comes to looks, extra features, and comfort – it offers everything you could want and more, all for an affordable price.

The Bluetooth audio play is something you’d expect to see in high-end products that cost a lot more, but Real Relax has managed to add what is ultimately an excellent feature into a budget chair.

Perhaps the biggest drawback to this chair is the height range – it’s suitable for most people ranging from 5.2 feet to 6.1 feet, but anyone who is taller than this will really struggle to get comfortable and achieve the full body massage that the product aims to deliver.

Nevertheless, it has an easy-to-use smart control that allows you to adjust the 50 airbags and 8 massage rollers to achieve the perfect pressure and muscle stimulation level. Plus, the foot massage feature is another added bonus!


  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Smart control.
  • Foot massage functionality.
  • 500 airbags for the ultimate massage.
  • Stylish design.
  • Can hold up to 400 lbs.


  • Time-consuming to assemble.
  • Neck massage components are not as effective as other areas.

Best for Extra Features: Real Relax PS3000 Massage Chair

Real Relax PS3000 Massage Chair

If you’re into high-tech gadgets that make you feel like you’ve just found yourself on the set of a Bond movie, then look no further than the Real Relax PS3000 Massage Chair.

Its appearance alone is enough to stun anybody, with stylish, plush cushioning and a bronze-colored interior (alternatively, it’s also available in black). However, once you look a little closer, you’ll discover all the little quirks that make this chair one of a kind.

The PS3000 deploys 3D rollers that are designed to feel like real hands, and this, along with the heating function, makes for a very relaxing experience. And if you really want to emulate the feeling of being in a massage parlor, you can use the built-in Bluetooth speakers to play calming music, too.

In addition to all of that, the smart body scanning system allows the chair to create a massage style that is completely tailored to the nuances of your body structure.

Unlike the Favor-03 model, this massage chair comes fully assembled and ready to use – which is great if you’re impatient like us!


  • It comes fully assembled and ready to use.
  • Smart body scanning technology.
  • Heating function.
  • Built-in bluetooth speakers.
  • Zero gravity design.
  • 3D hand-like rollers.
  • One-year warranty.


  • Fewer airbags (20) compared to other models.
  • It can be difficult to bring into your house.
  • Not ideal for taller people.

Best Space Saving: Real Relax Favor-MM650 Massage Chair

Real Relax Favor

By utilizing space-saving technology, Real Relax has been able to design a chair that sits only 8 inches from the wall – a relatively small distance for products like this – meaning it will fit easily in most rooms of your house.

Unfortunately, the compact size of this massage chair means it has a lower weight limit at 280 lbs, but this is to be expected. The height limit is still a respectable 6.1 feet, though, again, we’d have liked it if this was a bit higher.

Other than that, the zero gravity design of this chair is both comfortable and practical. It gives a fully customizable massage, or you can choose from one of six automatic modes.


  • Space-saving technology.
  • Zero gravity design.
  • Customizable massage.
  • It comes fully assembled and ready to use.


  • Lower weight limit than some other chairs.
  • Less additional features.

Some Additional Recommendations

While our top picks are largely based on how practical each product is – for example, how much it costs or how much it offers the user – you can also choose massage chairs based on the level of luxury that they provide or how well their appearance suits your style.

Here are our recommendations based on these additional considerations.

Luxury Massage Chairs

Typically, luxury massage chairs are designed to give extra comfort to the user, with soft, padded features designed using premium materials. These chairs can be a good investment if you know you will get a lot of use out of yours.

Our Picks for Best Luxury Massage Chairs

Luxury Massage Chair
  • Real Relax PS6000 Massage Chair – This chair’s massage intensity has 5 different adjustments, allowing you to have an experience that’s tailored to your individual needs. The SL track design and 3D muscle rollers both make this chair extremely comfortable and the touchscreen control reinforces the impression that it’s a high-end luxury product.
  • Real Relax PS3100 Massage Chair – The heating function on this chair transforms the massage experience, immediately aiding relaxation. Full-wrap airbags can be found at every key area of the body, and the kneading massage which the user experiences, as a result, is second to none when it comes to comfort.

Stylish Massage Chairs

Having a large massage chair in your house can be a pain, particularly if you’re limited on space. Traditionally, many massage chairs would be cumbersome and unattractive, but many recent advancements have allowed them to look both stylish and sleek.

Our Pick for Best Stylish Massage Chair

SL Track Massage Chair
  • Real Relax Zenart-01 Massage Chair – The black Zenart-01 boasts a stylish, contemporary design that exudes comfort yet isn’t bulky. With a cream trim complimenting the black interior of the chair, the Zenart-01 would look good in almost any room.

Buyer’s Guide: What Should You Look for in a Good Massage Chair?

Massage chairs can have a transformative impact on people’s lives, from reducing stress, aiding relaxation, improving sleep quality, to even alleviating chronic back pain. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right chair for you.

As we mentioned earlier, people purchase massage chairs for a whole range of different reasons – hence, certain designs will be better than others for your needs.

With technology advancing so quickly, working out which massage chairs are good and which you should avoid is more difficult than ever. But don’t fret; we’re here to help!

Below, we have created a list of things to look out for which will help you make an informed decision.


Real Relax Massage Chair

Chances are, you’re going to spend many hours sitting in your massage chair, so you need to find one that’s as comfortable as possible.

This can depend not only on the quality of materials from which the chair is made but also on the intended intensity of the massage. Chairs which are designed to give a more rigorous massage may be less comfortable in some respects because they offer a less gentle – but still highly effective – experience.

The best thing to do is work out what kind of massage you’d like and decide how much you value comfort. These decisions should also be balanced against your overall budget.


Massages can vary drastically in their intensity depending on what they are supposed to achieve. Do you already know that you prefer harder, more intense massages? Or is it important to you that you are able to control the intensity, changing it from time to time?

Both of these things should be carefully considered before making a purchase.

Some massage chairs will come with variable settings which keep you in control, while other, less expensive models may have a few preset modes or may not allow you to change the intensity at all.

Price and Budget

Unfortunately, massage chairs are almost always fairly expensive. They are large tools that in many cases utilize advanced technology, hence why they tend to carry larger price tags.

That being said, just because a chair is expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it will be the best option for you.

Some more affordable chairs still come with an array of additional features, while other high-end chairs offer very little by comparison. To work out whether a chair is a good value for money, add up all of the positives and weigh these against the price to decide whether it’s really worth it. Reviews can be extremely helpful in this respect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nowadays, the technology used in massage chairs is pretty advanced, which means that choosing one for the first time can be daunting. We’ve included this section so we can set your mind at ease by answering some of the most common questions that people have.

Question: What Can a Massage Chair Help With?

Answer: Massage chairs have many of the same benefits as regular massages. These include increased blood flow, increased recovery speed, flushed lymphatic system, relaxation, better sleep, less back pain, and mood elevation.

Question: Who Can Benefit From Using a Massage Chair?

Answer: Almost anybody! Many people turn to massage therapy to alleviate chronic back or neck pain, but the truth is that most of us could benefit from the decreased stress and increased relaxation associated with massage chairs.

Question: What Type of Massage Chair Should I Buy?

Answer: This will depend entirely on your individual needs, but generally, we’d advise you to purchase an SL track chair to ensure you are reaping the benefits throughout your whole body. Other than that, we recommend writing down a list of the most important features to you and then finding a chair which matches as many as possible.

Question: How Long Can You Use a Massage Chair?

In theory, as long as you’d like because you’re in control. However, most massage chairs come with a preset message time, such as 15 or 20 minutes. This can usually be changed, but having a longer massage will not necessarily result in better results.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right massage chair can have positive effects on both your physical and psychological well-being, so it’s certainly worth putting a good amount of thought into this decision.

Our top pick for you is undoubtedly the Real Relax Favor-06 Massage Chair. This product offers an extensive full-body massage like no other, with a range of extra features and a sturdy, high-quality build. In our opinion, this is a chair for life, so even though it isn’t the cheapest option, it offers excellent value for money.

Have you ever used a massage chair before? What did you think? We’d love to hear from you!

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