RapidX Ferrino Diamond Patterned Lifestyle Chair

Does The RapidX Ferrino Diamond Patterned Gaming and Lifestyle Chair Focus Too Much On Style Over Comfort?

RapidX Ferrino Diamond Patterned Gaming ChairThe RapidX Ferrino Diamond Patterned Gaming and Lifestyle Chair is a gaming chair with style. It is clearly a gaming chair with the use of the bucket seat, which is used in all the best racing seats and gaming chairs in arcades.

There are nice little details in the design like the diamond pattern to the leather, the coloured stitching, go faster stripe down the side in a choice of colours and the subtle branding.

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Still, the basic elements are there too in the mechanics, the use of the five point base and caster and the general shape. The purpose of the chair is summed up nicely in one of the company’s best sales lines: “an attractive, customized exterior that conceals its orthopedically and ergonomically designed core.” This all sounds good, but are users impressed?

How beneficial has this RapidX Ferrino Lifestyle Chair been for those looking for that cross between the gaming chair and office chair?

The company behind this chair have sold as a “powernap” friendly chair. Among other things which shows that there is a perceived market for office users as much as gamers. The idea here was to create a hybrid of the two. They have the sleeker style and supportive shape but some of the additional adjustment and fun details of the racing chair.

It its certainly appealing, and this continues with the sense of quality in the materials. They have used durable polyurethane leather and a high density foam core for the best experience.

Ferrino Diamond Patterned Lifestyle RapidX Chair
This also leads to expectations of a high level of comfort for long-term gaming. Other features here include the basic tilt mechanism with a lock on it where the chair reclines from 85 to 165 degrees. It also has adjustable armrests for even greater customisation for the user.

There is is a removable lumbar support for an optional support system that doesn’t get in the way while reclining. Reports on the comfort levels of this ergonomic chair are mixed. There are some that love it and feel that they have better posture than before.

Some have experienced this after upgrading from cheap chairs, so this is isn’t a huge surprise, but others have done so from other expensive, ergonomic options. It seems the shape and approach will really suits some people and not others, which leads us to the issues with this chair.

Why is comfort an issue for some people with this RapidX Ferrino Diamond Patterned Lifestyle Chair and are there any other clear issues that buyers need to consider?

At the same time as helping people, this removable lumbar element highlights a bit of a problem with this chair. There are many that say that it is the perfect shape and style in a normal seated position, but this all goes out of the window when changing position and reclining. The chair just isn’t adjustable enough for everyone and there are larger users that say that it can be a bit narrow.

The other issue is aesthetic. These simple issues shouldn’t be a problem on most chairs, but, this is a product that models itself on a Ferrari and puts the look of the chair at the forefront. There are some that are concerned by exposed mechanisms and the groves and crevices in the framing, which can trap dirt and dust.

Ferrino Diamond Patterned Lifestyle RapidX Black Chair
It is important to note here that this is a new model from a start up where the owners were keen to do something a little different. There is the potential here that in trying to meet this vision with their stylish gaming/office chair, they didn’t think enough outside the box towards the full user experience.

Summary: what does this all mean for the final verdict on this RapidX Ferrino Gaming/Office Chair?

It is possible that this is a product that can only improve with time. The next gen version is sure to be better, with some of the kinks worked out ad perhaps a sense of comfort and adjustability that better suits a wider selection of users.

At the moment, it is hard to ignore the fact that there are so many people on either side of the fence with this ergonomic chair. There is clearly a good chance that people will be able to use it as a comfortable office chair with those adjustable element and all that foam in the core. Yet, there are some issues with the comfort on the tilt and the width that do limit the appeal a little for larger users.

In the end, the RapidX chair needs a little work to fulfill its aim as a high-end hybrid of the office chair and gaming chair. Yet, they definitely got the look right and are close with the rest.

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