Poly and Bark Brighton Office Chair

Is The Poly and Bark Brighton Office Chair Comfortable Enough?

The Poly and Bark Brighton Office Chair looks like a great ergonomic chair that will suit lots of different homes and offices. The design on the backrest and the choice of colours certainly help with that.

There is nothing weird about this affordable office chair. Instead, the designers seem to want to provide a little of everything that users need – just enough in the ergonomics, comfort, style and functionality. Is this approach a success?

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The Pros and Cons of this Poly and Bark Brighton Office Chair


  • A nice design with mass appeal
  • Enough ergonomics and comfort features for most users
  • A simple, quick assembly process


  • A lack of movement in the arms and tilt
  • Poor construction in the armrests


This Poly and Bark Brighton Office Chair has great comfort and instructions for most users.

Normally, the comfort of the chair would be the best place to start. This is actually an area where the chair gets some mixed comments. This is definitely an ergonomic chair, with the shape of the backrest and the lack of give in the structure.

This is helpful to some users, but not to all. Still, there are the benefits of the tall backrest, the use of the mesh and just enough cushioning in the right places.

One of the more commonly mentioned benefits here is the ease of assembly. Buyers were surprised at just how quickly they were able to put this together.

The different levels for the pneumatic lift and the base mean that it looks a little complicated. Yet, many had it together in minutes. On the subject of that base, there is also a nice swivel and some useful footrests here too.

There is one feature on this Brighton Office Chair that holds it back from being a 5 star chair. 

The issue with this Poly & Bark chair is the quality of some of the components – especially the armrests. This is a budget-friendly chair, which means that there are some cut corners here and there to help keep the costs down.

The tilt on the backrest is fine for most people, but doesn’t have the range some had hoped for. There also isn’t that much range of motion on the armrests.

These armrests are the biggest let down because of their concave shape and the construction. One user found that they split down the middle after too much force.

How do these arms affect the final verdict on this Poly and Bark Ergonomic Chair?

The armrests are a disappointment with the lack of movement and poor shape. Yet, if the designers were to change this feature, this could be a 5 star product for many people.

The rest of the chair is pretty good for a product in this price range. There is a great use of materials in the ergonomic seat and backrest, as well as nice details in the base.

This is a chair that will suit a lot of home offices and student rooms. Therefore, this Poly and Bark ergonomic chair is still recommendable.

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