Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun & Moon is finally releasing. Pokemon Sun & Moon definitely honors the legacy of the Pokemon series. Giving fans of the original series a reason to love it again, and new fans an opportunity to see what made Pokemon a strong series for 20 years.


Set in the new land of ‘Alola’, one of the biggest changes has been the Island Challenge. They are getting rid of the concept of battling gym leaders. In Sun & Moon there is a ton of challenges that aren’t trainer battle related. You can expect to see quizzes, scavenger hunts and more. These trials give you a sense of a living world, rather than just go from city to city looking for gym leaders.


Pokemon Sun & Moon give you a 30+ hour story and gives you plenty of things to do in the land of Alola. Tons of secrets and surprises are there to make old and new Pokemon masters happy. The game doesn’t feel like a grind anymore which is great. The Pokemon are diverse and there are a ton of legendaries in this game.


After 20 years of an evolution of Pokemon games, Pokemon Sun & Moon seem to breathe life back into the series. Giving us an amazing new region, a fun main adventure, upgrades to the interface and a ton of other features, this game is one of the best in the series. If this is something that interests you, pick up Sun and Moon from Amazon.