The Best Plywood Desk Ideas: Top 2022 Picks

Have you been considering plywood desks but have a few concerns? Worry no more, for we are here to clear the air. There are many types of plywood. If you are clueless about plywood desks, the first step should be to research. Read on to find out plywood desk ideas.

That way, you have a rough idea of what you are buying. You don’t have to go in-depth but know the ones and twos; it will undoubtedly come in handy. After all, you cannot invest in something without having even an ounce of knowledge about it. 

Think about a plywood desk as an investment if you want to get value for your money. It is meant to last an extended period; therefore, don’t be blinded by inexpensive plywood desks no matter how good the deal is.

If anything, they are bound to cost you more money in the long run. By now, you should know that excellent quality is expensive. However, note that there is a thin line between costly and over-highly priced. Knowing the difference between the two will do you a favor.

Tips To Consider When Getting A Plywood Desk

You certainly want to get an office desk after being familiar with the factors to be considered before making that purchase. Even in instances when you are doing a DIY, there are things to keep in mind. In a nutshell, you cannot do either of the two without a plan. They include:

Finding The Plywood That Suits You Best

The chances that you do not know the numerous plywood grades are high, especially if you are doing this for the first time. It would be best to understand that each plywood grade is used for a particular purpose; therefore, buying any random one may cost you. For example, the exterior grade plywood is meant for roofs, whereas decorative plywood is ideal for cabinets and furniture.

Also, most plywood grading systems follow the A-D classification. Moreover, note that those lying in grade A are rendered the best. We do hope you are now seeing the importance of knowing the specific plywood required.

Plan Ahead of Time

This is very crucial for people who are planning to do DIYs. You cannot get all the required material and equipment today and start making the plywood desk tomorrow. If anything, it is certainly bound to be a disaster since it won’t be pleasing to look at.

Select Non-Stained Plywood

Stained wood is not a good option since you can easily miss its imperfections. On the other hand, non-stained plywood is an excellent choice.

Check for Flatness

Being too keen on perfection will frustrate you; hence, cut yourself some slack by having no expectations. This is because perfection is hard to find. However, you can always look for the best one yet in a pile. Aldon’ton’t go to one store: visit several! Ensure to look at the edges of the plywood carefully.

You do not want to make a plywood purchase with sheets warped in several directions. If anything, we are confident you will make informed choices since light is being shed on plywood desks. If you want to buy 1/4 –inches of plywood, don’t stress yourself about how straight or flat it is.

Go with a Friend to Shop Around

This will probably be the best decision ever since friends tend to see things how they are or instead without bias. However, we, on the other hand, tend to get corrupted once we love something. Plywood sheets are unwieldy and heavy, especially those that come in 4 by 8 feet. Having someone go with you will make things easier on your side, be it in loading, inspecting, or restacking, to mention a few.

Avoid Having Other People Deliver It

Contrary to your beliefs, having the desk delivered to you is not always the best option. Not everyone will select plywood sheets as lovely as those you choose; they don’t have that time. However, you can always inspect the plywood when delivery is the only option at hand. Please do not retain any damaged or unusable plywood; return it before it is too late.

Types of Plywood

It is best  to know that there are more types of plywood in hardware stores than you know, and if you are not careful, this can be pretty overwhelming. Hence, there is the need to understand how they differ. They are as follows:


This is a type of plywood made by manufacturers using cedar and pine, among others. Softwood plywood is appropriate for shelving, subflooring, exterior framing, and roof sheathing. However, please do not use it for outdoor purposes since it is not recommended. This translates to it not having weather-resistant qualities despite being such a strong material.

Lumber Core

It entails two thin veneers of hardwood sandwiching a solid slab that is thick and made from strips of wood- usually glued together. Its dense core of slab is excellent for projects requiring fasteners like screws. Also, note that these cores may compose of voids hence, become weaker with time.


This type of plywood has between 3 and 7 layers of maple, walnut, birch, oak alongside many other hardwood types. From there, the latter are glued together in a right-angled position to ascertain that the finish is strong.


The exterior plywood is excellent since it is made using glue that is both water and weather-resistant. That way, it can withstand different weather conditions, including rainy and windy conditions, for extended periods. Isn’t thatIsn’ting? It is multi-ply, which means it’s very strong: definitely a plus if you ask us.

Note that how it is made differs depending on the area. You will come across exterior plywood made of hardwoods such as oak; this allows it to withstand more harsh weather conditions.

The Closest Alternative Wood Options to Plywood

If you feel like you need alternatives to plywood, we got you. They are as follows:

Solid Wood

Are you looking for something strong and sturdy? Solid wood is the solution for you. Using it will leave you confident since the end-product will last long and, on top of that, won’t spend money on any damage whatsoever. This translates to not spending any money on its repair.

Please ascertain that you consider its color and wood grain when making a purchase. You should know that solid wood furniture is held with high esteem compared to items made of artificial materials. Also, note that it is costly; you will have to get deep into your pockets to buy it.


This alternative is known as high-density fiberboard in full or hardboard. It is a fiberboard type of product engineered by wood similar to medium density and particle board fiberboards. However, it is stronger and denser compared to the latter two. Besides being used in making furniture, it is popular in the construction industry. 


If your budget is not flexible, OSB is the best option for you. Although it is similar to plywood in a few ways, it is less costly. It has many advantages over these other options due to how it is made. OSB can be used in many applications like roofing alongside others. Also, its quality is consistent because it is produced in such large mats then cut down to size.

Plywood Desk Ideas

The beauty of using plywood is that all the ideas you might have in mind can become a reality. Yes, it has that much potential. You can choose to go to a store and make a purchase or have your plywood desk customized.

The latter is such a great idea since the result will be unique. In addition to that, there are many value-added finishes and overlays available to suit your needs. If the idea is to have a lightweight desk, poplar plywood is ideal for you. You won’t even break a sweat moving your desk from one place to another. Plywood is durable and, on top of that, resistant to several external factors.

Types of Plywood Desks to Consider

Foldable Desks

This type of plywood desk is an excellent choice for anyone looking to meet their temporary desk needs. Moreover, if you want a desk that can be easily moved from one place to another, you will love it.

Floating Desks

As the name suggests, these desks lack legs which means more leg space for you! They are installed directly on the wall. You are, however, not recommended to store heavy items on them as they may fall. 

Executive Desks

These desks are the most standard desks yet. They allow you to store many things since they have numerous storage options, including cabinets and drawers. Also, anyone looking to get a desk they could work complex tasks on, this is it. 

Reasons Opting For Plywood Desks is Good

There is no way you can buy something without a valid reason or something to support your choice. The following are some reasons why plywood desks could be your long-awaited solution:

They Lead to Environment Conservation

Are you the kind that firmly believes in using commodities that make the world a better place? If so, plywood desks should be on your list. Keep in mind that using plywood for furniture making results in timber conservation contrary to the wood, which requires more logs; thus, reducing deforestation.

However, for this to make sense ensure that chemical-based adhesives are not used. Only then will plywood be an eco-friendly product.

They Look Amazing

We know that natural wood is more appealing, but you can always spice up the plywood’s surface using plywood decorative veneers or laminates. Therefore, if you are keen on its appearance, we got you; quit stressing on the matter. After all, we understand how essential it is since it will take your space an upper notch.

They Are Cost-Effective

Who wants to break bank when you can opt for plywood which has a cost advantage compared to wood? Plywood is an excellent option for anyone who has a budget since it is economical. Every time we think about plywood, its affordability comes to mind. 

They Are Available in Large Sizes

If you live in a place with ample space or need a large desk, plywood desks would undoubtedly be ideal for you. Compared to natural wood desks, standard plywood desks come in an eight by four size. However, note that buying a log whose size and process of turning it into furniture or a desk is impractical because of logistical issues.

Plywood Desks We Recommend

We thought it reasonable to make work easier for you who is looking to buy a plywood desk by giving recommendations of those that top our list, including:

Christopher Knight Home Hirst Plywood Computer Desk

Do you feel like you want a desk that has an eye towards design and value? This is the desk for you


  • It is very functional.
  • It is simple.
  • It is easy to assemble; you won’t take so much time figuring it out.
  • It has a stunning design.
  • It goes hand in hand with a lot of styles.


  • It only has one color option.

Scandinavian Plywood Desks

Are you looking for a handmade desk? This is it. It costs 557.74, and local taxes are included where possible.


  • It is available in two sizes, but your ideal length can be customized for you.
  • Its quality is top-tier.
  • It requires simple assembling of the parts.


  • No color options.

Modern Plywood Desk

Did somebody say modern? This desk is excellent for anyone with a contemporary space. It costs USD 301.25, and local taxes are included where possible.


  • You can get the size you want to be customized.
  • It has a beautiful finish.
  • It has different size options, including small, medium, and large.
  • It can be easily assembled.
  • It has a shelf for storage purposes.
  • It is durable.


  • No color options.

Simple Scandinavian Plywood Desk

Are you looking for a minimalistic desk? You will love this one without a reasonable doubt. It costs USD 64.55, and local taxes are included where applicable.


  • It is customizable.
  • It has a modern design.
  • Its legs and top are interchangeable.
  • It has color options.
  • The installation is simple and easy.
  • It has a natural-looking finishing.
  • It is multifunctional.
  • It has a smooth surface.
  • It is of good quality.


  • It should be protected from excessive heat.

LifeHelperCo Plywood Desk

Need a highly adjustable plywood desk? This one is ideal for you. It costs USD 99.00, and local taxes are included where possible.


  • It is of excellent quality.
  • It is portable.
  • It offers health benefits. For example, it lowers the risk of obesity and heart diseases.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It can be personalized to your liking.
  • It is multifunctional.
  • It is sturdy.
  • It has many size options.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It comes with several spare parts.


  • No color options.

Frequently Asked Questions about Plywood Desks.

Question: What Size Plywood is Needed for A Plywood Desk?

Answer: Once you decide that you want a plywood desk, you should figure out what size is suitable for you. It would be best to know many factors come into play when making this decision. For example, you will have to consider your space, to mention a few. Going for the wrong-sized plywood desk could cost you so much.

Ascertain that the size you get can sustain everything to be placed on it, including a computer. You can’t afford to have your desk break; so much will be at stake. If you buy sheets that are not dense or thick enough, you will notice the plywood will sag with time.

This is not something that will take place immediately. Ensure that you avoid such issues when making that purchase to avoid having any regrets whatsoever.

Question: Can Plywood Be Used for Tabletops?

Answer: But of course! It can, although not at all times, because it does not split as solid wood does. Plywood is known for how smooth its surface usually is, not to forget its stability. After all, who wants to own a desk that wobbles every time you move? This will undoubtedly be infuriating.

Note that plywood desks can flex or sag if they were never appropriately braced or have been in use for some time. Ensure that when you decide to use it as a tabletop, you will have thought everything through.

Question: What is The Difference between Plywood and Solid Wood?

Answer: It is safe to say that plywood is engineered wood mixed with glue and wood. In addition to that, it is manufactured using glued veneer layers- thin sheets of peeled wood. As a result, they create plywood boards that are used for furniture making by manufacturers.

On the other hand, solid wood is obtained from trees which are later taken to sawmills. From there, they are sawn into planks that are dried to make furniture. You should know that there are many types of wood, including cherry, maple, pine, and mahogany, among others.


The above points are plywood desk ideas. When thinking of buying or customizing desks for your space, it can be overwhelming, especially after getting ideas that interest you but lack a sense of direction. Decision-making is never easy, but it doesn’t always have to be a challenge.

Who says whether or not you can get two or three desks at a go? Or if your space needs such or is spacious enough. Do you and ascertain that you are happy with what you choose. Ensure that you treat desks like investments, and you will never have to wallow in regrets because they weren’t worth your money. Our plywood desk of choice is the simple Scandinavian plywood desk; you could consider it.

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