Osaki Massage Chair Review and Guide: Best Osaki Massage Chairs

Ever wanted to feel heaven on earth? Or find that eternal peace? You might get that from a lip-smacking burger or a blissful solo trip, but we’ve got something better for you. It’s an Osaki Massage Chair!

These are considered one of the best massage chairs in the world, coming from an extremely popular brand Osaki. Just sit on it, press a button, and you’ll receive a full body massage without going to the spa.

Osaki chairs are your go-to option when you want some relaxation from the comfort of your home. But, as there are a plethora of options available, you might be confused about picking one.

That’s why we’ve reviewed some of the best products in this buying guide. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Why Trust Osaki?

Osaki is a brand trusted and used across the globe. Having a very happy and satisfied customer base, it is an all-American massage chair manufacturing company known for its top-notch products.

How does Osaki set itself apart? Their quality, craftsmanship, and innovative products have allowed them to establish a name for themselves. Their chairs have multiple programmable features and options proper you the perfect massaging experience ever.

As these chairs are able to target specific parts of the body to relieve pain, it’s like being handled by a professional masseuse! Moreover, these chairs are available at a variety of prices, which will definitely suit your budget.

With excellent customer service and a great range of products, if you’re talking about massage chairs, it has to be Osaki.

Best Osaki Massage Chairs: Product Reviews

After knowing the basics of Osaki massage chairs, you might be ready for shopping. Hold that thought for the moment, as we have reviewed some great products to help you in your search.

Check out these reviews thoroughly before picking up your shopping bag (or credit card, you get the idea!).

Osaki OS-4000T Massage Chair

Osaki OS-4000T Massage Chair

We begin our list of best Osaki chairs with the OS-4000T model, which comes with excellent features at a reasonable price. Having a very durable structure, this chair offers great comfort to your legs and arms while giving you an excellent full-body massage.

If you’re new to the world of massage chairs and want an Osaki, this is the one to check out first.


Zero Gravity Design 

This chair comes with a unique zero Gravity design, which makes it ergonomic and supports your posture. This design takes the weight off your spine and cradles your body when you sit on the chair.

So, it reduces backpressure, lowers muscle tension, enhances your lung capacity, and also aligns your spine.

Advanced Body Scanning Technology 

This might seem overwhelming, but this feature allows the product to set itself apart. It lets the embedded rollers scan your spine and curvature, allowing them to target all key areas and reduce pain.

No matter what your body type is, the chair will adjust to match your curvature and offer a comfortable massage.

High-Quality Foot Rollers 

This is one of the most important features of the product that elevates your massaging experience. It has two rows of reflexology massagers that offer a relaxing massage to your feet.

When the rollers start working, the acupuncture points in your feet are activated, and you get a deeper massage. It releases a lot of tension from the muscles of your feet.

Ideally Positioned Airbags 

The total number of airbags has been reduced, but the surface area of the massage has been enhanced in this model. There are 38 airbags supporting your body from head to toe.

The middle section airbags inflate in a way that offers a deeper and more relaxing massage.


  • Advanced design cradles your spine
  • Simple recline and foot extension for maximum comfort
  • Wireless remote control to adjust various features
  • Excellent seat vibration system massages your thighs
  • Auto leg scan supports your calf and legs


  • It is a bit bulky to keep in small spaces

Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair

Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair

Do you have lots of space for a massage chair? Then you might want to check this out, as it’s big! The OS-4000 is one of the most premium products offering an excellent massage.

With an upgraded design and PU covering, you’ll get the ultimate spa massage experience. However, being heavy and chunky, it isn’t suitable for small apartments or spaces.


Multiple Massage Options 

This product offers you six massage modes for supreme comfort. Using the remote control, you can adjust these modes, speed, intensity, and area of your body that needs pain relief.

The advanced auto body scan improves the massage’s accuracy and quality, giving a professional massage therapy.

Ergonomic S-Track 

This advanced design supports any body type and curvatures. The ergonomic S-Track cradles your body shape and optimizes the rollers to massage your entire back. So, so your neck muscles, spine, and lower back are provided excellent support.

What’s more? The modern structure maintains the pressure on your spine, offering maximum support.

Special Heating Pads 

This chair literally spoils you during the massage by adding some heat to it! There are two heating pads positioned at the lower back of the chair.

They offer you that extra comfort and lumbar support during the massage. People suffering from lower backaches will definitely love this feature.

Wireless Remote 

These products are famous for their ease of use. That’s why the makers have included a wireless remote control behind the main remote. Using this, you can control all the amazing features of this massage chair.

You don’t even have to reach the primary remote while staying in the reclined position. So, no more calling others to adjust the settings while enjoying your massage!


  • The Zero Gravity design balances the pressure and weight
  • The auto body scan hits key areas to provide comfort
  • Heat bags offer complete back support and lumbar support
  • An extendable footrest allows a comfortable stretch while massaging
  • Seat vibration for hip massage


  • It’s too big for storage and not suitable for small apartments

OSAKI OS-7200H Pinnacle Massage Chair

OSAKI OS-7200H Pinnacle Massage Chair

With all the standard features required for an excellent full-body massage, this chair comes with a special 2 stage zero gravity feature for a better experience.  

It has specialized rollers and body scanning features that offer the utmost comfort to your entire body while you just hang back. Having such a comfy design and extra padding, you’ll enter a Zen-like state in no time!


2 Stage Zero Gravity 

This feature is included to offer you a more relaxing and intense massage. You’ll be able to feel the pressure releasing off your back when you recline on the chair.

Moreover, the design aligns your back and thigh; the backrest properly supports your weight. So, muscle tension in your spine and spinal decompression is reduced.

Computer Body Scan

This feature scans or maps the complete curvature of your body to offer you the best experience. Moreover, this scanning facility allows the rollers to massage your entire body, supporting specific areas to relieve muscle tension and pressure.

You don’t have to worry about your body type; this chair can adjust accordingly and help you de-stress. This will be extremely helpful for those suffering from back problems from having a sedentary lifestyle.

Reflexology Massager 

These are positioned at the bottom of the chair to comfort your feet. These two rows of reflexology massagers offer kneading style massage therapy, offering use relaxation your tired body may need.

When these massage rollers spin, they stimulate the acupuncture points of the feet. Simultaneously, the small airbags inflate and comfort your leg muscles at the bottom of your sole.

Specialized Head Massage 

You have to take care of your neck and shoulders, as that’s where the pain might originate. This product has got you covered with its special Quad roller head massaging facility. While keeping your neck comfortable, the chair also massages your lower back.

There are two heating pads located in the lower region to offer extra comfort and support to your lumbar tissues.


  • 51 special airbags to comfort all muscles of a body
  • Strollers with reflexology massagers soothe feet muscles
  • User-friendly control screen and feature-rich remote
  • Auto Leg Scan feature to support calf and foot muscles
  • Embedded LED lights to offer a professional therapeutic environment


  • Customer service isn’t great

Osaki OS-Pro Yamato Chair

Osaki OS-Pro Yamato Massage Chair

Searching for a massage chair that doesn’t require too much space to store? Then this will be the right one for you! 

The Osaki Yamato comes with a unique streamlined design that is compact and stylish. It’s not too heavy and offers the most relaxing massages you’ve ever received. The product is crafted with Faux leather, which enhances the comfort levels.  

Covering all the vital muscles of your body, this can offer you wholesome massage sessions anytime you wish!


Excellent Spinal Support  

You can adjust this chair to a zero-gravity position to literally hang back and relax. It will support your spine and cradle your curvature. In addition, if you raise your legs in alignment with your chest, you’ll feel better.

This feature enhances your blood flow, relaxes your back, and calms your senses. Moreover, you’ll be freed from spinal aches with frequent usage.

L-track Massage System

This feature is included to massage all the key areas starting from your neck down to your lower back. There are special rulers for massaging your neck area, lumbar area, spinal muscles, hamstring, and glutes.

So, the product covers your entire body, even the regions that may not be massaged properly in a spa. The advanced mechanism offers the perfect amount of pressure and movement for maximum comfort.

Soothing Calf Kneading 

You get a spinning foot massage feature for a comfortable kneading massage. Then, there are several airbags located at the lower part of the chair to massage your feet and calf muscles.

There is also an extendable footrest that enables you to stretch your legs easily. Further, the chair extends up to 5.5” to support your height conveniently.

Compact Design 

As nobody likes bulky massage chairs, the brand has made this product as compact as possible. This product is manufactured with special space-saving technology that will move the chair forward when reclined.

So, you’ll stay comfortable, relax and stretch effortlessly on this chair. Moreover, you can move it too without any hassles.


  • Heat therapy feature loosens muscles and enhances blood circulation
  • Easy-to-use side controller with adjustable buttons
  • Body scanning sensor promotes better massager functioning
  • Ideal for small and medium apartments
  • Airbags comfort all muscles


  • A little more padding in the foot will be good

Osaki OS-Champ Massage Chair

Osaki OS-Champ Massage Chair

This is yet another compact product with excellent space-saving features. You can relax and stretch effortlessly on this while the advanced rollers massage your neck and spine. Moreover, you also get additional massage modes.

Having excellent foot rollers and Zero Gravity reclining, this will be an excellent purchase.


Multiple Massage Modes 

This product aims to customize your massaging experience and offers you special massage programs. You can choose from relaxing, stretch, upper back, lower back, and demo modes. In addition, these have a 15-minute rest in between to keep you comfy.

Providing all-around comfort, sitting on the chair after a tiresome week will be pure bliss!

Lumbar Heating 

Along with an excellent airbag and roller massage, you get special heat therapy with this amazing chair. There are two heat pads located in the lower portion of the product, proper maximum comfort to your lumbar muscles.

This heating therapy will enhance your blood circulation and decrease muscle tension too.

Extra Airbags 

This chair comes with 18 airbags for supporting your arms, calf muscles, and feet. The airbags slowly compress your muscles and increase their blood circulation. As a result, any tension or pain is reduced.

The feature also helps to massage your palms, lower back, thigh and butt. You can increase the level of intensity with just a button press. This way, the full airbag function can be activated.

Extendable Legrest

Like stretching your legs? Then you’ll love its extendable leg rest mechanism. The footrest can be extended to 7.6 inches so that you stretch with ease.  

Further, the standard length of the footrest can match users of all heights (unless you’re a gigantic basketball player!) and keeps everybody comfy.

As the L-track design cradles your entire structure together, you receive utmost comfort during the massage. The footrest also helps in stimulating your acupuncture points, relieving the pain.


  • Compact design with special space-saving structure
  • Two reclined angles for balancing your posture
  • Heating pads for lumbar support
  • Five massage programs to customize the experience
  • Additional airbags to relieve muscle tension and pain


  • Some users have found the massage a bit intense

Alternatives to Osaki Massage Chairs

Even with such amazing options discussed above, it might not suit your preferences. You might want to try something else. That’s why we’ve curated a small list of alternatives to these Osaki chairs you can check out.

Titan TI-Pro Omega 3D Massage Chair 

This product from Titan brings you amazing features such as zero Gravity massage, body scanning technology, specialized foot massage, lower back heating, and plenty of airbags.

But why does it stand out? Due to its eight automatic massaging programs, including – wake up, stretch, recover and relax. Along with other excellent manual functions, you’ll like the amount to control the product offers over your massage.

You can also adjust the speed, strength, and width of the rollers for maximum comfort.

Comfier Neck and Back Massager

This product sets itself for being a portable massage chair. Designed to offer you full-body relaxation, you can take this chair anywhere. Just please sit on a chair or a sofa, sit down, and enjoy an unforgettable massage!

You get three compress massage options to release the tension in your lower back and hips. There is also a spot massaging technique for targeting specific areas.

With special heat pads and a design that comforts your neck and shoulders, this is a product to watch out for.

iRest SL Track Massage Chair

This chair comes with a unique SL track design that cradles your body and offers you an immersive massaging experience. It is equipped with automatic body scanning technology, lumbar heating, and six massaging modes.

There is a special armrest, calf rest frame, and smartly positioned airbags for loosening up your muscles, with adjustable intensities. You will really enjoy this product as it comes with a wireless Bluetooth speaker, which can be connected to your smartphone or tablet.

So, enjoy some soothing music while the tensions in your muscles bid you farewell!

How To Buy the Best Osaki Massage Chair?

Now that you’ve wrapped your head around some great Osaki massage chair models, it’s time to pick one. But what if you get overwhelmed with all these features?

Don’t worry, as we’ve got your back! Check out this handy guide to select the best Osaki massage chair and de-stress yourself.

Massage Track Type

Any massage chair you select needs to support your spine and make you feel comfortable while sitting.

That’s why you need to focus on the massage track offered by a particular product. The most common ones you’ll come across are – S-track and L-track.

S-track is the standard massage track for most chairs which follows your body’s curvature. Chairs having this track design start from your neck and go down to the lumbar region. So, your entire back is supported and massaged properly. The key pain points are also taken care of.

The L-track chairs have a similar design but reach your glutes and hamstring as well. Therefore, these chairs are excellent if you want some extra attention to your lower back and thighs. That’s why these are a bit expensive than S-track chairs.

Zero Gravity Recline

Most massage chairs in the market have a recline mechanism, but they don’t have Zero Gravity Recline. This was a concept introduced by NASA, where are you raise your legs to a level slightly above your heart.

But, what’s the use of such a fancy-named feature? This position lets you release some pressure and reduce pain in your joints while the rest of your body is relaxed on the chair.

As a result, you get a more immersive massaging experience. You’ll find two stages of Zero Gravity Recline in some Osaki chairs. In the first stage, your thighs are aligned to your back while being raised. The next stage raises your legs about the heart level, further relaxing your back.

The choice will depend upon the amount of comfort you seek and how bad your muscles are stressed.

Body Scan Technology

This feature has become a standard in most high-quality massage chairs. The body scanning technology uses sensors to analyze your body shape, curvature, height, and size. This information is used by the rollers proper you the massage perfectly suited for your body.

So, always check if the massage chair has this technology. This feature will give you a more customized massaging experience and reduce pain in specific areas. Also, take a look at the adjustments and features to modify the message for more comfort.

As the feature has become a gold standard, it’s best to avoid products that don’t have this technology.

Lumbar Support

Lower back pains are very common and extremely annoying. So, instead of stressing your lower back sitting on an office chair, go sit on an Osaki massage chair!

You have to check how well the model supports your lower back muscles. Take a closer look at the specifications and see whether there’s additional padding in the lumbar area. This will help you get rid of backaches and also support your spine.

Another featured you must check a heating pad. Many Osaki chairs have heating pads in the lumbar region which get activated during the massage. So, when the rollers start working, the massage and the heat will help reduce the tension built up in your muscles.

This chair is also great for reducing the excess pressure in your lumbar muscles and loosening them up.


While airbags in cars help in emergencies, these included in a massage chair will elevate the overall experience! You will find that several Osaki chairs have airbags that offer a compression massage and maximize your comfort.

Airbags use a special compression technique similar to the rolling or kneading motions of a roller. For instance, an airbag below your arm will inflate, compress and squeeze it. It then releases your muscle, reducing the pain and tension in it.

So, you need to check the number of airbags in a product. Also, check their positioning – arms, legs, calves, neck, shoulders, etc. You can adjust the intensity of this compression and target specific muscles.


Who doesn’t like stretching the legs when tired? That’s why you need to take a closer look at the footrest. Most high-quality chairs from brands like Osaki come with an extendable footrest to help release the tension in your feet.

You will also find products that equip their footrest with a reflexology mechanism. This feature comforts your feet, massages them, and applies pressure to certain sections. It stimulates your acupuncture points and also enhances the well-being of other body parts.

So, are comfortable footrest will increase blood circulation, loosen the muscles relax your body completely.

The best part? If you want a good foot massage, these amazing features are available at the push of a button.


Question: Are Osaki Massage Chairs Worth It?

Answer: Yes, they are! These chairs are excellent for reducing any pain in your neck region, spinal cord, and shoulders. They help in loosening up your muscles and removing the tension.

These are ideal for lumbar support and enhancing blood circulation to promote your well-being. You’ll also sleep better after a relaxing massage.

Question: Are These Chairs Safe For Pregnant Moms?

Answer: If you’re a pregnant mom, try not to use these chairs for more than 15 to 20 minutes. Try to avoid these if you’re in your first trimester or suffering from any health concerns. Even though these chairs are completely unsafe, talk to your physician before using them.

Question: What Are Some Precautions To Use Massage Chairs?

Answer: Try not to use the stairs for more than 30 minutes per day. Don’t massage a body part for more than 5 minutes to prevent any complications. Also, if kids are using this chair, keep an eye out.

As these chairs may help in controlling your blood pressure, people with extremely low BP must avoid these products.

Wrap Up

Osaki massage chairs are excellent ways to destress and calm your senses after a long week. No matter which product you choose, this will always come packed with outstanding features. Using these chairs will also help you save a lot on massage therapy or spa sessions!

Even though they offer top-notch performance, they might be too bulky and space-consuming for some homes. Some customers have also stated that these tears are too expensive. Either way, you need to weigh the pros and cons before spending your cash.

If you ever get stuck, refer to this handy guide for landing on the right product. Happy shopping!  

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