OFM ESS-6050 Leather Executive Chair

Is The OFM ESS 6050 Leather Executive Chair As Executive As It Looks?

OFM ESS Collection Ergonomic ChairIf you look at the OFM ESS 6050 Leather Executive Chair without seeing the price or the specification, you might think that it was an interesting high-end executive chair.

But, it is on the cheaper side and the specification is minimal. So, is this executive in looks alone or are there enough features here to keep users happy?

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The Pros and Cons of this OFM ESS-6050 Ergonomic High-Back Executive Chair.


  •  The design of the plush cushioned seat
  •  The faux leather for that executive feel
  •  The basic practical features for desk work


  •  Not much adaptability in the backrest if you want to relax
  •  The weight capacity and dimensions aren’t great for larger users



The OFM ESS-6050 Leather Executive Chair looks the part with plenty of padding in the seat.

As this is an executive chair, there are high expectations about the comfort provided. The seat and backrest have plenty of cushioning with a segmented design to add to the ergonomics.

The plush foam should have enough density to support and cradle you in just the right position as you work on important projects.

Also, this wouldn’t be a truly “executive” option with the soft faux leather over the top. This finishes the look nicely and seems to be well-stitched.

OFM ESS-6050 Leather Executive Chair

Away from the seat and backrest, there are all of the practical and adjustable features that you need to ensure that this is still a practical office chair, rather than something more akin to an armchair. Here is the standard base with the 360-degree swivel, casters, and seat height adjustment.

There is also the nice feature of the locking button on the adjustable armrests and the separate controls on the base for different functions. It shouldn’t take too long to tweak the OFM ergonomic chair and get it more to your needs.


There are limitations in what this OFM ESS-6050 Ergonomic Chair can do.

However, it is also noticeable that while there is a tilt lever on the bottom of the chair, there isn’t that much that you can do to the backrest. You can rock back and tilt the chair a little, but there aren’t the same deep angles for relaxation as other chairs.

Another potential disadvantage here is the 220lb weight allowance. This will be fine for a lot of people, but it places the chair way below those that are designated as big and tall chairs.

This will be a disappointment to those that look at the thicker padding and assume that there is a little more reinforcement. On are related note, there are comments that the armrests make the chair a bit too narrow.


Is this OFM Padded Executive Chair still a recommendable option with all this in mind?

Overall, there is still a lot to like about this chair if you are lighter, smaller, and are more focused on a productive session at the office.

There may not be much here to promote relaxation, but you can still appreciate the softness and ergonomics of the seat and backrest as you work.

There are more practical features in other office chairs, but the OFM ergonomic chair is still a nice budget version of a more expensive executive chair.

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