OFM Ergonomic Gaming Chair Review

Is The OFM Racing Style Ergonomic Gaming Chair Ideal For Gamers?

OFM Racing Style Ergonomic Computer ChairGaming chairs like the OFM Racing Style Ergonomic Computer Chair need to have some basic features to catch the eyes of avid gamers.

This model is one of those chairs because there is such attention to detail in the shape of the seat, the quality of the padding and the different adjustments in the tilt, height and other elements.

There seems to be a lot that can help users. But, does it live up to these first impressions?

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The Pros and Cons of this OFM Gaming Chair.


  •  The movement of the base, armrests and backrest
  •  The segmented padding across the whole chair
  •  The different colour choices in this segmented design


  •  The manufacturing fault with the backrest
  •  The heat and smell from the leather


There are lots of great design features on this OFM Racing Style Ergonomic Computer Chair to help gamers get comfortable for long sessions.

This product is highly appealing to gamers because it is the most feature-rich of the chairs in the ESS range. There are different models that have plenty of padding, a swivel base with caster and a decent ergonomic shape.

This version is different because of the additional features for comfort and adjustments. There is a more ergonomic shape to the cushioning of the backrest, as well as plenty of padding on the arms and headrest.

OFM Racing Style Ergonomic Gaming Chair
There are also plenty of features and details that are ideal for all those that want an ergonomic office chair specifically for gaming. There is the wide, comfortable seat with a decent weight allowance.

The armrests flip up to make it even more comfortable to handle console controllers and keyboards. Also, the backrest tilts back at a good angle to increase comfort further and allow for napping between gaming sessions.

Finally, there is the use of coloured segments, which is now expected from these sorts of chairs.


There is a problem with the construction of this OFM Ergonomic Gamer’s Chair that limits the comfort for some users.

There has been a flaw in the past with this product where the backrest doesn’t align properly. This means that one side is an inch higher than the other and that some of the screws don’t match up.

The potential problem here is that not only is the backrest less secure, but the segmented padding also may not be in the optimal position. The good news is that this is something that the brand can take note of and fix for future products.

Otherwise, the drawbacks are the same as with other leather gaming chairs. It can get a little warm and sticky and the initial smell takes some time to dissipate.


Is this OFM Racing Style Computer Chair still a worthwhile choice with all this in mind?

The issue with the backrest has put a number of buyers off in the past. Some read these reviews and move onto a different brand. Yet, there are still plenty of users that have no assembly issues and that enjoy the comfort and adjustability of the back, arms and seat.

This can be a comfortable, attractive option for many gamers. Therefore, it is still easy to recommend this OFM chair to users – as long as there isn’t that manufacturing fault.

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