OFM 247-201 24-Hour Ergonomic Chair

How Is The OFM 247-201 24-Hour Ergonomic Chair A 24/7 Option?

OFM 24-Hour Ergonomic Upholstered Task Chair with ArmsOn first impressions, the OFM 247-201 24-Hour Ergonomic Chair looks a lot like many other standard office chairs with its shape, arm rests and a strong base with casters. The wine/burgundy colour is a start for making it seem a little bit different but it needs a little more than that if it is going to impress the users sitting in it for hours on end. What is the hidden benefit to this chair and are users surprised by what they find?

What advantages have been mentioned by buyers of this OFM 247-201 Wine Chair?

The most curious selling point with this OFM office chair is that it calls itself a 24/7 chair, suggesting that it can be used in continual comfort for as long as the user requires it. With a 3” thick seat, a large padded backrest and plenty of adjustable features, it is easy to see how users can easily make themselves comfortable. There are 12 adjustments in total to really make the chair your own for the duration of your shift.

OFM 247-201 Ergonomic ChairThe sales description also highlights “multi-shift use” which goes on to imply that it is designed for multiple users – something that other office chair designers do not always seem to consider. Again, this is where those adjustable features like the height, tilt and tension come in as different users can easily adapt the chair to suit their shape and needs.

In addition to this, the chair has an accommodating 400lb weight capacity and antibacterial and antimicrobial properties to the vinyl upholstery to make it more hygienic. The result is a high proportion of users talking fondly about the comfort levels and feeling justified in the price they paid.

Are there any drawbacks to the design or construction of this OFM 247-201 24/7 Ergonomic Chair that limit its appeal?

Some consumers have picked up on the made in China labels and criticise the construction, with some pointing out wobbles to the parts and base and others worrying about its overall durability. There is also one movement to the arms that has put some users off and that is the swivel motion.

It is meant to offer freedom of movement but many say it just gets in the way. Thankfully, these seem to the most frequently mentioned and biggest problems in reviews so most buyers are clearly pretty impressed.

Summary: how does this negative feedback affect the final verdict on this OFM 247-201 Adjustable Office Chair?

There are some interesting considerations to this chair that turn it from the rather ordinary product it first appears to be into something much more beneficial for the whole office to enjoy. The durability issue is an important disadvantage to consider if you planning on using this for a long time but there are so many other benefits to the materials used and the amount of adjustments that can be made that it is arguably worth the risk.

There are a lot of people of different shapes and sizes using that OFM chair that are able to work through their long shifts in comfort and it does appear to fulfil its aim as a 24/7 chair, something that makes it stand out over other models.

You can find more customer reviews about the OFM 24-Hour Ergonomic Upholstered Task Chair with Arms on Amazon here.

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