Office Star SPACE Seating Eco Leather Seat

Does The Office Star SPACE Seating Eco Ergonomic Chair Blend Style, Function And Affordability?

Office Star SPACE SeatingA comfortable seat with the right adjustments is a must for any office but one of the big problems consumers face is finding one with enough features and style for a good price, which is where the Office Star SPACE Seating Eco Leather Seat comes in.

This “professional” seat is sold as a Manager’s’ chair, suggesting a model at the high end of style and comfort for those at the higher end of the business.

This is made clear from the use of eco-leather rather than a cheaper synthetic material and the numerous opportunities to adjust the height, angle and comfort levels. Add to this the simple good looks, casters for portability and promises of durability and it seems like a good package.

What benefits have buyers enjoyed with this Office Star Eco Leather Seat?

There is the sense that not only is this Office Star chair able to adapt to user needs with its height adjustments and tilting, angled parts, it does so with relative ease, for example with the “one touch” pneumatic seat adjuster and “synchro tilt control”. There are a lot of promises in the specification about comfort, with the manufacturer’s highlighting the soft PU pads on the arms and the mesh siding for breathability.

Office Star SPACEThere is the definite impression that the designers meant well here and there are some clear benefits, such as the firm, supportive feel of that back rest and the padding on the leather seat cushion; however, there are complaints about the concave shape of the arms, which can be an issue for larger users.

Other that this questionable design choice, are there any other flaws to this Office Star SPACE Seating Leather Seat?

First and foremost, any low-rated review comparing the chairs abilities to Herman Miller chairs should be disregarded because they are in different league and it is unfair. The first important problem to mention regards the assembly because although is not difficult, there are warnings to be careful tightening it else it will work loose.

The reason that this con is mentioned first is that it is arguably the widest reaching – most other complaints are personal opinions based on individual preferences or issues due to their size. For instance, the size of the seat has been criticised by shorter users but is fine for others and a minority are concerned about the look and longevity of the leather.

Summary: does this mean that this Office Star SPACE Seat is a highly recommendable option?

The appeal of a chair will vary from person to person as some will appreciate the comfort levels, shape and adjustments and others will find small faults due to their own body shape and expectations. This explains why this chair is not seen as a 5 star option and it makes the current rating more impressive. In the end, this Office Star ergonomic chair lives up to the chance to provide a stylish, professional chair at a reduced price and that is why is it recommended for purchase.

You can check out more customer reviews about the Office Star SPACE Seating Professional Dark Air Grid Back with Black Eco Leather Seat on Amazon here.

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