Office Star ProGrid High Back Chair Review

Is The Office Star ProGrid High Back Chair As Comfortable And Adjustable As It Looks?

Proline II ProGrid High Back ChairThe Office Star ProGrid High Back Chair is an office chair with a great shape in its tall back and seat, an inviting amount of comfort features, a strong base with casters and enough levers underneath the seat to show that there are plenty of different positions that the chair can take. It should have everything that buyers need but is is able to satisfy them over long periods at the desk?

What advantages have buyers mentioned in their reviews for this ProGrid Ergonomic Chair?

Adjustability is a must with these sorts of office chairs because users of different shapes and sizes may wish to use them. There are plenty of elements to this chair that can be adjusted to suit the needs of the user, such as the arms, the chair height, the tilt and the pitch, but what stands out with this model is the way that the designers have tried to make things easier.

Proline II ProGrid Ergonomic ChairThe seat height has a one touch pneumatic adjustment and the there is a multi-function control for the seat slider, pitch and tilt. Buyers seem to agree that it is pretty easy to adjust to the height and tilt they need and find that the chair is pretty supportive.

Just as important as the height and recline of this high back chair is the comfort that it can provide for people sitting in it for long periods of time. The most obvious elements here are the padding on the seat and the breathable mesh of the ProGrid back but there is also the inclusion of built-in lumbar support and PU pads on the arms.

This padding is well received by buyers, with some talking about it finding the right balance between being too hard and too soft, and the mesh back definitely seems to be doing its job while offering great support.

An interesting extra benefit with all this comfort and support is the size of the seat. Not only has this allowed some users to sit cross-legged to switch positions, it is more than adequate for larger consumers.

What are the downsides to owning this Proline ProGrid High Back Chair?

The feedback for this ergonomic chair is pretty positive but there have been comments about the lumbar support and assembly that prospective buyers may find interesting. For some, the lumbar support just isn’t good enough for their needs and they suggest using a pillow. As for the assembly, the term “fairly easy to put together” isn’t that encouraging and there have been complaints about wobbles.

An interesting comment that is brought up occasionally in reviews is the lack of a head rest. The specification makes no mention that there should be one but some users are disappointed to find that one was not included and suggest purchasing an additional one to finish it off. This of course adds some extra cost to the chair.

Summary: is this Office Star High Back Office Chair still recommendable with these flaws in mind?

It appears that not all buyers are going to be impressed with this chair because the issue with the lumbar support could be a deciding factor for many, especially those with back problems. With this to one side, however, most other buyers seem to be pretty pleased with what this Proline ergonomic chair can offer in terms of comfort and adjustability and would recommend it consumers in need of an adaptable, well padded chair with great support.

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