Office Factor Executive Ergonomic Chair

Is The Adjustable Office Factor Executive Ergonomic Chair Able To Offer The Comfort That Users Need?

Office Factor Executive Ergonomic Office ChairThere are some office chairs that never seem to go far enough when it comes to the adjustments and angles, but the Office Factor Executive Ergonomic Chair appears to be out to prove that this doesn’t have to be the case.

The photos for this black, ergonomic chair show the different elements in a range of positions.

They also highlight the look of the black molded seat and mesh back rest against the chrome.

Does this chair offer enough adaptations and comfort for users to enjoy all day long, or are there still elements that need to be improved?

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How beneficial has this Office Factor Ergonomic Chair been to office workers and gamers?

This office chair is all about the adjustable elements that are on-board, such as the flip-up armrests and height adjustment on the seat via the gas lift and the tilt on the back. There is the promise that users can “lock the back in any position” via an easy-to-use mechanism.

Buyers are impressed at both the different increments on the tilt and the quality of the locking mechanism. Some also point out that the lumbar in the seat maintains the right position for the best comfort whichever way the seat is reclined.

Office Factor Executive Ergonomic Chair

As for the comfort, this contemporary chair has a foam padding on the seat and that mesh bonding on the backrest for the right level of support and breathability in the right places.

Some say it can still get a little warm, but many are happy with what is on offer here.

There is also the fact that this Office Factor chair has a 250 pound weight allowance for greater stability and security.

The arms rests aren’t especially comfortable in their hard plastic, but this is why some push them out of the way entirely when gaming.


Are there any clear problems with this Office Factor Executive Ergonomic Chair that limit its appeal in any way?

There are some that feel that this sturdy chair could have a taller backrest to accommodate a few more users. There is also the sense that the designers put all of their efforts into the seat and adjustable elements rather than the base.

It is still sturdy enough for most users, but there are some that find that the wheels are a little bit flimsy. This ties in with some additional comments from other users about the general longevity of the parts. Some are not sure that it will maintain its looks for long.

Finally, there are those that notice some noise in the gas lift when standing up and are unsure if this is part of the experience or a sign that the chair may not last.


Summary: what does this mean for a final recommendation on this Office Factor Adjustable Executive’s Chair?

There are some issues here with the ongoing durability of this chair and there are some that wonder how long it will be quite as comfortable and secure as it is at the start.

Still, there are plenty of people that rely on this ergonomic chair and its secure locks and mechanisms to tilt back, enjoy the comfort of the mesh and foam and have a more comfortable session or either work of gaming.

The style, shape and adjustable elements to ensure that this Office Factor chair is suitable for both audiences and many people will get a lot from this model.

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