Office Factor Ergonomic High Back Chair

Does The Office Factor Ergonomic High Back Executive Managers Mesh Chair Offer Enough For The High Price Tag?

Office Factor Ergonomic High Back Executive Managers Mesh Chair The Office Factor Ergonomic High Back Executive Managers Mesh Chair looks like your standard black mesh executive chair.

It promises to offer great comfort and support with the tilting high back, adjustable lumbar support, adjustable arm rests and a strong base. The features all seem pretty standard on first impressions, so has it beaten expectations with its performance?

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How beneficial has this Office Factor Executive Managers Chair been in an office environment?

Comfort is crucial with this chair and there are positive comments about the material on the chair and its effect on back problems. Some have bought it specifically for the lumbar support in the back rest and found that this feature really does help to correct their posture and back issues.

Some say it is a little too firm for their liking, both most find this to be better than overly soft, unsupportive cushioning. This is probably because the majority of the chair is made from a high-end nylon mesh.

Office Factor Ergonomic High Back Chair Side View

There are also some positive comments about the construction of this chair, with many mentioning the high quality build, the use of the parts and the generally sturdy feel. It has a strong aluminum base, a weight capacity of 300 pounds and there is no sign of it tipping over, no matter how far the back tilts.

Others feel that the materials should be durable enough for the chair to last a while, because of this use of mesh rather than cushioning. There are also some that were pleasantly surprised by the assembly process. It is not as difficult as some other models and some had it put together in under 30 minutes.

What drawbacks have been mentioned in user reviews for this Office Factor Ergonomic High Back Chair?

There are some buyers that would like to see a few more adjustments added to this chair so that it can suit people with different body types and needs. This is particularly true in the lumbar support in the back and the head rest. A few inches either way would be great.

This is a shame because there is praise for the range of movement on the arm rests and the height of the seat. There are also those that wish that the headrest locked into position a little better because it is a little flimsy as it is.

Summary: does this mean that this Office Factor Mesh Chair is no longer recommendable?

Some prospective buyers will question the price of this chair. It is not as expensive as some of the top names, such as the Aerons of this world, but it is not that cheap either. For most, it seems as though the extra cost was worthwhile because of the quality on offer, the strong features and the comfort levels.

There appear to be many buyers that would recommend this chair for use as long-term option in the office – especially with that durability and effect on back complaints. With a few extra adjustments on certain features, the Office Factor chair could easily become a great product.

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